Running back comfort

We've pretty much established on this blog that the Dolphins should take a QB in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft. Other primary needs commonly listed include RT, secondary, and defensive line. RB is never mentioned by anyone. What is the current status? The Dolphins tandem of Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas has been successful. Reggie Bush has had his best season ever, rushing for 667 yards so far this season. Daniel Thomas has showed much promise, leading all AFC rookies in rushing yards. They are two differently-styled runners who complement each other very well. Lex Hiliard is an excellent special teams player who has never been trusted by Tony Sparano for regular duty. Steve Slaton, a smallish runner, is a spot player at best.

It is likely the Dolphins have been quite fortunate with their RBs this season. One cannot have faith this good luck will continue. Bush has had injury problems throughout his career and lost much playing time while a New Orleans Saint. Thomas has been injured much of his rookie season and his durability is still a question. The lack of faith in Hiliard has been justified by his very erratic play this season. His error is what led to Chad Henne's season-ending shoulder injury. Hiliard is the only decent blocker of the group, although Thomas is learning. I maintain that a RB should be made a priority in the upcoming 2012 draft. No team ever has enough good runners. The Dolphins current depth at that position is poor.