Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coach Sparano's Kickoff LuncheonWednesday Afternoon

Brandon Marshall gets off with No Suspension

NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello yesterday announced that Brandon Marshall will not face any suspension or disciplinary action for his involvement in an incident that got him stabbed this past offseason. According to police reports Marshall lied to deputies about how he received his stab wounds that night as well as many other details as to what happened in his home. With his colorful off the field history and current status in the NFL Personal Conduct policy, already being served with a 3 game suspension which he appealed down to 1 game in 08', another violation in the eyes of the powers that be in the NFL would have resulted in a 4-8 game or possible year long suspension for the Dolphins wide receiver. Brandon got off easy this time, next time he might not be so lucky. Let's hope when he says he has learned his lesson and its BDP that it's not just lip service and Brandon really believes he has his "issues" under control. Time will tell.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coach Sparano talks to the media on Tuesday

Fins don't want Andre Gurode

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald is reporting that the Fins have little to no interest in Cowboys center/guard Andre Durode. On twitter Darlington wrote: I'm told there's very little expectation for a reunion between center Andre Gurode & Tony Sparano. Things could change, but don't bet on it.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thoughts on preseason game # 3

Well, I finally got to watch the Dolphins 3rd preseason game against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Let me just say, there was a couple of good things, and a LOT of bad things. Considering this is game 3 of the preseason (man this is moving fast eh?) we should be clean, crisp, solid, disciplined, and roaring to go for the start of the regular season.....on BOTH sides of the ball.

Not so much.

Chad Henne was one of the VERY FEW good things I saw tonight. Chad Henne is such a different quarterback. No more hesitation, no more "scared" looks on the field. Chad looks more like a captain, a leader, a veteran.

Funny thing is, seeing Chad out there on the field is almost scary. It is something we are not used to seeing from #7. Chad is calling audibles at the LOS, Chad is clapping if the line doesnt make a good play, Chad is making progressions, scanning the field, mobile in the pocket, and more precise with his decisions and throws.

Also tonight, Brandon Marshall looked good. He didn't get a lot of quantity, but the quality of his few receptions were great. Of course the 60 yard touchdown was incredible. Amazing Yards After Catch that we were so excited to get when we traded two 2nd round picks for "the beast" last season.

Now the fumble, I won't crap on BM for. Brandon was fighting and making more out of little and the Tampa defender just made a damn good play.

Tip your cap to him.

Marshall looks slimmer, cut, fresh and ready to go. And that is exciting.

Daniel Thomas looked ok at times, Reggie Bush made good catches out of the backfield, Fasano was good, Langford as well. Cool to see Jason Taylor scrumming with younger Buc offensive guys standing up for his teammate.

Now to the bad.

And god was it bad. Our offensive line is abysmal. Guy's, I am not kidding, I think we have a lot of good pieces to make a decent run this year. But if our offensive line doesn't hold up it's end of the bargain, we don't win more than 8 games.

We need a running game. No matter how much Henne has improved, he can't win us 10 or 11 games throwing the ball 40+ times a game.

It just is not plausible.

The ironic thing is, Tony Sporano was brought into Miami because of his work with the offensive line in Dallas. That is Tony's bread and butter. And ultimately, the offensive line could be the reason he is unemployed after this season. Because let's be honest, Tony doesn't survive this year if we finish 7-9 again. We need 10 or 11 wins and competing for the East all the way into December for Tony to have his job safe. If our o-line plays this regular season like they have in the preseason, then we won't get a running game going and we WON'T win a lot of games.

Our running game was not great. But, I will give them the benefit of the doubt because of the crap o-line play.

Our starting defense. Oh my god!!! There was one point watching my DVR recording of the game, and I see Josh Johnson (No marlin fans, not the ace pitcher) running, throwing, and dissecting our STARTING defense.

I see Dansby, Davis, Smith, Burnett, Bell....getting worked in the passing game, with Tampa's back-up's in the game.

Tom Brady is licking his chops.

Now I will be fair. There were plenty of times where if we WERE playing Tom Brady, we would have had massive, explosive sacks.....but Josh Johnson and Josh Freeman were too fast, too strong, or both.

On multiple occasions we had Josh Freeman running for his life for what looked like a sure sack, except Josh would escape, run for yards, and make us pay. Seems like scary foreshadowing for the Eagles game later in the season.

I know our defense was pretty good last year. But if this was signs for things to come, Tom Brady and the rest of the AFC East are excited to play us.

Because, like my last point about us getting sacks if it was Tom Brady.....there were plenty of throws Josh Freeman MISSED that Brady would not have. So you need to be fair there.

All in all, it was an ok performance. The Bucs are a team that won 10 games in arguably the best division in football. The Dolphins held their own. Henne looked better, and there was some bright spots.

Let's hope when Monday Night Football comes, for our sake, we were playing vanilla because of it being the preseason. If not? Might be a LONG, embarrassing night for everyone in the nation to see.

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Sparano talks about the Offensive Line issues from Saturday Night. As well as Davone Bess's thoughts on the offense

Dolphins Creating A PR Nightmare With Gator Day

During the Dolphins preseason game at Tampa on Saturday Dolphins CEO Mike Dee announced that on October 23rd, when the Denver Broncos come to Miami, the team would host a reunion of the 2009 Florida team that won the National Championship that year. Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey and Broncos back up QB Tim Tebow were part of that team.

It's understandable that the team is trying to sell tickets, but there is one little problem. Sun Life stadium is also home to the University of Miami Hurricanes. And I can tell you there is not much love lost between the Gators and Canes. As a Hurricane fan myself, I would be insulted by this move. I can't imagine how other Hurricane fans in the area must feel about this.

