Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tannehill Matures Before Our Eyes

On Sunday afternoon, Dolphins fans everywhere were perhaps shown another reason to be optimistic about the future. I am not talking about the immediate future of a December game this coming Sunday that means something, although no one saw that coming in August. Not the fact that the Dolphins are only one game out of a playoff spot either. Yes both of those are pleasant surprises, but this season has always been about development, growth and preparing for the future.

Ryan Tannehill continued to grow up before our very eyes in his biggest clutch performance of the season and pro career. The first of his three impressive drives tied the game at 14. On this drive he caught a break because a roughing the passer penalty negated what looked to be a crippling interception. It was an ill-advised pass attempt. However, he shook it off and Daniel Thomas finished the drive with a 3 yard TD run. Within a few real life minutes, Tannehill watched on the sidelines as the Seahawks returned the ensuing kickoff to paydirt to recapture the lead 21-14 immediately. At this point, you thought this would be another punch in the gut and another loss that could have been a win, like the Jets and Cardinals games earlier in the year. However, this time, Tannehill got back to work, leading another game tying drive that culminated with a beautiful throw to Charles Clay for a 29 yard TD. Later on in the game, after a defensive stand by the Dolphins that can't be overlooked, Tannehill took the ball with 1:32 left and one timeout. With the poise of a veteran, he drove the Dolphins 65 yards culminating with a Dan Carpenter 43 yard field goal as the clock hit 0:00. Big time!! Clutch!! As Sun Sentinel's Omar Kelly would say, a KILL.

This type of performance was something we were waiting to see from Tannehill. We saw a few big number performances sure, but we hadn't seen THIS yet. We didn't see Tannehill take a team down the field to win a game that looked lost. He did it Sunday. He did it against a good defense and he did it in a big way in a must win game. This does not mean more growth isn't needed, because there is room for improvement. There is not one person who disputes that. However, this past Sunday afternoon in Miami, Dolphins fans were shown another example of the potential of this young quarterback. Potential that one day may have us expecting these performances instead of hoping for them.

The Seattle Game was Important.

I tend to write mostly during the off season when there is time to reflect and refrain from getting caught up in the weekly roller coaster of games.  One game can only mean so much but every now and then one game means a little more than just that game.  Overall, this season has been pretty much as expected for me.  I only anticipated four wins this season and while we have already beaten that figure, it is still on par for my impression of where we would be. 

The fashion in which we made our comeback against Seattle has lead me to break from my off season mold a bit.  In my mind, the most important quality in a quarterback and offense is the ability to lead a game winning drive at the end of a game.  In regards to quarterbacks, it shows that they are capable of a high level of leadership, preparedness, coolness under pressure and killer instinct.  These qualities bleed over into every aspect of the team because psychologically there is never a point where the rest of the team thinks they are out of a game.  A team can say to the media that they believe they can win any game, but that is before the game starts when the score is 0-0.  It is a much different animal than when the chips are down and the clock is ticking.  But the quarterback also has to have a competent team around him and it was nice to see the O-line and receivers step up for a change. 

In this particular comeback victory we managed to do some things that haven't exactly been "classic" Dolphins' football as of late.  We answered an easy score by the opposing return team with a nice touchdown drive of our own.  We then played nice defense to get the ball back and although we didn't necessarily have great starting position we confidently moved down the field in a two minute offense in a way that could have just as easily produced a touchdown as a field goal.  How many times have we seen this team play not to lose and just run out the clock in that situation?  I really enjoyed seeing our team use the clock correctly for a change and rush to the line.  We had a moment with that illegal shift that made me recall the days of old, and I would really like to see that kind of stuff go away, but we did manage to overcome that.  And finally of course, Carpenter nailed his field goal instead of choking us right into over time.

The come back wasn't the only feature of the game that struck me.  I don't think it is a secret that running the ball wears down a defense and softens them up for the end of the game.  I was very happy to see that we pushed our run game hard early on and didn't let up from it like we have done too many times this year.  I am not proposing that we "ground and pound" the ball all game hoping that our defense will manage to get a few turnovers for us to win the game, but I do believe that keeping the run game going allows teams a better chance at either widening a lead or making a comeback in the fourth quarter.

But none of this would even matter to me if we hadn't played such a good defense.  I have watched several Seahawks games this year and their defense has been quite impressive.  We shouldn't forget that the trip from Seattle to Miami could have been an influencing factor, but even so it looked like we were capable of having our way out there.  We had a nice one two punch with speedy Bush and bruiser Thomas.  In the pass game we had good reliability from our receivers and it was nice to see some big plays from Clay.  The icing on the cake was seeing Tannehill use his legs for a change.  For a guy who played receiver in college for a year, I had expected to see more running from him at this point.  We really had their defense off balance at times.  If Seattle was able to make Jake Long look a little like a chump, the travel couldn't have been too big of a deal. 

I truly hate overstating games, but this one deserves some praise.  I am sure the Patriots will bring us down to earth, but at least the team knows we are capable of getting the job done while time is running out.  You can't teach confidence, you can only provide an environment for it to manifest.  We all saw what happened out there and next time many of us will sit in our seats just a little longer to see if another comeback is in the cards.  If we can string together a few nice finishes to games, it would go a long way toward changing the culture that has plagued this club for all to long.

Monday, November 19, 2012

We Expected Too Much Too Soon

My first reaction after the Thursday night loss to the Bills was, "I fell for it again." I really wanted to believe that maybe this Dolphins team could make a run to the playoffs. The two games against the Titans and Bills would be the test. I had written prior to the Titans game that this two game in five day stretch could put them in good position, but also could send the season in the other direction. The Dolphins stand at 4-6 and the playoffs look like an awfully tall order at this point. At the beginning of the season, all we wanted to see was the start of something we could be proud of again. Do not let the losses discourage that. There is a lot left for us to see this season.

The most important thing to see is how this rookie QB responds to these recent struggles. There is tape on Tannehill now. Teams do not appear to be blitzing him anymore, instead choosing to drop back into coverage and rushing only three. It is Tannehill's turn now to "adjust to the adjustment". His play over these last weeks will go a long way on how we feel about the Dolphins going into the off-season and training camp.

