Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dolphins sign Broncos DT

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins have signed Broncos DT Ronald Fields. Fields is a 7 year vet who in 16 games last year with Denver as a back-up had 22 tackles.

Jake Long on PUP

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting the Dolphins have placed Jake Long on the PUP list. If Long is on the PUP list for the start of the regular season he will miss the first 6 games of the season. Long injured his shoulder and knee last year with the shoulder injury being very serious.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dolphins sign Pouncey

The Dolphins have signed their first round draft pick Mike Pouncey to a 4 year deal in the range of $9.2 million

Brandon Marshall Gets help for BDP

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall has been diagnosed with a form of mental illness called Borderline Personality Disorder (BDP). After three months of therapy and treatment at Boston's McLean Hospital, the training ground for Harvard University Medical students, Brandon Marshall believes he is in a better place than he has ever been.

A Different Opinion

Occasionally my colleague Mike Oliva and I have differing opinions about certain Miami Dolphins subjects. This is one of those times.

Obviously Mike is upset over the signing of former Carolina Panthers QB Matt Moore and the Dolphins inability to follow through on the Kyle Orton trade.  While I am not ecstatic about the Moore signing, I'm more OK with it than I would be if the Dolphins gave up a mid round pick and a big contract for Kyle Orton. The pick reportedly is a 4th that could turn into a 3rd.

(7/31/2011 Just an update to this article: In a column in the Miami Herald this morning, Barry Jackson says that the Broncos were asking for a 2nd round pick in return for Orton)

Orton is reportedly looking for a Kevin Kolb type deal. Kolb got a 5 year contract extension that will pay him $63 million, including $20 million in guaranteed money. That's a big chunk of change for a quarterback that hasn't proven much. But he does have potential and that is what the Cardinals are banking on.

If Orton is looking for anything in that neighborhood, I can understand why GM Jeff Ireland balked and walked away. Orton is a decent QB, but IS NOT a franchise type QB. And that is franchise type money he is looking for. And if Orton was that good, why are other QB needy teams not knocking on Denver's door? Washington is talking about starting former Dolphin John Beck! Daniel Snyder has money to burn. Why is he not making a call to Denver?

I stated this before, and I still think it might be true, but there is the possibility that the Moore signing was a ploy to get Denver and Orton to lower their asking price. Denver is right up against the salary cap and has to do something. They are not going to pay Orton 8 million dollars to back up Tim Tebow. 

I know this isn't going to be a popular opinion, so let the bashing begin. Comment below in the comments section and discuss with other Fin Fans.

Dolphins looking at Zach Miller

John Clayton of ESPN is reporting the Miami Dolphins are interested in signing Raiders Tight End Zach Miller.

Anyone Else Confused?

With the Orton trade talks appearing to now be officially over according to multiple reports coming out on this Saturday morning of July 30th. Let me get this straight, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano had a 7 month offseason and they were unable to replace Chad Henne at quarterback? They couldn't part with a couple 6th round picks for McNabb? They couldn't give Hasselbeck a 1 year deal? They didn't want to meet the asking price for Kevin Kolb. They didn't want to roll the dice on Vince Young. Tavaris Jackson they didn't consider.

So I am now supposed to believe that in 7 months that Ireland and Sparano couldn't come up with a better plan than what played out this week? In 7 months the plan was lets try to trade for Orton and if that doesn't work out we will just sign Matt Moore (another ex-Cowboy) and call it a day? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

These two weren't being asked to replace a pro bowl player or a superstar, just find a replacement for one of the five worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL currently. Anything would have been an upgrade and would have satisfied this fan base. Literally anything except the move they made.

I am not going to sit here and tell you Kyle Orton is the second coming of Bart Starr, he isn't. But put him on this 7-9 team last year and the Dolphins win at least 9 games maybe more. Going into this year they are a legit playoff contender in the AFC with Orton under center.

And why not just trade for Orton, let him play out his final year of his deal. If he is great you franchise tag him (if he is great you would want to keep him anyway), and if he is terrible let him go. According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports on Friday night the deal was a conditional 4th round pick that couldn't go higher than a 3rd rounder. Why even try and work out a new deal with Orton now? Let him earn his big payday in 2011 with his play.