Here is an idea for Dee. In week 2 Houston will be in town. That means Andre Johnson will be here as will Vernon Carey (if he is not cut). In 2001 they were on the Hurricanes team won the National Championship, why not honor that team on it's 10th anniversary?


I have been told that the Dolphins did, in fact offer to honor the 2001 Hurricanes, but were turned down because the school had already made plans for a celebration of their own. I wonder how the Dolphins front office would take it if say, UM found someway to honor the New England Patriots for one of their Super Bowl victories during a home game at Joe Robbie stadium?

Dolphins-Cowboys game BLACKED OUT in Miami

The Dolphins-Cowboys game from Sun Life Stadium this Thursday night September 1st will be blacked out locally in the Miami market. For those who don't live in South Florida and get the games off and their subscription package, you will still get the game that way and this has no effect on you. The Cowboys game will be shown on tape delay in Miami. Also, as of right now according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald five regular season games are in danger of being blacked out.

Cowboys Release Center Andre Gurode

The Associated Press reports that the Dallas Cowboys have released Pro Bowl center Andre Gurode. Gurode who is 33 and going into his 10th season has started every game the last three seasons and all but two over the last five years. He had knee surgery in June.

With the Dolphins offensive line problems and Gurode being a Cowboy castoff, I fully expect the Dolphins to try to sign him.

Prediction Time

While I don’t share the opinion of Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, I don’t think the Dolphins are ready to challenge for the AFC East title. A wild card spot? Maybe. Looking at the Dolphins schedule, I’m predicting the Dolphins to go 9-7 this year, a far cry from the 3-13 and 4-12 that those clowns on ESPN predicted for Miami. But that 9-7 prediction might be a little generous. 

I think that most teams know the Dolphins want to be a run first team and will crowd the line of scrimmage and try to make Chad Henne beat them with his arm. Henne has shown quite a bit of improvement in pre-season this year, but the offensive line has looked horrible. And you can’t say the reason is Jake Long isn’t playing. He plays one position and blocks one, sometimes two guys. This is going to be a problem all season unless something is done to remedy the situation now.

The left side should be stable with Jake long and Richie Incognito, but the rest of the starting line is going to be a problem. Center Mike Pouncy is a rookie. RG Vernon Carey is overweight and ineffective since moving over from right tackle. And Marc Colombo might as well be a turnstile at the subway station instead of playing right tackle. 2010 third round pick Jon Jerry is a complete bust and will probably be cut.

Head coach Tony Sparano’s specialty is the offensive line and for his sake, he had better come up with some kind of solution or he might be looking for a new job come next offseason. My 9-7 prediction and my wins and losses listed below are based on Sparano doing SOMETHING to make some kind of improvement.

So here are my wins and losses:
Wins: Vs Houston, at Cleveland, Vs Denver, at NY Giants, at Kansas City, Vs Washington, Vs Buffalo, Vs Oakland and Vs NY Jets.

Losses: Vs New England, at San Diego, at NY Jets, at Dallas, Vs Philadelphia, at Buffalo and at New England.

I think the division will end up just as it did last year, New England, NY Jets, Miami and Buffalo. My pick for team MVP – Who else? Jake Long. Top rookie? I’ll take the safe pick and say Mike Pouncey.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chad Henne meets the Media after Tampa Game

Dolphins sign Free Agent Safety

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Dolphins signed free agent safety Gerald Alexander today. The former 2nd round pick last year split time between Jacksonville and Carolina. In 41 NFL games Alexander has started 30 of them and can play both strong safety and free safety as well as contribute on special teams.

Stock Report

Well last nights game wasn't anything to write home about. Coach Sparano and the rest of the staff can't be pleased with some of the things they saw. With that said there were a few players who played well and really stood out. So lets break it down and see who's stock is on the rise and who's stock is sinking like a stone.

Quarterback Position looks strong heading into the season
Chad Henne-If a couple weeks ago you would have said just prior to the season name the Dolphins three biggest problems and Quarterback wouldn't be one of them, I think all of South Florida and the world would have said you are nuts. But its true, Henne is playing great. YES, GREAT! Chad displayed pin-point accuracy vs Tampa and even connected on a deep pass which resulted in a touchdown. The last two preseason games have been outstanding for Chad Henne.

Brandon Marshall-Yeah he had that one bad fumble, but the rest of his night was pretty good. He was abusing corners the entire game and looked like "THE BEAST" he was in Denver and wasn't last year in Miami.

Front 7 on Defense-The front 7 on defense I thought played amazing. They were good against the run and had constant pressure all night long on Freeman.

Special Teams-This unit has done a total 180 from the past couple years. Kickoff and Punt coverage units look simply awesome. They are on top of the returns and not letting them get away. Brandon Fields has been good as usual as well.

Offensive Line--Where to start, well lets keep it simple. This Unit Sucks! I don't want to hear "It's Only the Preseason" either. Preseason, regular season, post season...what we saw tonight was downright miserable. The Fins had 22  rushing yards on 17 attempts, the oline gave up 5 sacks, they didn't pick up one first down rushing, and poor Matt Moore almost was killed by their blocking. The unit was awful and looks to be bad heading into the season. I know Jake Long didn't play again, but Jake Long doesn't play Guard, Center, or on the right side so he can't fix all the problems. Let's get more in depth here.
Marc Colombo-Gotta go. He is playing on one leg and just looks over-matched on every play. 
Vernon Carey-Not sure having him play guard is best. At tackle he hasn't been great the past 2 years but at least ya know what ya got.
Lydon Murtha-He is a walking penalty. The guy is killing drives.
It's probably too late to seriously fix the problem, but signing Shaun O'Hara and plugging him in at RG would be a small move. Then maybe move Carey back to RT. Band-Aide moves but at this point what do you have to lose. Heck at this point give Ray Willis a shot at RT with the 1st string, why not! This unit is just too big and slow. Pulling isn't even an option with our two guards currently. It's a disaster that is getting worse each week.