Another important thing to look at is how this coaching staff, most notably Philbin , has this team as a whole come out of this. The Dolphins need to run the ball better, the secondary needs to play better, and they need more big plays on both sides of the ball. The offense seems like they are playing in a condensed field (Mike Mayock said it looks like they play the whole game in a red zone) and the defense can't seem to generate any turnovers (we can all count how many dropped interceptions we have seen). There is talent here and the coaching staff needs to bring it out. This time is crucial to evaluating what is needed going forward.

The off-season will be the time to talk about what else is needed, a big play receiver, much needed help in the secondary, etc. The next few weeks is about getting the most of what we have, and maybe, just maybe, getting back into the playoff picture.

Monday, November 12, 2012

LaCanfora: Bush NOT expected back in Miami in 2013

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports is reporting that Reggie Bush is not expected to return to the Miami Dolphins in 2013.

Bush, who has shined in Miami since being acquired from New Orleans before the 2011 season, is among those who have made no progress on a deal. Given Miami's recent drafting of running backs Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller and the expected free-agent interest in Bush, he is unlikely to be back with the Dolphins in 2013. Bush will turn 28 in the offseason.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Win Over the Titans is a Must

The Dolphins sit at 4-4, and listed under the “In the hunt” category on every broadcast that lists the very fluid playoff situation. The Dolphins are playing meaningful games a lot deeper into the season than many “experts” predicted. Now that this team has put itself in position to contend for a playoff spot, it is o.k. to raise your expectations a little as a Dolphins fan in my opinion. If you are of the same mind set, a win this Sunday is a must.

 The Titans come in at 3-6  and have lost 2 games in a row. The Dolphins are coming home for a game for the first time in about a month looking to feed off the energy of their home crowd. All the signs would indicate that the Dolphins should win this game. As any Dolphins fan can tell you, those sometimes are the most dangerous.

 Let’s be honest, the Titans do have weapons that ordinarily cause problems for the Dolphins, one of which is a speedy receiver in Nate Washington. Jake Locker can also make plays with his feet and is mobile which also creates problems for the Dolphins defense. All that being said, the Dolphins need to and should win this game. When you look at the Dolphins schedule, and as I have written about previously, this is one they have to have in order to contend for the playoffs. This is not a mystery. There are some tough games on the horizon, and next week at Buffalo on a short week is going to present an issue as well. The season can get away from the Dolphins in a hurry if they are not careful. Reggie Bush and others have talked about this being the time of year where playoff teams rise up and they are right. The opportunity for a playoff spot is right in front of the Dolphins.

 Time to rise

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Richard Marshall OUT for the year

The Miami Dolphins placed CB Richard Marshall on IR and he is now out for the season.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dolphins at Colts

   Who, looking at the schedule at the start of the season, would have thought that the week 9 match up between (one-time rivals) Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts would be such a big game? The Fins and Colts have a number of things in common. First, both teams have a surprising 4-3 record. Second, they are both starting first-round-draft-pick rookie quarterbacks. And third they are both in contention for playoff spots.

   The Colts, led by #1 draft pick quarterback Andrew Luck, are coming off of a thrilling overtime win. That win was capped off by an amazing, some would say play of the year-worthy touchdown scored by wide receiver Vick Ballard.That win puts The Colts on a two game win streak and in the 6th and final playoff spot.

   The Dolphins, who were led last Sunday by back up quarterback and 2011 team M.V.P. Matt Moore, are coming off of a much needed divisional road win against the rival New York Jets. They dominated that game so completely that not even the injury of soon-to-be-star quarterback Ryan Tannehill could stop them from playing like kids who are sick of being bullied. They basically went into New York like a hurricane and punched the Jets in the mouth. Spectacular special teams play ignited The Dolphins and led to a win and the 5th playoff spot.

   In order for The Dolphins to win this Sunday they must continue to play virtually mistake free football. They need to win the turnover battle, contain Andrew Luck and shut down the his passing game.

   Defensively, The Dolphins must continue to get turnovers and disrupt the quarterback. Andrew Luck has thrown 8 interceptions has lost 5 fumbles. Hopefully the Fins can take advantage of Luck's mistakes and capitalize on them. Colts' wide receiver Reggie Wayne is having a another great year and has become Luck's favorite target. The secondary is improving every week and can really use some big plays from Sean Smith, Nolen Carroll and company.

   The Special Teams unit was stellar last week. But we still don't know if we can count on Dan Carpenter since some early season missed kicks cost The Dolphins a couple games. This week's game is being played in a dome and that is a perfect place for Carpenter to get out of the doghouse and drill some big field goals. It would definitely boost his confidence and get him back to being that clutch player that Dolphin fans knew and loved so much.

   Offensively, Miami needs to keep protecting the ball. As of today we still don't know who is gonna start at quarterback, an injured Ryan Tannehill, or back up Matt Moore. If Tannehill can't go, I think we can all agree Moore will be able to get the job done. The offensive line is playing great football and doing a hell of a job protecting the quarterback but lately the running game has slowed down, getting less yards per carry and rushing for less yards per game. Reggie Bush needs to step up and get to the form he had when they played The Raiders. If Bush can get off to a good start it should open up the passing game. Devon Bess has been open lately, so I look for him to have a big game. Jabar Gafney is a week wiser and after a big dropped pass last week that should have been a 60+ yard touchdown, I would still like to see him emerge as a solid third wide receiver.

   All in all I like The Dolphins chances on Sunday. Coach Philbin has the team playing well. They're favored on the road and match up well with The Colts. A win will give them a four game winning streak and a tie for first place in the AFC East with The New England Patriots. It will also make the Fins 5-3, off to the best start since 2008, and should put coach Philbin in contention for Coach of the year!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's be honest....Indy has no shot in hell this week!

That's right folks, Miami is gonna roll this team. Every matchup favors the Dolphins. The Colts defense is horrible and I don't care if Tannehill, Moore, Devlin, or Don Strock is playing QB for the Fins this week the Dolphins will run the ball with success and also move the bal via the air well on this team.

On defense the Dolphins should have their way with the Colts lackluster o-line. Luck will be on his back more than a teenage runaway at a porn shoot in California. Yes, Luck will make his fair share of plays. He is a quality player who is on the brink of being the next superstar in this league. But he has little help. I don't see Reggie Wayne being a problem for the Dolphins secondary. Colby Fleener isn't playing. I don't see how Indy will score much this week. Lord knows Brown and Ballard aren't gonna run on Miami's defense.