We all knew Sparano was in over his head as a head coach that has became painfully obvious the past two seasons. Now its pretty clear after the past couple days that Ireland is in over his head as a GM.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Thomas Signs

The Sun Sentinel reports that RB Daniel Thomas has agreed to a 4 year contract. Details of the deal were not available.

Fins sign Burnett

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Hearld is reporting the Dolphins have agreed to a four-year contract with LB Kevin Burnett. Another report has it as a 5 year deal, $10 mill guaranteed. Either way, Burnett is a Dolphin.

Orton trade not dead yet

Mike Klis of the Denver Post is reporting the trade broke down between Miami and Denver not over trade compensation, the teams had that worked out, but because of Orton's contract demands from Miami. And a trade isn't dead just yet.

Bye-Bye Channing

The Miami Dolphins have cut LB Channing Crowder. It leaves a big void for the Dolphins at Middle Linebacker and makes an already thin position on the Dolphins roster even thinner. This is also a move that will rock the Dolphins locker-room as Channing was the emotional heart and soul of that defense and the most popular player on the team according to former and current Dolphins players.

What are your thoughts on Channing Crowder leaving? Comment below in the comments section and discuss with other Fin Fans.

And The Big Signing Of The Day Is.....(drum roll please)

Former Carolina Panther QB Matt Moore....TADA!  Talk about a bold move! Yes Dolphin fans, Matt Moore is the man the Dolphins have chosen to come to Miami and push Chad Henne for the starting QB job.  This is the same Matt Moore who threw 5 touchdowns and 10 interceptions last year before losing his job to rookie Jimmy Caulsen.

Actually, I think Miami is bringing Moore in to back up Henne because if this guy can beat Henne out, we are in trouble.  Another thought that has crossed my mind is maybe the Dolphins are using this as a ploy to get Denver and Orton to lower their asking price?  Just a thought.  I really wouldn't feel good about having Moore and an undrafted rookie behind Henne.

And if Miami has indeed brought Moore in to be the back up, then why not a guy like Marc Bulger?  Bulger is an experienced veteran who has actually had a decent career.  I think I would feel safer having him backing Henne up than Moore.

After the Reggie Bush signing yesterday, I thought for sure the Dolphins were set to make a big splash.  Instead, all we get is a little ripple.

Dolphins sign their QB

The Oregonian is reporting the Dolphins have signed Panthers QB Matt Moore to a 2 year contract worth $5 million.

Young Out Of The Picture

For those of you hoping the Dolphins would take a chance on former Tennessee QB Vince Young, Albert Breer of the NFL Network is reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to a one year deal with Young.

Plan "B"

With Jeff Ireland standing firm in trade talks with the Broncos and Kyle Orton, the Dolphins are now considering Plan "B" when it comes to the Quarterback position. And Plan "B" is Matt Moore of the Carolina Panthers. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins were in contact with Moore on Thursday as the Orton talks were beginning to cool. In 2010 Matt Moore threw for 857 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions in six games played.

UPDATE::Adam Schefter of ESPN on the MIKE AND MIKE ESPN morning show had this to say Friday morning on the Orton-to-Dolphins trade... " The prospects of that trade have diminished significantly."  Schefter is saying Miami is refusing to give up anything higher than a 4th round pick which is the hold-up.

What are your thoughts on Matt Moore? Comment below in the comments section and discuss with other Fin Fans.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kolb To Arizona Done Deal, Orton To Miami Next?

The Arizona Cardinals sent pro bowl cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd round pick to Philadelphia to complete the trade for quarterback Kevin Kolb. Arizona also gave Kolb a 5 year, $63 million extension.

Could Kyle Orton to the Dolphins be the next big trade? Orton was reportedly waiting to see what Kolb got in terms of a contract before signing. Will he seek close to what Kolb got? The question the Dolphins have to ask themselves is he worth anything close to what Kolb got.