Secondary-The same secondary we saw last year. Dropped easy interceptions on a few occasions and on 3rd down they couldn't get off the field.

Easy Cuts-The Dolphins cuts this year aren't going to be tough decisions. Some names that pop out of having no shot of making this team are...Philip Livas, Nolan Carroll, Jon Jerry, Nate Ness, Will Allen, Julius Pruitt, Marvin Mitchell, David Nixon, and probably Larry Johnson.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Few First Half Thoughts

1) The offensive line has been terrible tonight. Yes Jake Long isn't playing but that is no excuse for how bad they have played. No holes what so ever for the running game. No pass protection.

2) The defense has looked so so. They've made some good plays and given up some big plays. I think Will Allen has seen his last game in a Dolphins uniform.

3) Brandon, Brandon, Brandon! You have to protect the ball better than that! It's 10-10 at the half and it could be 13-3 or 17-3 if you don't fumble that ball before the half. Great run though on that 60 yard TD pass.

4) As sloppy as this game has been, one guy has stood out above all others. Chad Henne. He has looked very sharp so far. 2 plays really stand out. That 60 yard TD to Marshall and a 10 yard completion to TE Anthony Fassano when he was covered in Buccaneer defenders.

Second Half Thoughts

This was a very sloppy game. If this was the dress rehearsal I would hate to see the play. The officials were also rehearsing, rehearsing how to throw the yellow flag. 26 penalties were accepted, 11 by Miami and 15 by Tampa bay. The Dolphins had 22 yards rushing on 17 attempts. You have veterans making huge mistakes on big plays. Brandon Marshall fumbling on a nice catch and run right before the half. You've got Jason Taylor making Illegal contact with a receiver on a play that would have been a safety.

There were a few players that did stand out. As I mentioned earlier, Chad Henne looked better than I've ever seen him look. He was sharp, wasn't staring down his receivers, and considering he was under constant pressure, it was even that more impressive. Marlon Moore made a couple of nice catches in the second half to help his cause. Brandon Fields was booming punts all night. He averaged 59 yards on 7 punts!

The biggest issue though is this offensive line. They didn't look bad tonight, they looked horrible. Something needs to change between now and the season opener. I don't care if Larry Csonka is back there. With blocking like that, no one is going to be very effective.

Revis Disagrees with Vontae's Comments

The other day Vontae Davis while talking to the Miami media proclaimed Sean Smith and himself are the best CB Tandem in the NFL today. It made waves throughout the NFL and Darrelle Revis of the NY Jets disagrees. The NY Post talked to Revis about Vontae'e comments."He's got to play a couple more years before he's saying all that," Revis said Friday. "They're a good tandem but they have a lot of work to do."

"It really don't matter because the film don't lie," Revis said. "The film don't lie. You can say what you want to say. You can say the sky is red but it ain't red. That's just what it is. We know how we play and we know what we do on that field not just as a corner tandem but as a secondary. We play great football."

Just on a side note during this past NFL Lockout Revis did spend time with Vontae and Sean Smith so this group is (or was) friendly with each other.

Friday, August 26, 2011

World Champions

February 1987.

That is the month, and year, I was born. Yes I am a fairly young person. 24 years old, and enjoying life. But I sit here right now, drinking, and when I drink, I think.....sometimes too deeply (just ask my wife)

As I sit here, and think about the Miami Dolphins franchise. A proud franchise. I can be proud representing my Zach Thomas jersey here in Charlotte North Carolina. I can be proud driving around my Toyota Corolla with a Dolphins plater attached to my hood. And I can be proud proclaiming my fanhood at random bars every Sunday during the NFL season.

But why?

Proud of a heritage from years before I existed? Think about father was 8 the last time the Miami Dolphins were champions of the football world. Man what a time I bet.

I could only sit here and imagine the fruitful memories of watching Larry Csonka running over grown men for touch downs. Or Mercury Morris blazing out of the backfield. Or the killer bee's dominating an offense. All I have is old NFL films footage and stories from my elder dolfan friends.

Why am I a dolfan? What makes me such a die-hard that I would name my son after Zach Thomas? What makes me proudly claim I have aqua and orange running through my veins?

Is it hope? Is it past mixed with a future of MAYBES?

As I sit here and look at a signed Dan Marino photo framed in my living room, given to me as a gift from my buddy Jason Jennings, I think of what makes me such a dedicated fan. And to be honest, thinking of it too deeply has me laughing inside.

It's just a game!!!

It's a game of millionaires running around throwing a inflated pigskin around.

To the common human that may stumble upon this blog, I may seem insane. A bit looney, maybe even a little "not right in the head".

The unexplainable is a crazy thing. From the days when I was barely big enough to walk on my own, when I sat between my uncle and dad and watched the Dolphins play on Sunday, my feet not even reaching the end of the couch cushion, and I scrutinized every reaction, every movement of the men I looked up to so much, and everything they did, I copied. Every time they yelled, I yelled louder. Every time they cheered, I did front flips. Every time they cussed.....earning looks that can only be described as "devilish" from my mother.....I cussed as well.

The Miami Dolphins are in my blood. I love the Marlins, I love the heat, I love the "U".....but the only difference between all of those teams and my Dolphins? I have witnessed a championship., sitting in my living room, thinking of memories, and simple questions such as "why?". I ask you all this......rhetorical of course.