They can play this game in Indy, Miami, or on the moon! It won't matter! The Dolphins are gonna win going away. The Miami Dolphins are red hot right now, they have a ton of momentum and confidence! Whether its Tannehill or Moore it doesn't matter because the team believes in BOTH players! There is no QB drama or issue.

Dolphins Win Big!

Miami 37   Indy 13

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WR Armstrong History

The Dolphins released WR Anthony Armstrong today. Armstrong, who was signed just before the season began, only caught three passes for 12 yards and was passed on the depth chart by Jabar Gaffney.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tannehill OK; Status for Sunday uncertain

The Miami Herald is reporting that the MRI on Ryan Tannehill's injured leg came back showing no structural damage at all. Yet his status for this Sunday's game at Indy is still uncertain. There is a chance Tannehill could sit out a game to rest his bruised quadriceps.

Philbin Example Being Followed.

While nothing is as satisfying for Dolfans as going into MetLife Stadium and completely dominating the Jets after a week of them running off at the mouth, what the Dolphins showed us yesterday is equally encouraging. As I wrote prior to the game, the outcome of yesterday could have turned the season in either direction. In as big of a game as they have had all season, the Dolphins outplayed, out-coached and
"out hearted" the Jets. The Dolphins wanted it more. All week long, Rex Ryan and the Jets talked about "emptying the tank" during this game. Mark Sanchez openly talked about how being .500 during their bye week would put them where they wanted to be. There is talking about it, and then there is doing it. That falls on the leader, on the Head Coach, and maybe we got the right guy leading our franchise not just this season, but into the future.

Mike Greenberg of ESPN''s Mike and Mike in the Morning, a die-hard Jets fan himself, once said of Rex Ryan "When the head coach is acting like John Belushi, he can't be surprised when his players are acting like it is Animal House." For the Dolphins, that is where Philbin comes in. As someone who DID like the hiring of Philbin at first, I like everyone else had my questions. As this season goes on, they are slowly getting answered. We saw on Hard Knocks how detail oriented Philbin was, how he wanted every drill, every play in practice to be precise. Many poked fun at the scene of him cleaning up wrappers on the practice field. The benefits of his program and his process are starting to show. Using the eyeball test, which team appeared more prepared yesterday? Which team seemed to be focused on its execution in all three phases?

What about the character question? The Dolphins traded and cut players that were deemed to be distractions. Gone are Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson and Vontae Davis. Is it a coincidence that this team appears as united as it has been in years? As focused as it has been in years? Look at the franchise across the way yesterday and all the problems they have had recently. Look at Cromartie, Holmes before he was injured...see the difference? No franchise is without it's issues don't get me wrong, but there is an obvious theme, an obvious difference.

Rex had some success at first, but does that style work long term? Joe Philbin comes from one of the franchises in the NFL that teams would like to model themselves after in the Packers, who have enjoyed sustained success. The Dolphins may go on and make the playoffs this season, they may not. However, if this team continues to follow the example of their head coach, and if they continue to improve, the result of the 2012 season may be just a footnote in a success story still to be written.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

AUDIO: Matt Moore on Sirius/XM Post Game interview

CLICK HERE to listen to Matt Moore after the Jets game on Sirius/XM NFL Radio

Dolphins Crush Jets

Miami 30 NY Jets 9. And it wasn't really that close. Miami dominated the Jets in every way possible. On offense, defense and special teams. Special team play was really special today. A blocked punt for a touchdown. A blocked field goal. An onside kick recovery. A 57 yard kickoff return. You can't get better play from your special teams than Miami got today.

The Dolphins defense shut down the Jets offense until late in the game when it was all but over. On offense, with Ryan Tannehill injured, Matt Moore took over and didn't miss a beat. Moore was very efficient and ran the offense like had been there all year. Without a doubt, this is the best the Dolphins have played this season.

If the Phins continue to play at a high level like this, there is no doubt they will be included in the playoff hunt. Their next four games (at Indy, Tenn, at Buffalo and Seattle) are all very winnable. They could head into December with an 8-3 record. A 3-2 record in December would give them an 11-5 mark which would likely give them at least a wild card berth. 11-5 might be a stretch, but 10-6 isn't and that would probably be good enough to land a wild card berth also.

Dolphins Win in a Blowout!

Nothing else needs to be said...

Dolphins inactives

Dolphins: QB Pat Devlin, CB Richard Marshall, LB Josh Kaddu,OT Will Yeatman,TE Michael Egnew,
WR Rishard Matthews, WR Anthony Armstrong

My Disdain For Jet Fans...And My Prediction

I'm not going to sugar coat this...I hate the Jets. I hate the Jets and their stinking fans. Jets fans are the biggest assholes in the sports world, and if you've ever been to a Dolphins Vs Jets game in Miami, you know what I am talking about. My first experience with Jet fans was at the 1982 AFC Championship game. Most opposing fans I have come into contact with are at least somewhat cordial. Sure there is ribbing back and forth, but most are cordial, even in a loss. Not Jet fans. They are the most vulgar, ignorant, loudmouthed fans I have ever met.

They also pout better than just about any other fan base. In that 1982 AFC title game, when AJ Duhe intercepted a Richard Todd pass and ran it in for a TD to seal the game, it was like they vanished into thin air. There wasn't a Jet fan to be found. I was thrown out of the Orange Bowl twice for fighting. Care to guess who the Dolphins were playing on those 2 occasions? These 2 teams and their fans truly hate each other and that is something that will likely never change.

OK, on to today's game. In the first meeting between these two teams, we all know the Dolphins outplayed and should have beaten the Jets. The normally reliable Dan Carpenter missed a FG in the 4th quarter and another in overtime. The big difference between that game and this? The Dolphins won't have to deal with Santonio Holmes on defense or Darrelle Revis on offense. The weather will be a big factor in this game too with rain and windy conditions expected. I think this will come down to who can run the ball and who can defend against the run. And I think the Dolphins will do better in both departments. It will be a low scoring game, and Dan Carpenter will make up for his misses in the previous game.......

