Will The Dolphins Make A Bold Move For A QB?

One week he's hot, one week he's not. That seems to be the story with Matt Moore. Saturday it was one half he's not, one half he's not. Still, did anyone expect this game at New England to be this close? Even after the first half, did anyone expect the Pats not to adjust, or Tom Brady not to do what he did? That is what an elite QB does. Guys like Brady, Rodgers and Brees put their team on their shoulders and find a way to win. While I think Matt Moore could be a quality starter, I don't think he will ever be elite. It is why, no matter what, Jeff Ireland MUST land a QB in the 2012 draft.

As Mike Oliva stated in an earlier post, Miami is not out of the running for Andrew Luck just yet. That could be decided next week. If Indianapolis can win at Jacksonville and St Louis loses to San Francisco, St. Louis will end up with the number one pick. The team still has a lot of faith (and A LOT of money) in Sam Bradford and will likely entertain trade offers. But that number one pick won't come cheap. There have been reports that it could cost the team wanting to trade up 3 or 4 number ones. That's a pretty steep price, but if Luck is everything some say he is going to be, he would be worth it. If St. Louis ends up with the number 2 pick, they would probably entertain offers for that pick as well for anyone wanting to draft Robert Griffin III.

Miami is currently sitting in the 8th spot in the 2012 draft and their prospects for moving up are not very good, even with a loss to the New York Jets, who must win this game for any shot at the playoffs. Jacksonville (4-11), Cleveland (4-11) and Tampa Bay (4-11) and Washington (5-10) all sit in front of Miami and all have tough games except Jacksonville, who hosts Indianapolis next week. Cleveland hosts Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay is at Atlanta and Washington is at Philadelphia. So it's quite possible the Dolphins could lose and gain no ground on the teams in front of them.

It's also possible the Dolphins could wait and see if Landry Jones drops down to them at number 8. From what I saw of him in the last half of the college season, he didn't look like a top 5 pick. And I've seen people mention him anywhere from the top 10 to the second round. It's hard to tell with him at this point. There is one other little thing I'm forgetting to mention. All three of these guys have a year of eligibility left. Regardless, I'm hoping that Ireland has some kind of plan in place for the draft. The free agent class is not going to be that strong. Unless the Dolphins want to see more empty seats next year, it's time to make a bold move, not only at draft time, but in their search for a head coach.