Why am I a dolfan? Why do I care SO MUCH? Well.....I have to. I am like a robot, programmed to love the Miami Dolphins. 1-15 or winning the AFC East, I will love the Miami Dolphins till the day I die. I expect nothing less of my son....Zachary Thomas Cullen.....and you shouldn't either. Because god dammit, it's our responsibility as dolfans to keep this fraternity, this clan, this cult together. Because one day my fans, born after the great year of 1973 will have our time in the sun. And when we do.......we can TRULY have our own heritage, and history of the Miami Dolphins to be proud of.

One we can remember.

One we can share with our children and grandchildren.

Because let's be honest, it's just a game. But it's NOT just a game. Sunday is a holy day all right. Because Sunday's are Dolphin-sunday. And god I love Dolphin-sunday.

And god it's great to be a dolfan.

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Haters in the house

Working in the media world for the last 5 years off and on has taught me many things.

Fans come in many shapes, sizes, thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds.

One thing that always strikes me as surprising is regardless of season, regardless of expectations, the Miami Dolphin fan base seems to always have a group....or....a mob, if you will, that is out to get SOMEONE.

To be honest, I was apart of the Ted Ginn "mob". The guy sucked. And he still sucks. There were/are always people that no matter what, will defend the guy being attacked. The funny thing is, I seem to be on that side when it comes to "this years man to hate". That man?

Chad Henne.

The "robot" is coming into his 2nd full season as starter. What's that? He started 2 years ago after Pennington went down against the Chargers early in the season? Sure he did, but he was working with backups all off-season, all practices, and the Dolphins were coming off of a 11-5 afc east championship he WAS NOT in a "starter" mind-frame.

If you check out interviews this entire lock-out shortened season, you hear so many players using phrases like "The system fits him now", or "the system is playing more to Hennes strengths"

Reggie Bush said those exact words on the finsiders interview yesterday. Also, right here on this very site, the video of Chad Henne's press conference dropped a few very interesting tidbits I enjoyed to hear. Chad Henne was asked about the changes this new offense brings this season. He couldn't stop mentioning his opportunity to audible now. When he sees specific coverages, he can audible. When he See's a guy blitzing, he can audible. When he has a "gut feeling" about anything he See's......HE CAN AUDIBLE.

I don't know how many of you have experience in the game of football, especially upper-level football, but being handcuffed on the football field is never a good thing. Being coached to do something, even though you know it won't work, or it's wrong, but having to do it anyways will stunt any persons growth as a professional. More so for a NFL starting quarterback. Chad Henne started 4 years at Michigan. He knows a damn corner blitz when he see's one. And let's be honest, coaches don't always see everything, regardless what suite press-box they are sitting in with binoculars.

There are many Dolfans that are done with Henne, wrote him off, and flat-out LOOK for thing's he does wrong to bring them up. Twitter, message boards, name it. Fan's will always have their pitchforks ready, and torches lit.

Regardless if you are "for" Henne or "against" him. One thing is certain, for all of our sake's........let's hope he proves to everyone.....he's the future.

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Vontae Davis: “We The Best (CB) Tandem In The League”

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chad Henne speaks with the Media on Thursday

More Details Leak Out About the Brandon Marshall Saga

The Brandon Marshall saga from this past offseason where and his wife had some sort of altercation in his house gets even more odd as more details leak out. The local NBC affiliate in Miami is reporting that Brandon Marshall told Assistant Attorney General Sarahnell Murphy that it was his dog, yes his dog that ripped the phone out of the wall after Brandon's wife called 911. Also, Brandon Marshall's attorney told Murphy that his client (Brandon) would not in any way cooperate with the investigation. On June 10th when Marshall appeared in Broward Court he was served with a subpoena at which time he tore it up into pieces and threw it on the ground. Marshall later in a statement with the assistant attorney general claimed his wife's injuries came while she was "training/kickboxing."
It is clear that Brandon is covering up what happened that night and not telling the truth to anyone, even authorities.  And Brandon playing the victim card and the way some in the media portrayed Brandon as the victim in this incident has become laughable. Whatever happened that night in that house, Brandon played a large part in it. Blaming some of it on the dog….well that’s just wrong!  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hell Yeah I would take Tebow on the Fins

Rumors are making the rounds Tim Tebow can be had by Denverfor the right price; aka a low price. Clearly no NFL general manager is going to give up much for a guy who can’t even beat out Brady Quinn for the back-up quarterback job on a team that won 3 games last season. With that said, any general manager who dismisses Tim Tebow and his ability to play in the NFL simply because of the “media circus” that follows him is also making a big mistake.
Before I go any further let’s make a couple things clear. Miami (or any team for that matter) should not trade a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round draft pick for Tim Tebow with hopes he is the quarterback of the future for this or any franchise.  Tim Tebow isn’t a classic NFL quarterback and most likely never will be, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve an NFL roster spot and if in the right situation could be a huge asset to a team.

Any Dolphins fan who was alive during the 1980’s remembers Jim “Crash” Jensen. A jack-of-all-trades type player who helped the Dolphins win many games many different ways. Jim could line up at tight end, fullback, wide receiver, running back, and play special teams. Jim didn’t have a defined role on the team; he was a great athlete who could help his team win in whatever way he could. The coaches put Jim in the right position at the right time and Jim flourished.  Jim was an 11th round pick back when the NFL draft went 11 rounds, remember that?!  By the end of his career teams wish they had drafted him in the first or second rounds that’s how valuable he was to the Fins.

So if you are telling me I can get Tim Tebow for .30 on the dollar and have the next Jim Jensen, hell yeah I am on board with that. Anyone who isn’t on board with that is crazy! If I only have to give up Philip Merling and I can get Tebow….DO THE DEAL! If I have to give up a 5th round pick for Tebow…DO THE DEAL! Heck, I would go as high as a 4th round picks for Tebow…DO THE DEAL!