Miami 13  NY Jets 10

Fins-Jets Prediction

Game Day is here and its a big one this week folks. No two ways about it. Dolphins at Jets the weather might be bad and the game has huge importance to each squad.

The ware of words has been going on all week and this one should be nasty with a lot of pushing and shoving after the whistle. I expect to see 3 or 4 personal foul calls in this game at the least.

The Jets offense is nothing special and with 2 weeks to prepare I expect Miami to be able to have success on defense. The Jets running backs are poor, check that they are flat out bad right now. The Dolphins run defense is great so this is a huge advantage for the Fins. With no Holmes the Jets group of WR's are ordinary to say the least and nothing special. While Miami's secondary is playing well this year they still have moments where they give up the big play now and then. Expect the Jets to throw alot to Dustin Keller and expect to see a lot of Tebow this week. I think this is the week where the Jets let Tebow do more. I also think we could see a trick play or two from the Jets offense to try and generate some chunk yards and points.

Other side of the ball should be a lot fun to watch. The war of words between Pouncey/Bush and the Jets defense has gone on for a week now.The Jets are horrible at stopping the run but let's be fair and the Dolphins haven't been the same running the ball since Reggie injured his knee. Is this the week we see the old Reggie Bush finally? The Reggie Bush who tore it up the first couple games of the season? Let's hope so. The "X-FACTOR" for Miami should be Davone Bess. Cromartie can't cover everyone so even if he takes Hartline out of the game, the Jets have nobody who can stay with Bess. Fasano might play a large role this week as well.

But let's be honest this will probably be a tight game like the last time they played and it will come down to a kick or two most likely. Can Dan Carpenter come through this time? Let's hope so!

MIAMI 19  JETS  17

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stephen Ross to Sell the Miami Dolphins?

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald and a few other places are reporting that Florida Panthers limited partner Jordan Zimmerman has been talking to Ross over the past 2 years about buying the Fins from him. Zimmerman is loaded and owns the 15th largest Ad agency in the US and came up with the "Just Say No" slogan when he was in college back in the day. 

According to Barry Jackson and other reports the talks have died down recently and Ross has refused every offer thus far. The two parties had "serious discussions" over the past 2 years but are not anymore at this current time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dolphins/Jets- A Special Rivalry

 There are rivalries in sports that when you hear them you know it is special. You know when you hear Yankees/Red Sox, Giants/Dodgers, Canadians/Bruins, and Ohio State/Michigan it is going to be different, more intense. Well, the Dolphins/Jets rivalry takes a back seat to none other. There have been so many moments over the years that this rivalry is still piping hot, no matter where either team resides in the standings.
  The history between these two teams is chuck full of big wins and brutal losses on both sides. As a Dolphins fan in my mid 30’s, I believe I have grown up in the heart of the rivalry. I remember my uncle who made me a Dolphins fan telling me “We HAVE TO beat the Jets. We CAN’T lose to THEM.” Why was that? Marty Lyons cheap shot that ended Dwight Stephenson’s Hall of Fame career prematurely, THAT’S WHY! Ken O’Brien putting up 51 points to beat Marino and the Dolphins in 1986, THAT’S WHY! Maybe the day Dan Marino hit Ferrell Edmunds in the final minutes to go ahead of the Jets in the 1991 season finale, to only have the Jets put themselves in position so Raul Allegre could steal OUR playoff spot a few minutes later. THAT’S WHY! Let’s not even get into the Monday Night Miracle.
      However, in any good rivalry, things have to be two sided. The Dolphins have driven a stake through the hearts of the Jets on many occasions. You still can’t bring up the name AJ Duhe to a Jets fan without him getting visibly ill. Who can forget the Jets passing over Dan Marino to select O’brien?  How many countless Sundays where Marino and the Marks brothers held an air show over the Jets defense? My personal favorite was the now famous “Fake Spike” game where Marino caught the Jets sleeping to seal a stunning second half comeback to win 28-24 on November 27,1994. That game was for first place that week, but if you ask some Jets fans, it had longer standing effects. The Jets didn’t win a game the rest of that season, and only won 4 games total over the next two years. From the hair pulling of Ricky Williams by Marvin Jones, to Chad Pennington clinching a division title for the Dolphins at the Meadowlands in 2008, to the “Hot Sauce” controversy surrounding the rivalry this season, it is endless.
      Historically, the Dolphins are the more successful and decorated franchise. The Dolphins lead the Jets in Super Bowls(2-1), Super Bowl Appearances(5-1), and in Division Titles(14-2). However, the Jets do lead all time head to head  49-44-1. The Dolphins and Jets have both suffered some down times in recent years which has led some of the younger fans on both sides to question who their respective teams number one rival is. Make no mistake about it, if you know the history of this rivalry, and of your team, whether you are a Dolphins fan or a Jets fan, you know this is the number one rival. It is why as Dolphins fans, we refer to this as “Jets Week.” It means just a little bit more, we want to win the game just a little bit more.  This game is just as big in the standings this time around for both teams, as the outcome can turn the fate of both team's season.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Keys for Dolphins to beat the Jets

The New York Jets are favorites to beat the Miami Dolphins in their rematch from their overtime thriller a month ago. The Dolphins should have won that game and maybe would have had Head Coach Joe Philban not freezed Jets' kicker Nick Folk. Dolphins had blocked the kick but the officials blew the play dead because of the timeout. While the Dolphins should have won the game, there are still some areas they can improve on. 

Get Reggie Bush involved early: Bush went down with an knee injury in the second half of the Jets game. He was having a really good game up into that point, rushing for 61 yards and averaging 6.1 yards per carry. Getting Bush the ball early will take pressure off of Ryan Tannehill. 

Tannehill can't turn the ball over: In their three wins, Tannehill has not turned the ball over once. In the three Dolphin losses, he has turned it over at least once. With no Darrelle Revis this time, it will help Tannehill, but he had to protect the football if the Dolphins have a chance. 

Defense has to get pressure on Mark Sanchez: Everyone knows Sanchez is a gambler and will give the defense opportunities to get turnovers. Sanchez did throw for 306 years the last time these two teams played, but he also had two interceptions as well. Defense has to be ready when he gives them chances to collect turnovers. 