Bush A Done Deal, Orton Still Negotiating

ESPN is reporting that the Dolphins have come to terms with RB Reggie Bush on a two year contract. That was the final part of completing a trade for Bush with the New Orleans Saints.

On the Kyle Orton front, the Dolphins are still in negotiations with Orton on a contract. Orton is likely waiting to see what Kevin Kolb will get before signing.

Dolphins Announce Rookie Free Agent Signings

The Dolphins announced the signing of 11 undrafted college free agents this morning. Most of the players come as no surprise. Here is the list:
Vincent Agnew, DB, Central Michigan
Brett Brackett, TE, Penn State
Garrett Chisolm, G, South Carolina
Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware
Jonathan Freeny, LB, Rutgers
Nic Grigsby, RB, Arizona
D.J. Jones, T, Nebraska
Johnny Jones, DT, Marshall
Phillip Livas, WR, Louisiana Tech
Jose Perez, CB, San Diego State
Quinton Spears, LB, Prairie View A&M

Fins to Trade for Reggie Bush

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald is reporting the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints have agreed to a trade that would send Reggie Bush to the Fins. Jay Glazer of FOX SPORTS is reporting the deal is contingent on Bush agreeing to a new contract with the Dolphins. Sources close to Bush are saying this will not be an issue.

On the Orton front, The Denver Post is reporting that the Kyle Orton trade to Miami was no longer "imminent" as of late Wednesday night. Sources are reporting Orton won't re-do his deal until Arizona makes a move for Kolb to see how much money Kolb is paid. So Orton can make sure he is making the best deal possible for himself. And if the Kolb to Arizona trade falls through would Arizona be willing to pay him more than Miami. So as of now the Orton-to-Miami talks are stalled.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ahmad Bradshaw coming to Miami according to NFL (update)

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network is reporting that Ahmad Bradshaw to the Miami Dolphins is the next big deal to rock NFL free agency. That the Fins are tied up with the Orton trade and that is slowing the Bradshaw talks down. But as of now all signs point to Bradshaw in Miami.

UPDATE:: As of 6pm, Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting something totally different. Omar tweets: I'm told Bradshaw has exited Dolphins' price range. Look for him to return to the Giants unless terms change on his requests.

Orton a Dolphin by 7pm

Michelle Beisner of the NFL Network is reporting a trade between the Dolphins and Broncos for Kyle Orton will be finalized by 7pm. No word on the terms of the trade

McDaniel To Remain With Dolphins

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that DE Tony McDaniel signed a 2 year deal this morning to remain with the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have also received permission from the Denver Broncos to negotiate contract terms with QB Kyle Orton.  Miami is considered by many to be the front runner to acquire Orton. 

Fins Looking at Marion Barber

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting the Miami Dolphins are interested in Marion Barber and have made contact with his agent.

The Dallas-to-Miami pipeline is back up and running. Barber has taken a tremendous pounding in recent years and is not the same player he once was. MBIII is cut from the same cloth as Ricky/Ronnie as a slower more physical style running back who would rather run through you than around you. But don't get upset Dolphins fans because if the Fins do sign Barber it wouldn't prevent them from still signing Reggie Bush, Ahmad Bradshaw, or another running back who would be more of a speed back. Which is what the Dolphins offense desperately needs. Barber is being brought in as insurance for rookie Daniel Thomas. Who still has to sign a contract and then learn a lot (ie Pass Blocking pick ups) in a short amount of time before Sep 12th and opening night.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Orton Watch Is On

The Kyle Orton watch is on for Dolphins fans. You have reports everywhere that the Miami Dolphins are itching to make a trade with the Denver Broncos for Quarterback Kyle Orton. It would be the second time in three years the Fins and Broncos would be making a blockbuster trade that would shake up the league. It would also be a move that would upgrade the Dolphins weakest position on their roster.

John Clayton on ESPN SportsCenter said the Dolphins are the leading candidate to trade for Kyle Orton. Jason Cole of YAHOO sports is reporting the strongest possibilities for Orton are Miami and Tennessee. But remember the Titans are about to make Matt Hasselbeck a pretty big offer and they can land him without parting with any draft picks, so the Titans might drop out of any Orton talk real quick. Especially since they also just spent a 1st round pick this past April on a quarterback, why part with another high pick for another quarterback? It makes little sense. You also have David Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporting that at the top of the Dolphins wish list in these next few days is Kyle Orton.