Dallas Clark is one of the best tight ends in the NFL today, he goes 6”3” and is 250 lbs. Tebow goes 6’3’” and is 245. They are the same size, who’s to say Tebow with some work couldn’t be in a platoon at the tight end position for us and be successful. He has the size and is enough of an athlete to pick the position up just like Jensen did back in the day. Tight End is an area the Fins want to upgrade badly.  Who’s to say Tebow as the third string quarterback on the Fins is an upgrade over Pat Devlin and Kevin O’Connell as well?  O’Connell can’t find a home in this league and Devlin is well…Devlin.

You don’t acquire Tebow hoping he is your quarterback of the future. That logic doesn’t work and it will cost you your job, just like it cost Josh McDaniels his job. But if you have faith in your coaches to use this “athlete” correctly and see a guy who can help your team in a variety of ways, you make the move. I mean what are you really giving up? NOTHING!

When looking at Tebow a lot of people’s view of him and his ability on the field is clouded. They let his religious beliefs get in the way of an “honest” opinion of his play. Or they don’t like the hype ESPN placed around him. I’m no bible thumper and I don’t care what Tebow does in his free time, he can travel to all the 3rd world countries he wants and give out free circumcisions, I don’t care.  So sort through all the BS and just look at him as the football player…not a quarterback, as a football player. And for a mid to late round draft pick or Philip Merling, I will take Tim Tebow on my team any day. Especially if it means he might be the next “Crash” Jensen.

Dolphin Fans Quarterback Hungry

This past Friday's preseason game against the Carolina Panthers was a good game for the Dolphins in many ways. Reggie Bush made his debut, ran the ball effectively mostly between the tackles and showed how dangerous he can be catching the ball out of the backfield. The offensive line also had a good night, they opened plenty of holes in the running game and did a nice job protecting the quarterback. The defense plugged up the running lanes after allowing the Atlanta Falcons to push them around in the first preseason game. Finally Chad Henne rebounded after a 2 interception game. Overall it was a good night for the Dolphins.

This leads me to the performance by Henne, he moved the team and made some nice passes. I have never hidden my opinion that Henne is not the answer at QB, not when your ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl. So much so that I have been accused of not being a true Dolphin fan because I had the audacity to criticize Henne even after he has a good game. The problem is that Dolphin fans are so hungry for a great QB that they forget what one looks like, we see greatness in average. Henne had a good game yes and he improved but I have never seen a fan base get so excited over a preseason performance against the worst team in football that came into the game missing 7 starters. I'm not trying to knock a nice performance by Henne, I'm just asking for a little perspective.

It was a preseason game, a glorified practice that doesn't count. Why are we getting so excited over an average performance? His quarterback rating was a pedestrian 87.8. Henne hit receivers running crossing routs and slants with minimal pressure, an NFL QB should make those throws. His issue has never been the easy pass that makes you average, it's been the difficult pass that makes you great. I point to three throws in particular in the Panther game that he didn't make that shows me he doesn't have the skills to be a great QB. The first pass he missed was to a wide open Brian Hartline down the sideline, his throw was not only long but it was also out of bounds. Hartline didn't even have a chance to make a play, you can see his frustration when he threw his arms in the air. The second pass he missed was to Clyde Gates. The speedy 4th round pick flew past the corner and safety down the seem and even his 4.3 speed could not help him catch up to Henne's pass. Finally in the forth quarter he not only missed an open Anthony Fasano in the end zone but he compounded the problem by throwing the ball late to Daniel Thomas on the far sideline and almost had the ball intercepted. Fasano was being covered deep by a safety playing outside technique and underneath by a linebacker. Once Fasano cleared the linebacker and went to the post he came uncovered, those three plays should have been touchdowns.

Henne lacks accuracy in tight spaces and on long throws, that's why the Dolphins went to the west coast offense that puts more of a premium on short timing passes. He's also inconsistent, has been since college. You never know what Henne you're going to get. I know as fans we try to see the positive all the time. We are full of hope this time of year, we want a winner so bad that we've started blinding ourselves to the truth. I hope Henne proves me wrong, I'm rooting for him to become the player we all hoped he would be by now but at this point I've decided to stop lying to myself.

Larry Johnson talks with the Miami media on joining the Dolphins

Dolphins sign RB Larry Johnson

The Miami Dolphins today signed running back Larry Johnson. The signing was large part in due to the Dolphins short yardage problems last Friday night near the goaline vs the Carolina Panthers. It is expected that Johnson is in compeition with Lex Hillard for the 3rd string running back job.

Jeff Darlington breaks down the Dolphins Secondary

Monday, August 22, 2011

Reggie Bush talks to the Miami Media on Monday afternoon

Raiders Get Pryor reports that the Oakland Raiders landed former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor. The Raiders gave up their 3rd round pick in the 2012 draft for the rights to Pryor.

Go Get Pryor

With the Supplemental Draft at 1pm today the big name being talked about is Terrelle Pryor. And the Miami Dolphins are one of a handful of teams being linked to Pryor as a realistic landing spot. And if I am Jeff Ireland I would go for it and try and land this kid.

First and foremost would I give up a 1st or 2nd round pick for Pryor? Of course not, but when Round 4 starts I would be willing to give up a pick. My fellow DolphinsTalk blogger Ken said he wants to hold onto picks for ammunition to move up in next year’s draft to land a quarterback. I don’t know which NFL Ken watches but to move up in Rd 1 of an NFL Draft you don’t use 5th and 6th round picks. That takes 1st, 2nd, and future 1st round picks. No team will slide down in Round 1 for some crappy 4th, 5th and 6th round picks as part of a package. So let’s not hold onto these mid to late round draft picks like they are gold, they aren’t! Let’s break down recent 4th, 5th, and 6th round picks by Jeff Ireland. They are John Nalbone, Nolan Carroll, Donald Thomas, Jalen Parmalee, Shawn Murphy, and Andrew Gardner. Sure he has had some “hits” in there but there have been a lot of misses. The only guy out of the above mentioned still on the Dolphins today is Carroll and he is on the brink of being cut in a week or two. So, I don’t want to hear about wasted draft picks because from Round 4 on its worth the risk.