Slow down Shonn Greene and the Jets' running attack: Greene is expected to start Sunday after he left Sunday’s game against New England with an head injury. Greene had played a little better after a slow start to the season. He had a breakout game against the Indianapolis Colts two weeks ago, and the Dolphin defense will have to game plan for him. 

Limit Dustin Keller's touches: Keller has played much better since returning. Against New England, he had seven catches for 93 yards. Without Santonio Holmes for the rest of the season and with Stephen Hill be so undependable catching the football, expect Sanchez to try and target Keller early and often. 

Convert on third down: 4-12 and 4-13, those are the numbers of the Dolphins on three down the past two weeks. They will need to improve on this going forward. Dolphins have only scored 17 points the past two games and this is a major reason why. Yes their defense has been very good, but you have to take pressure off of them and score more than 17 points. 

Considering how close the game was last month, there is no reason why the Dolphins can't defeat the Jets this Sunday. If they can do all of the things I mention, they will be in great shape to come away with the win. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Koa Misi pleads "No Contest"

Koa Misi pleaded "No Contest" last week to felony battery charges for an incident that took place this past offseason in California. CLICK HERE to read more of the details.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Looking Ahead

The Bye Week of the NFL season is usually where fans can take a deep breath, see exactly what has gone on with their team thus far, and what to look at going forward. The Dolphins at 3-3 have the fan base excited and optimistic as we have been pleasantly surprised to this point. The Dolphins are in a 4 way tie for first place in the AFC East and you can't help but cautiously think about our chances to make the playoffs. A lot of work needs to be done before being a realistic contender in the playoff picture, but for the fun of it lets look ahead to the remaining schedule.

At first glance, there are only 3 games where if we are honest with ourselves we appear to be outmatched. They are the two games remaining with the Patriots and the one at San Francisco against the 49ers. Aside from those three games the home games remaining are against the Titans, Seahawks, Jaguars and Bills. That Seahawks game could be tougher than we first imagined but certainly a winnable one at that. The road games would be at Jets, at Colts, and at Bills. The Dolphins have a punchers chance in all these games especially if they do not turn the ball over. Watching this team as we all do we can also not rule out the possibility of  losing some of these games that they should win.

So what does this all mean? Well most likely nothing because the NFL is a week to week league and so many things change. If the Dolphins continue to build on their strengths and improve in the areas of concern they will be in every one of these games over the 10 weeks remaining after the bye. The improvement of an already blossoming Ryan Tannehill will play a major role in the fate of this team, as will the health of Reggie Bush, the teams biggest home run hitter.

In my opinion, the bye week has come at the perfect time. This week off will allow some nagging injuries to heal(Bush, Marshall to name two) and will enable the coaching staff some extra preparation for what can be a season turning game against the Jets next week.

So what do you think?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Super Bowl 50 or 51 possibly coming to Miami

Roger Goodell announced Super Bowl 50 will be in Miami or Santa Clara. It is going to be the biggest event in NFL history and cities were fighting like crazy over it. South Florida has hosted so many super bowls that's why they are in the running. Super Bowl I was in California that is why they Santa Clara in the running (plus they got a new stadium). So, Goodell today said its down to Santa Clara or Miami. Miami needs to upgrade the stadium to have a chance. Whatever team doesn't get 50 will go up against Houston for Super Bowl 51.

Everyone thinks it is going to be Santa Clara because its a new stadium.  Voting is in May

Monday, October 15, 2012

The maturation of Ryan Tannehill

A lot of Dolphin fans I talked to during the preseason thought they were going to be one of the worse teams in the NFL in 2012. I even heard fans say they would go winless during the regular season.

Now, the Dolphins find themselves tied for first place in the AFC East going into their bye week. Ryan Tannehill has a lot to do with the growth of the Miami Dolphins.

Tannehill is first NFL rookie to pass for more than 1,250 yards and win at least twice in his team's first five games. He has thrown for more yards in his first five games than any Miami rookie, including Hall of Famer Dan Marino.

It seems like the Dolphins have finally found the starting quarterback they been looking for since Marino retired.

Remember the way Tannehill played the first week of the season against the Houston Texans? Tannehill finished 20 of 36 for 219 yards and three interceptions. Fans were very critical of him and even went on to say that he was a draft bust the first week of the season.

Tannehill played one of the best defenses in the NFL in his first game, so of course he is going to look like a rookie. Ever since that game, his play has improved immensely.

In week two against the Oakland Raiders, Tannehill was 18/30 for 200 yards and one touchdown, in a win for the Dolphins.

Week four against the Arizona Cardinals, the Dolphins lost the game, but it certainly wasn't Tannehill's fault. He was 26/41 for 431 yards in a loss against the Arizona Cardinals. That performance, started to gain him notice around the NFL.

Last week performance at home against the St. Louis Rams, might have been his most efficient game as a pro. He was 21/29 for 185 yards and two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Miami made a wise choice by drafting Tannehill.

"He's got tremendous poise, he throws with accuracy, he's not making mistakes, and he's doing a great job in that offense," Fisher said. "He and coach Sherman obviously are on the same page, and I think there's a great future."

Tannehill's rating might be only 70.4, but the Dolphins wouldn't be in first place without him.

Going into the Bye

      With six games now complete, and a .500 record, The Dolphins are going into the bye week to re-fuel and get some much needed rest. Players on both sides of the ball are nursing injuries, and after four excruciatingly close games in a row, the team must be physically and emotionally ready for a week of rest and recovery.

     Running back Reggie Bush is coming off of his worst performance of the season and still has a nagging knee injury. Cornerback Richard Marshall has not been playing due to a back injury, and while Nolan Carroll has been playing well, the secondary could really use a healthy Marshall. Newly acquired Wide Receiver Jabar Gaffrey is still trying to learn the "language of the playbook," according to Coach Philbin, and has not been active since he signed with the team earlier this month.

     Going into the bye after a win should definitely help the team's morale and confidence level. At .500, the team is playing better, with more focus and determination than most thought possible, myself included. I was very skeptical at the start of the season, when we had what appeared to be a roster full of no-name players with barely any star-power or play-makers. Now, I see that this unit is playing as a team, and Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill have these guys believing.

