QB Draft Prospects Drop By One

USC QB Matt Barkley announced today that he is returning to school for his senior year. For the Dolphins, that lessens the chances that one of the top college QB's will be there for them when their turn comes up. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will likely be gone early assuming both come out this year. Landry Jones, who is also a junior might be around when the Dolphins pick, but he didn't impress me that much.

So unless the Dolphins make a trade in the draft, Matt Moore could return as the starter next season. It's possible Indianapolis could part ways with Payton Manning, so he is a possibility. Either way the Dolphins will need at the least a back up for Moore.


  1. Landry Jones has the best NFL arm. But he is leaning towards returning to Oklahoma.

    None of these guys want to be in the shadow of Luck and all the hype around him.

  2. Yep. Better get used to seeing Matt Moore for at least another year. Teams that hold the chips for whoever comes out are gonna want a kings ransom in exchange for them.

  3. better get used to seeing Miami lose then.

    Miami + Matt Moore= below .500 team


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