Second, it seems like Pryor finally has his life straightened out. He said he won’t appeal the 5-game suspension he is facing. Pryor said he is willing to play any position the team that drafts him wants him to play. And most importantly he showed up to his pro day on Saturday in tip-top shape and put on an outstanding display. To sum it up, this kid wants it and he is acting mature. He is acting on the field and off the field like a professional should act.

Last but not least, Pryor can help the Dolphins win games. Maybe not this year (at least right away) but big picture he can help the Dolphins win games. He is a much better player than Pat Devlin so off the bat you have your 3rd string QB and someone to groom for down the road. Much more upside with Pryor in every way, shape, and form.  Also, the kid is an athlete in every sense of the word. He can help you on special teams, he can run the wild-cat formation for a handful of plays, he can line up under center at the goal-line giving defenses another worry of a legit threat of a QB sneak. Hell, at 6’6” and 233 lbs if he can bulk up another 10-15 pounds he could be groomed to be a tight end. One with 4.3 speed! He is taller than guys like Greg Olsen and Anthony Fasano and those guys only go  250-255 lbs.

Pryor makes a lot of sense for the Dolphins in many ways. I won’t be heartbroken if the Fins don’t get him and I won’t be going crazy if we do draft him, but I feel Miami should seriously consider adding this kid. I mean let’s be honest, how different is Terrelle Pryor’s skill set than Cam Newton’s? Neither are "classic quarterbacks," and Newton went #1 overall in the draft. The opportunity to add Pryor in round 4, 5, or 6…Ireland has got to pull the trigger on that. Pryor can help this team down the road and is worth the minor investment of a mid to late round draft pick.

Dolphins working out Running Backs

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Miami Dolphins worked out running backs on Sunday because they aren't pleased with the play of Kory Sheets.

While it is not known who the Dolphins worked out on Sunday some of the "big" name running backs currently on the open market are Clinton Portis, Kevin Smith, Lendale White, Tiki Barber, Willie Parker, and Larry Johnson. I'm not sure if any of those "big names" would want to come here and compete for a 3rd string running back position though. It is clear Bush and Thomas have their spots secured as the starter and back-up on this roster. If I were a betteing man I would think the Fins go after someone young and who might not be a household name.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Should The Dolphins Make A Push For Pryor?

Tomorrow is the NFL's supplemental draft an a few people are talking about the Dolphins making a push to get former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor. Unless it's a 6th or 7th round pick, I am one who hopes they don't. As I've stated before, I love draft picks! They come in handy in the middle of April. Pryor would not even be able to practice or play with whatever team picks him until after the 5th game of the regular season so it's doubtful he would have any impact this year. Hell, from what I've read about the guy, he might not even end up being a quarterback!

Let me tell you why I would be stingy with my draft picks right now. The NFL is a quarterback driven league. Unless the light bulb in Henne's head pops on soon, the Dolphins will STILL be looking for a QB after the 2011 season and still be a middle of the pack team. And they will stay a middle of the pack until they address the QB spot. Which brings me to the 2012 draft.

Now, I don't follow college football, but I do know besides Andrew Luck there will be about 3 other QB's coming out (that I have read) that will be franchise type quarterbacks. Typically a middle of the pack team doesn't get much of a chance at guys like this unless they have the ammunition to make a big trade. And what better ammunition got it....draft picks! At some point the Dolphins are going to have to get a conviction about a young QB and go hard after him, no matter what it takes.

Marvez Believes Fins should go get Pryor

Alex Marvez of FOX Sports talks about why the Miami Dolphins should go out and get Terrelle Pryor in Monday's Supplemental Draft. Listen to his audio commentary here

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jake Long is BACK! Jake passed his physical today and practiced for the first time this training camp. Jake is off the PUP list now as well.

Dolphin's 16% Plan to Reach Super Bowl

I've been a Dolphin fan all my life, I remember crying like a little baby in 1984 when we lost the Super Bowl to Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49rs and my mom trying to convince me it was just a game. At that time at the tender age of 11 I was certain that with a player like Dan Marino the Dolphins would have plenty of opportunities to win one before he hung up his cleats, but as history showed , it was not meant to be. History also shows us that without a top quarterback you have little chance to reach a Super Bowl let alone win one.

The guys running the Dolphins believe in their core that running the ball and playing good defense is enough to win the Super Bowl but this is a plan that only works 16% of the time. If you take a look at the history of the Super Bowl 84% of them have been won by teams with hall of fame quarterbacks future hall of fame quarterbacks or players that are elite at their position. The EXCEPTION to this rule is Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Mark Rypen, Jeff Hostetler, Doug Williams & Eli Manning. The Indianapolis Colts did not win a Super Bowl until Peyton Manning came into the fold. Bill Bilichick was a retread coach fired by the Cleveland Browns until a gift fell into his lap called Tom Brady and made him a genius overnight and a Super Bowl winning coach.