     As I look back over the past six games, I cannot help but ponder the fact that The Dolphins are only a couple of field goals away from being 5-1. But they are not.  They are 3-3 and tied for first place in the AFC East. The division is up for grabs, and I for one feel really comfortable with our position going into the bye.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Phins Get Back To .500

The Dolphins got back to .500 with a tough win over Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams today. The Dolphins are now in a four way tie with the rest of the division at 3-3. Miami will have a week off with the bye next week before traveling to New York for a showdown with the hated Jets on October 28th.

Ryan Tannehill continues to get better as the season goes along. For the second week in a row, he had no turnovers and made no mistakes even though the Rams kept the pressure on him all day. Back in April, a lot of people, including myself thought it was a mistake to spend such a high pick on Tannehill. Most thought he would need a minimum of a year before he was ready to take over. Tannehill continues to prove everyone wrong.

With the running game shut down by the Rams, the game was put in Tannehill's hands and he didn't disappoint, going 21-29 for 185 yards and 2 touchdowns. Most importantly, as I said, no turnovers. Teams continue to try to rattle him, but so far he has shown that he is up to the challenge.

The Rams offense ran up and down the field on the Dolphins defense, racking up over 460 yards, but the defense made plays when needed and kept the Rams out of the endzone until midway through the 4th quarter. With the Rams driving towards a game tying field goal, rookie Olivier Vernon recorded his second sack of the game forcing St. Louis to attempt a 66 yard field goal that had the distance, but sailed wide to the left.

These are the types of games the Dolphins would lose in the past. Has the trend shifted in Miami's favor? Here's to hoping it has :)

Gaffney inactive

The list of Dolphins players who are inactive today are. QB Devlin, WR Gaffney, CB Marshall, RB D. Thomas, T Yeatman, TE Egnew and WR R. Matthews. The only real surprise is WR Jabar Gaffney who according to reports all week was going to play this week. He was even working with the 1st team offense in practice.

He probably needs more time to learn the offense and with the BYE week coming up next Sunday this is probably the wise decision.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Right Ending

When great players wind down on their careers, things rarely end the way they would draw it up. Unfortunately, not everyone can go out like John Elway. Often times players find themselves sent packing unceremoniously into a forced retirement or onto another team. As fans, it is never easy to see players we rooted for week in week out play somewhere else. It happened to Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, two of the all time greatest Dolphins in the history of a very proud franchise. Tomorrow at Sun Life Stadium, they get the right ending. The ending they deserve.

Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas were the face of the Miami Dolphins after the retirement of Dan Marino. These two players carried the hopes of a franchise and fan base for many years. They were the two centerpieces of a defense that many of us Dolphins fans feel came a little too late for Marino to grasp that elusive Super Bowl title. Week after week, Zach Thomas seemed to be in on every tackle, every play. Jason Taylor would have quarterbacks on the run for the better part of 60 minutes, more often than not catching them to become the franchise all time sack leader. They were our guys, our leaders. They hated the New York Jets as much as we did (we forgive you for 2010 JT). They cherished the wins and agonized over the losses. What more can you want from two players?

Taylor had some closure to his Dolphins career in 2011 in his final season. However, Jason Taylor should have never worn another uniform, but he did for reasons well documented. Zach Thomas was told he no longer fit the Dolphins plans in February 2008. He played one season in Dallas and was released by the Kansas City Chiefs after not playing a game in the preseason in 2009. Neither ending seems to have gone the way it should have.

Tomorrow, we as a fan base, the Dolphins as a franchise, and these two future Hall of Famers re-write the ending. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas will be enshrined in the teams Honor Roll. They will one more time hear the cheers of a fan base who truly appreciates everything they gave. They will walk off the football field not just as Dolphins, but among the truly elite in franchise history. No two players deserve it more.

Thank you Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas. 

Rams-Dolphins Prediction

The Dolphins are coming off a big road win vs Cincinnati as the Rams are coming off a 10 day layoff. Both teams are a little banged up but this looks to be a good game between two up and coming teams in the NFL.

The Dolphins defense has played 2 good games in a row now and that should continue vs a so-so Rams offense. Sam Bradford is a nice player. Steven Jackson is dinged up a bit and not the same player he once was. The Rams WR's are poor. Richard Marshall has already been ruled out for Sunday's game for the Dolphins. I don't see the Rams doing much vs the Dolphins defense the way it has been playing recently.

The Dolphins offense is getting better and better each week. Last week RT1 (Screw RGIII, we got didn't turn the ball over and made big throw after big throw on 3rd down to keep drives alive. Hartline and Bess continue to make big catches (and have few drops). While Miami's WR's aren't flashy or the most explosive, they are a consistent group. And Jabar Gaffney will finally take the field for the Fins this week and hopefully he will give them another threat in the passing game. The Rams front 7 is strong and can cause havoc. Overall though the defense can be run on and is a middle of the road unit overall.

I think this could be the Fins "Coming Out Party" so to speak. Send a message to the league that these past few weeks haven't been a fluke and this is a team on the rise.

Miami 34  Rams 10

Remember When: McShay looks like a genius, Skip Bayless not so much

Thursday, October 11, 2012

AUDIO: Gill Brandt called Ireland last January about Tannehill

SIRIUS/XM NFL RADIO host and long-time NFL scout Gil Brandt spoke with The Finsiders recently about Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins. He discloses that back in January he called Jeff Ireland to talk with him about Ryan Tannehill. It is a good listen. CLICK HERE for the audio

Former Miami Dolphins Employee Beano Cook Dies

Beano Cook, the ESPN analyst and former director of public relations for the Miami Dolphins for the 1966 season, passed away in his sleep last night. Beano always talked fondly of Miami and had only good memories of his one year in Miami working for the Dolphins. Beano was an American Original who will never be replaced. These types of larger than life personalities don't come around often if ever again in today's society! Beano was truly a great man and an outstanding reporter/entertainer!

We here at give our deepest sympathy to the Cook family.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What are we?

If you are a Dolphins fan watching the game against the Bengals on Sunday and you were thinking to yourself on more than one occasion "Here we go again", who would blame you? The Dolphins were involved in another nail biter in what has become an emotionally confusing season for Dolphins fans. However this time the Dolphins did something we have been begging them to do for the last two weeks...THEY FINISHED. In doing so we are left with one question..."What are we?"