So now this is where it gets interesting. What do you part with to land Mr. Orton. In my book the first offer is simple if I'm Jeff Ireland. A conditional 3rd round pick where if certain goals are reached (Orton makes the pro bowl, or leads Miami to the playoffs, or throws for 4,000 yards..etc) then the pick moves up to a 2nd rounder. If the Fins win the Super Bowl then a 1st rounder. I think that is as fair a deal as each side can make. Denver could play hardball though and demand a 2nd rounder; and if so the Fins still have to pull the trigger. Quarterback is too important a position in this league and to watch another year of Chad Henne turn the ball over time after time in big spot will be impossible for Dolphins fans to watch.

In other Free Agency news Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting Running Back DeAngelo Williams is down to two teams: Denver and Carolina. So cross him off your wish list Dolphins fans.

Quarterback News

ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that the Dolphins have signed Delaware quarterback Pat Devlin. Devlin threw for 3,032 yards and 22 touchdowns last season at Delaware.
In other QB news, Mike Klis of Denver Post is reporting that the Denver Broncos have put Kyle Orton on the trading block.

Fins first undrafted FA

The Tucson Citizen is reporting that the Miami Dolphins have signed (or will shortly) University of Arizona RB Nic Grigbsy. Nic has sub 4.4-40 speed and is an all around talented player. His junior and senior seasons at Arizona were a disappointment as nagging injuries plagued him. As a sophomore though Nic ran for 1,153 yards and 13 touchdowns and after four years left Arizona with the 2nd most rushing touchdowns in school history. How this kid wasn't drafted really is beyond me. He is a home run hitter with the chance to break a big play every time he touches the football.

From his Arizona pro-day workout here are his numbers
Height: 5'11
Weight: 202 pounds
40: 4.31
Vertical: 43.5
Bench Press:21 reps
Broad jump:11.1
60 yd shuttle:10.97
20 yard shuttle:3.96

And a little highlight video:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Decisions Facing The Dolphins

With the lockout over and the 2011 season about to get underway the Dolphins have a few tough decisions to make. Which players to keep and which players to let go. In my opinion there are 3 big issues facing Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano heading into the 2011 season.

1) Ricky/Ronnie: To me this decision is an easy one; both have to go. First lets look at the Ronnie Brown situation. Ronnie is a nice player but not a special player by any means. He has never had top flight speed and has had durability issues from day one. The Wildcat has come and gone and Daniel Thomas who Miami drafted in Rd 2 from K-State has experience running the Wildcat if the Dolphins continue to keep it in the playbook. In the case of Ricky Williams its a little bit different. Ricky has once again let his off the field antics overshadow his on the field play. One day after the season ended Ricky was on WQAM throwing his head coach, QB, and assistant coaches under the bus saying not very nice things about them. Airing the teams dirty laundry to everyone. It showed once again Ricky just doesn't "get it". It showed his lack of class, his immaturity, and his me-first mentality. Throw all of that on top of the fact Ricky is now 34 years old which very old for a RB in the NFL and its time to finally cut ties with Ricky Williams. The Miami Dolphins are old and slow on offense and Ricky and Ronnie are the poster boys of that stale offense. This is an offense that doesn't score points and doesn't put fear in any opponents.

2) Sign Paul Solai long-term: This man is a beast who is reaching his prime in a big-time way. Quality defensive tackles are rare in the NFL. Very rare to be honest and when you find a good one you keep him at all costs. This man has earned a big time contract and he is the most important piece in Mike Nolan's 3-4 defense.

3) Oh that Quarterback position: This one is the toughest decision of them all. First and foremost, Chad Henne has shown nothing yet and something needs to be done at this position. All Fins Fans understand Henne will start 2011 as the starter simply because nobody we sign will learn an offense and get on the same page with the WR's in less than a month. Henne has a huge leg up heading into the season. With that said, the Dolphins needs another QB if by Week 5 or 6 Henne is out there looking like a fool under center turning the ball over every other play. Who are the options.