The Miami Dolphins have been ignoring the most important position in football since 1983, that’s the last time they drafted a quarterback in the first round. If you look at the playoff teams from 2010 only 4 had QB’s that were not drafted in the first round, New England Patriots (Tom Brady (6rd) , New Orleans Saints (Drew Brees (2rd), Kansas City Chiefs (Matt Cassel (7rd) and the Seattle Seahawks (Matt Hasselback (6rd), that’s 33%, the other 8 or 67% were guided by 1st round quarterbacks. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”, he was absolutely right. So I submit to you that the Dolphins are indeed insane! They are insane for following a plan that has not worked, insane for actually convincing themselves that they don’t need a quarterback to win a ring, insane for ignoring the lessons of history.

I hope I get the opportunity to one day jump out of my chair and scream at the top of my lungs that the Miami Dolphins are Super Bowl Champions, heck I wouldn’t mind crying like a little baby if they get to one and loose. I however know better, history knows better. I know this team is built for 7-9 or 10-6 seasons. I know this team will not matter again until the Dolphins address their most glaring weakness. We were blessed to see a player of Dan Marino’s caliber play, for 17 seasons he took the field we had a chance. Marino wasn’t able to win one, if the Dolphins think they can win one with Chad Henne or another retread quarterback some other team doesn’t want anymore then we should start fitting them for their straitjackets.

New Staff Member to the Family

We are proud to announce the addition of Manny Suarez to the family. Manny is a life-long Dolphins fan and currently also writes for Gridiron Magazine.

Welcome Aboard Manny!

Cam Wake Talks about the Win over Carolina


A Few Thoughts On The Carolina Game

Friday night the Dolphins put on a good show for the home town fans. Gave them something to cheer about for the first time in a long time. Before I go any farther, two things. First, this was a pre-season game, and just like last week when I didn't cry the sky was falling, I'm not declaring the Dolphins to be contenders. Secondly, this was the Carolina Panthers. The 2-14 Carolina Panthers with a rookie QB. So take it for what it's worth.

That being said, there was a lot of good to come from this game. It's a game that surely had to bolster Chad Henne's confidence. Brandon Marshall had some good things to say about Henne. He said he loves how Chad Henne has taken over the offense and that he's done a tremendous job of taking over the huddle. Good to hear things like that. These two were definitely not on the same page last year. Henne looked sharp last night, spreading the ball around and scrambling once for a big gain. By my account, I saw 1 bad pass out of the 24 he threw.

It's good to see the Dolphins taking shots down field also. And I was impressed with Clyde Gates speed. The kid was open twice on long throws, but was overthrown twice, once by Henne and once by Matt Moore. He's got burners, no doubt about that.

Reggie Bush had a big night running and catching the ball. 2nd round pick Daniel Thomas had a good night, with 52 yards and a TD on 12 carries. Henne was hardly touched as the offensive line performed well. The Dolphins held the ball for over 22 minutes in the first half!

The defense looked sharp, limiting Carolina to 90 yards of offense and 3 first downs in the first half. Jason Taylor made his 2011 debut and looked like his old self. At 36 it looks like he has something left in the tank.

Over all it was a good night for the Phins. They really needed a performance like this, if not to make the fans happy for their own confidence, especially Henne. Hopefully they can keep it going next week when they travel to Tampa to face the Bucs. Tampa Bay is a much better test than the Panthers. The Bucs were 10-6 last year and have a much better defense than Carolina. If the Dolphins can repeat last night's performance it would be an even bigger confidence boost.

Reggie Bush in his Post-Game Press Conference


Panthers-Dolphins HIGHLIGHTS

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stock UP/Stock DOWN Report

The Dolphins looked like a new team compared to last week’s dismal performance in Atlanta. The Fins came out and beat up on one of the worst teams in the NFL in the Carolina Panthers. They did what they were supposed to do, beat up on a bad team. A lot more good than bad tonight as well took place on the field. So, let’s break it down and see whose stock went UP and who’s stock went DOWN.

Stock UP
Reggie Bush
The Reggie Bush Show was in full effect tonight. Explosive runs, big plays catching screen passes, running tough up the middle. He did it all. Can you say…..”PLAYMAKER.” He is exactly what the Miami Dolphins offense has needed for many years. Someone who can make something out of nothing. Someone who can on any given play take it to the house! We saw just a sneak peak of what is in store for the 2011 season!

Kevin Burnett
Channing Who? Burnett is three times the player Channing Crowder ever was. He is athletic, can cover tight ends, and has an explosiveness that adds a lot to this Dolphins defense. And he put all of those skills on display tonight.

Chad Henne
Yes, Chad Henne played well tonight. He wasn’t great but he played well. His passes were crisp, he had the offense constantly moving the ball, and most important he had no turnovers. Now, for the time of possession advantage the Fins had the offense should have scored more than it did. All in all it was a solid effort by Henne. Can’t get on him for tonight’s performance.

Stock DOWN
Anthony Fasano
This guy is not a starting tight end in this league. Period. It’s not even up for debate anymore. Another big drop tonight and he also had some other poor plays. The Dolphins need an athletic tight end in the worse way. The Dolphins will be all over the waiver wire in a couple weeks looking to add a TE. It’s not “IF” they add someone, it’s WHO!

Lydon Murtha
3 penalties in the first half. Little free advice for Murtha…..RENT don’t buy!

Will Allen
Not being active for the 2nd game in a row. Not being able to participate at every practice it’s safe to say it’s the end of the line for Mr. Allen.

Adam Schefter: Fins interested in Pryor

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting Miami is one of a handful of teams that is interested in drafting Terrelle Pryor in Monday's Supplemental Draft. Watch the video here

Jarad Odrick talks about the D-line

RUMOR ALERT: David Garrard moving South?