Coming into the season the expectation was we were going to see a football team that was rebuilding (again) with a rookie quarterback under center. The expectation was we would see growing pains, with some signs of hope, progress and perhaps a peek into what the future may look like. We have seen all of that, and maybe a little more. Ryan Tannehill has played progressively better with each passing week and very rarely are we seeing him make the same mistake twice. If you are into passer rating, his has gone up each week. His command of the offense has gotten better, his poise showing during tough times. As with any rookie, there are some throws he would like back, but there is plenty there to be excited about.

Also entering the season we wanted to see a rookie head coach and how he would go about winning over the locker room. Again, we expected some bumps in the road and perhaps an error here or there, but when this team lost two heartbreaking games in a row in overtime, the young team wasn't phased and responded with a big win on the road at Paul Brown Stadium. They appear to be buying in.

So as Dolphins fans, we see our team stand at 2-3 going into week 6 and right in the mix in the very early playoff picture. Dare we even think about that at this point? Do we look ahead to a winnable game at home this week against the Rams and think what it would do for the team heading into the bye week? What it would do would put the Dolphins at 3-3 and give them some momentum. It would toy with the emotions of a fan base looking for a reason to turn a season of growth into a season of hope. Many Dolphins fans feel this team should be at 4-1, and can focus on the "what if’s". A win at home against the Rams may shift the fan base to ask "What could be?"

It may also go a long way in answering the question "What are we?"

Peter King praises Tannehill

If you missed Peter King's Monday Morning QB column then you missed his praise of Ryan Tannehill. Here is what Peter had to say about the young Miami QB

10. Another young quarterback's adjusting to the league quickly. Remember when the draftniks said it'd be a smart idea for whoever picked the inexperienced Ryan Tannehill to stash him on the bench for a full season so he could learn the position better? What you see in Tannehill now, after a two-week stretch in which Miami lost in overtime at Arizona and won at Cincinnati, is a confident player who doesn't get flustered when the pocket breaks down -- as it did under pressure from Michael Johnson and Geno Atkins Sunday in Cincinnati.

The rookie out of Texas A&M has been a 64 percent passer in the two games, and you can see he doesn't get jittery when he feels pressure. "It's not that complicated,'' he said from Cincinnati after the 17-13 Miami win. "I'm just getting more comfortable as the weeks go on. What I was happy about today was I was able to make some good checks at the line [audibles], and I like the fact we made good decisions.''

The best decision by Miami may have been trusting Tannehill with a big job.

Monday, October 8, 2012

For you Jeff Ireland Haters (very funny)

FOX Announcers for Sunday's Rams-Dolphins game

Chris Myers and Tim Ryan will be doing the commentary for this Sunday's Rams-Dolphins game in Miami. This weeks game is on FOX.


The Miami Dolphins are the 4th youngest team in the NFL behind Cleveland, St.Louis, and Philadelphia


-Ryan Tannehill is the first rookie in NFL history to pass for 1,250+ yards and record at least two wins in his team’s 1st 5 games.

-QB Ryan Tannehill has thrown 19 passes of 20 or more yards. Only five QBs have thrown more this season.

How Most Dolphins Fans Feel today

After yesterday's win vs Cincinnati and near wins vs the Jets and Cardinals this video clip below from a famous movie sums up how most Dolphins fans feel today

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cam Wake talks to SIRIUS NFL RADIO after Fins Big Win

CLICK HERE to listen to Cam Wake talk to SIRIUS NFL RADIO after the Dolphins big win over Cincinnati.

A Few Thoughts On Today's Win

Great win for the Phins today. Just a couple of thoughts....somebody needs to explain to Charles Clay that when you are trying to run the clock down, DO NOT run out of bounds! But again, why were the Dolphins passing on that play?

Miami is now 2-0 when Tannehill does not commit a turnover. See a trend here? He's been catching a lot of heat, a lot of it undeserved. He played very well today. The future is bright for the Dolphins and Tannehill.

The defense played well today also. I thought Nolan Carroll played will in place of Richard Marshall, who hasn't played that well to start with. Is it possible Carroll might be earning more playing time? And how about that int by Randy Starks?

Alright Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dolphins Win!

Big road win for the Dolphins today 17-13 over Cincinnati. Tannehill had zero turnovers and the defense was outstanding the entire game.

Dolphins Salary Cap situation going forward

For those of you fans who are already looking towards the future and what will Miami do after the season as Sean Smith, Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Randy Starks, and Brian Hartline are all free agents. Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald goes in depth on what the Dolphins plans are as of now. And what type of deals these guys are looking at numbers wise. And can the Dolphins actually keep all 5 guys and still add other pieces from other teams. CLICK HERE to read what Barry as to say.

Fins-Bengals Preview

I see this as a tough spot for the Dolphins this week. Not so much because Cincinnati is a tough team, I think they are a middle of the pack team in all honesty. I see it as a tough game because of two reasons; travel and match-up's. The Dolphins flew cross country to Arizona and lost a heart breaker then flew back across the country home. Now have to fly up to Ohio for this game. That's a lot of travel over the course of a week and will this team have dead legs at some point? That is the question.

Match-up wise the Dolphins appear to be playing without Richard Marshall and the Fins weak CB's will have a nightmare of a time with the big-time Cincinnati passing attack. AJ Green might give the Dolphins a lot of trouble. Jermaine Gresham who is a quality tight end might finally break out this week too for Cincinnati.  The Dolphins run-defense has stopped everyone this year and that should continue this week as I don't see Green-Ellis doing much of anything against the Dolphins front 7.

Other side of the ball the Dolphins gameplan is simple. Run the ball, control the clock to keep the Bengals passing attack on the sidelines and don't turn the ball over. Tannehill must improve on protecting the football this week. He is a young rookie so I haven't gotten on him too much for the turnovers early in the year, it's part of the process and part of the growing pains. But as we go forward we need to see him reduce the number of those each week. Also we need the Reggie Bush from weeks 1-3 and NOT the Reggie Bush of last week. Hopefully Reggie is healthy and back to his old self. You can run on the Bengals and I think Reggie could have a big day against them.

Even with the travel, even with the match-up problems the Bengals passing attack poses for the Fins, I have a funny feeling about this one. I think the Dolphins might find a way this week.