Best Case: Trade for Kyle Orton. Anything less than a 1st round pick and I make the deal in a heartbeat. Orton is on the verge of NFL greatness in my opinion. Signing Vince Young on the cheap. Young has his issues, but his numbers when he plays don't lie. He has ability and because of his issues if you can roll the dice on him cheap where there is little risk, do it!

Could live with it: Giving McNabb or Hasselbeck a 1 year deal to come to the Fins. These guys are old and not what they once were, but as a 1-year stop-gap type it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Worst case: Bringing back Tyler Thigpen thinking he can play in this league. Thigpen is NOT an NFL QB. Sorry, a few good games on a horrible KC team a few years back doesn't make you an NFL QB. It just means you put up some stats in garbage time. Giving up a 1st round pick for Kevin Kolb. I am actually a Kolb fan and think he has huge upside, but I wouldn't give up the 1st round draft pick asking price for him. NO WAY! Trading for Carson Palmer; has anyone see him play in recent years. Palmer has been terrible and he has had alot of weapons to throw too. I don't think he is all that good. And last but not least, bringing in Jake Delhomme thinking because he was with Brian Daboll last year in Cleveland he will be up to speed on our offense quicker than any other free agent. Jake Delhomme can't play anymore, if this organization brings him in heads should roll immediately.

In a nutshell that is what is facing the Dolphins in the coming days. This messed up offseason has created a lose-lose situation and if the organization is smart they wouldn't try to be too bold here and just try and keep it simple. Don't make any silly trades or go overpaying for guys who will only have a few weeks to move to a new city, learn how a new team works, get on the same page with all new players..etc. This isn't the offseason for that. Yes, some free agents must be brought in, but keeping it simple in the coming days and weeks is the best approach.

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Thoughts On The Quarterback Position

The lockout is likely coming to an end soon.  One of the first things on everyone’s agenda is the quarterback position.  Chad Henne is the incumbent, but we know the Dolphins will bring in someone to compete for the starting job.  Will it be a free agent or will they make a trade?  My hope is that it is a free agent.  Why?  I like draft picks.  It’s the BEST way by far to keep your team young and stocked for the future.  How many draft picks have the Dolphins pissed away in the last decade?

I say go the free agent route.  Is Kyle Orton so much better than Henne that he is worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick?  Will Cincinnati trade Carson Palmer?  If they do the price tag will probably be steep.  Forget about Kevin Kolb.  Arizona will probably give up the farm to pry him from Philadelphia.  If I was making the decision, my answer to the first two questions would be NO and probably not, but if they did, is a QB who is injury prone and best years are behind him worth it?  NO again.
I won’t sit here and talk about every free agent that will be or might be available, just who I think would be a good fit.  And the only guy I really see that would give Henne a run for his money would be Vince Young.  When his head is on, he can be a dangerous QB.  He has a great arm and can get out of the pocket and take off if necessary.  But that’s the question.  Is his head on straight?  His leadership skills are also in question.  Sometimes a change of scenery is what a guy needs to turn it around.   Can that be all that Young needs to turn it around?  This is all assuming that Tennessee releases him which they appear likely to do.

Another guy I can see as a fit is Marc Bulger.  He would be given a shot to beat out Henne, but could he?  He’s 34 and was beat up pretty good in his last few years in St. Louis, but he didn’t see any action last year, so he should be rested and healed.  But in his case, I think it would be more of a back up role.

Anyway the Dolphins go, Henne already has a leg up on whoever the Dolphins bring in.  He’s been working with other teammates during the lockout helping them to learn new OC Brian Daboll’s offense.  I also think getting out from under Dan Henning will help him too.  It might be me, but I could swear there were times last year when it seemed like he was playing scared, terrified to make mistakes.  The thing is, when you play like that, you end up making more mistakes.

I’m in no way giving Henne a ringing endorsement, I just think he is probably the best option for 2011.  The Dolphins have a lot invested in the guy so it would make sense to give him one more year to prove himself.