David Garrard's days as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars are numbered according to many sources around the league. Alex Marvez on SIRIUS NFL Radio Friday afternoon even reported that if Blaine Gabbert has a strong preseason the Jags are ready to hand him the starting QB job. The Jags (one of the cheapest franchises in the league) are in no way interseted in paying Garrard his $8 mill or so salary and have him just be the back-up. Not to mention Jacksonville would be satisfied with having Luke McCown as the back-up meaning Garrard would be released.

This would be one of the final decisions Jacksonville makes to their roster so it would come as one of the final cuts prior to the first game. If/When Garrard is released the Miami Dolphins are said to be the team who will have the most interest in Gerrard. Believe it or not, according to sources the Dolphins are still behind the scenes said to be desperately trying to upgrade their quarterback position even at this late date. If  David Garrard were to be on the open market the Fins would jump all over that.

This is a rumor, so take it for what its worth at this point in time. But it is something to keep in mind and monitor as we continue to move forward in the preseason.

A Storm is Brewing

Sun Life Stadium is a pretty mild place. Not that intimidating to opponents, never really that loud, and not one of these stadiums that is a huge home field advantage. Well, tonight it might be alive and kickin’ in a preseason, yes a preseason game, but not in a good way for the Dolphins.
Believe it or not but tonight is one of the biggest nights in Chad Henne's career. He is playing his first home football game in front of the very same public that was boo'ing him at practice a few weeks back.  And the timing couldn't be worse for Henne. Last week Chad threw 2 interceptions and looked god awful and didn't help his cause in the eyes of Dolphins fans. The football fans in South Florida have had a miserable week with the University of Miami scandal. This morning you have a Miami Herald headline with the NCAA saying the "Death Penalty" is on the table for programs that break rules (i.e. Miami). So to sum it up, the South Florida football fan right now is pissed! Check that, really pissed!

If Chad Henne comes out tonight and is.....well your typical Chad Henne. Not making plays and throwing interceptions, the boo'ing he will hear tonight will make what happened at that practice earlier this month seem like nothing.
The perfect storm is brewing and it could be a big one that hits tonight at around 7:30pm. Only one person can prevent this storm and that is Chad Henne. The excuses aren't going to fly either. Nobody wants to hear that "it’s only the preseason" or "they are installing a new offense." Nobody wants to hear it anymore. The excuses are old and tired. Just play well and give Dolphins fans some hope. I don't know how much lower you can set the bar but Henne better meet those expectations tonight or else it could be ugly.

Jeff Darlington on the Dolphins Running Backs

Jeff Darlington on the Fins O-line

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bob Griese joins Dolphins Radio Team

Bob Griese has been added to the Dolphins Radio Team. He will join Joe Rose and Jimmy Cefalo for every Dolphins radio broadcast. Bob is filling the open spot of the late Jim Mandich.

Vonte Davis and Brian Hartline give an update on how things are going in Camp

Pryor Made Available For Supplemental Draft

Former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor has been available for the NFL's supplemental draft, scheduled to take place Monday, August 22nd. Pryor would have been suspended for the first 5 games of the season had he returned to Ohio State and the NFL decided that suspension will stick with him. He will be suspended for the first 5 games of the 2011 season and will not be allowed to practice or play with which ever team drafts him until the suspension is over.

Will the Dolphins be interested? With Pryor’s questionable work ethic and off-field issues, I think the Dolphins will likely pass.

Feel The Rush

Phil Simms in an interview with Hank Goldberg gives his take on Chad Henne, the Dolphins upcoming season, and why he thinks the Dolphins defense will be very good in 2011. CLICK HERE to listen

Former Dolphins QB passes away

George Wilson, Jr. the very first quarterback in Dolphins history has passed away at the age of 68 years old. It was on Oct 16, 1966 that Wilson led the Dolphins to their first ever franchise victory in a 24-7 win over Denver. Services will be 11 a.m. Aug. 29 at St. Frances Cabrinie Catholic Church, 5030 Mariner Blvd., Spring Hill.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coach Sparano's Wednesday Press Conference

Vernon Carey mentioned in the University of Miami Scandal

Vernon Carey is one of the many names mentioned in the Yahoo Sports report that is rocking the University of Miami football program. Miami booster Nevin Shapiro has provided Yahoo Sports pictures of Vernon sleeping on his yacht in 2003 and Shapario is saying he gave Vernon numerous gifts during Vernon's junior and senior seasons. For the full rundown on the scandal that is rocking the South Florida sports world click here

Updated Salary Cap Space

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network updated every teams current Salary Cap status. Currently the Miami Dolphins are $4,927,565 UNDER the salary cap.

Jason Taylor talks on returning to the Dolphins

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bryan Cox talks about returning to the Dolphins as a Coach

Channing Crowder Takes Shot At Dolphins

Former Dolphin Channing Crowder went on the Joe Rose show on WQAM this morning and had a few things to say about his former team. Much of it was not nice. When asked about Chad Henne and whether he could get the job done this year, Crowder said no. About Ireland, Crowder said among other things that Ireland did not like him.

You can see the full interview from the Sun-Sentinel - Click Here


AJ Edds talks about his first action in 18 months

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Competition at the Quarterback Position (right now at least)

Coach Sparano on Saturday afternoon stated that as of now there is no competition for the starting quarterback job. As of right now the job belongs to Chad Henne.  Sparano said,
"To me it takes more than a few outings, couple practices any of those things.  But I mean I thought Matt did some good things.  I mean, on the surface it’s going to look like Matt did way more good things than Chad maybe, I guess to your eye but there was enough things in there to Matt’s 36 plays I believe it was that needed to be corrected as well.  He did some good things, that’s the Matt I know."
You can bet your last dollar though that a couple more preseason games where Henne is throwing multiple interceptions in one quarter will change Sparano's outlook on the quarterback position. Remember, they didn't try to replace Hennea couple weeks ago because they are in love with him.