Dolphins 20  Bengals 17

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunday's Announcers

This Sunday for the Dolphins at the Bengals it will be Marv Albert and Rich Gannon doing the commentary for CBS. The same announce crew that did the Jets-Dolphins game a couple weeks back.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reggie Bush has hip injury; knee is fine

Mike Florio of is reporting that Dolphins running back Reggie Bush now has a hip injury. He acquired the injury in Sunday's game vs the Cardinals. The hip injury slowed Reggie down in practice on Wednesday. No word if he will play on Sunday or if he does play how much. On a better note it does appear Reggie's knee is totally healed up.

VIDEO: Ryan Tannehill HIGHLIGHTS from Arizona game

CLICK HERE To see the highlights of Ryan Tannehill's Week 4 performance vs Arizona.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dolphins cut Naanee, Add Gaffney

The Miami Dolphins cut WR Legedu Naanee and signed free agent WR Jabar Gaffney. Gaffney will wear #10

Monday, October 1, 2012

Did you know...

A few DID YOU KNOW stats that I came across today from various media outlets...

Per Barry Jackson...Tannehill’s 94.8 rating in the fourth quarter this season is 11th-best in the league.

Read more here:

Per ESPN Stats IncAccording to ESPN Stats Inc., Tannehill had the best passing day against the blitz of any quarterback since 2008. And the Cardinals blitzed him plenty on Sunday.

From Stats Inc:
“Ryan Tannehill faced extra pressure on 25 of his 44 dropbacks, and completed 16-of-22 passes for 306 yards, a touchdown and an interception against at least five pass rushers. Tannehill’s 306 passing yards against at least five pass rushers is the highest single-game total by anyone since the start of the 2008 season.”

“More impressive for Tannehill is who it came against–entering Sunday, the Cardinals’ defense led the league with a 34.1 completion percentage and 3.6 yards per attempt allowed when sending at least five pass rushers.

Happy Birthday Big O

The staff of would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Orlando Alzugaray of 640 Sports radio in South Florida.  You can follow the Big O on Twitter at  @BigOShow  and listen to his show daily at at 3pm!  Happy Birthday BigO!

Thoughts On The Loss To Arizona

Crushing. That is the only way I can describe how I feel about the Dolphins loss at Arizona. There is no way they should have lost that game, just like there is no way they should have lost last week to the Jets. By all rights Miami should be 3-1 right now. This time, questionable play calling could be the culprit. The Dolphins had the ball and the lead with 3 minutes left and were driving. Reggie Bush had run for 24 yards on 3 plays to get to the Arizona 43. Why oh why call a pass play? Arizona's Daryl Washington burst up the middle and knocked the ball out of Tannehill's hands and former Dolphin Vonnie Holliday recovered it and that turned the game around.

You can blame Carpenter's 51 yard FG miss or Tannehill's INT in overtime, but that play right there cost the Dolphins the game. No matter how you slice it or dice it. At worst Bush is thrown for a loss, the clock runs and the Dolphins have one more play to run more clock before Brandon Fields punts, giving Arizona a long field instead of a short one, with a lot less time left.

I will say that I agree with what my colleague Mike Oliva says about Tannehill in his article below. It's exciting to see Tannehill develop and get better with each game. And for those still crying about Brandon Marshall, I don't think Brian Hartline had too shabby of a game either.

And one more question: Why is Legedu Naanee still a Miami Dolphin?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fins lose a heart-breaker; A Star is Born

Yes the Dolphins lost. Yes it sucks. But the real story to take from today's game; A Star is Born in Miami. Ryan Tannehill is for real. Yes, he threw a late INT and he fumbled but if you saw the game you know that doesn't tell the whole story. The fumble was a mistake because of bad blocking up front and bad play-calling of throwing the ball with the lead late. The INT, hey it happens he is a rookie. Part of the rookie growing pain process.

The 400+ yards passing vs a very good defense and the standing in the pocket and making big plays all over the field with his arm is the real story. Get this kid some "real weapons" and watch out.

Tannehill get's better every week and every game. The future is bright. The Dolphins have found their man. Any question about that has been put to rest!

Sunday Morning Update: Bush to Play

Jason LaCanfora of CBS is reporting that Reggie Bush is scheduled to play today vs Arizona

Thoughts On Today's Game

The Dolphins travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in a game, that before the season started looked very winnable. But the Cardinals have started 3-0, knocking off New England and Philadelphia along the way. Are they really that good? They have had a little luck along the way. In the opener against Seattle, the Seahawks had a first and goal at the Arizona 4 yard line in the last minute, but Seattle rookie QB Russell Wilson threw three straight incompletions. Against New England, they had a little luck at the end there also. New England kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed a 42 FG, this after A 30-yard TD by Danny Woodhead was nullified by a holding penalty against Rob Gronkowski.

On the flip side, luck has been all bad for the Dolphins. A horrible 2nd half of the 2nd quarter kept the Dolphins from hanging in the against the Houston Texans in the opener and a sloppy, mistake filled game against the Jets has left the Dolphins at 1-2 and searching for answers. How many times has the normally reliable Dan Carpenter made that kick?

With that said, I think the Dolphins have a decent shot in this game. They have played well on the road in recent years. There are 3 things they MUST do to have a chance. Run the ball. Arizona has a good defense but their weakness is against the run. Limit big plays by Larry Fitzgerald. Don't let him beat you. Make someone else beat you. And finally, no turnovers! The Dolphins have proven this year that they cannot overcome them! 

As for Ryan Tannehill, he didn't have a very good game last week. That pick 6 was a terrible decision. But he did do two things. First, he put the team in a position to tie the game in the final minute. Then, he put them in a position to win the game in overtime. He needs to play today like he did in the final minutes last week.

While no one else is giving the Dolphins much of a chance in this game, I do. I think they will cut down on the mistakes and if they do........

Miami 17  Arizona 13

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bush likely to play; Marshall up in the air

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting RB Reggie Bush is likely to play vs Arizona on Sunday. CB Richard Marshall's status is still up in the air though.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fins working out CB's; Vontae Davis stinking it up in Indy

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Dolphins worked out CB's on Tuesday. In for a visit were Alphonso Smith, Morgan Trent, and Aaron Berry.

Before you jump off the deep end yelling "why did they trade Vontae Davis if they need CB help?" Through 3 games in Indy Vontae Davis has been thrown at 14 times, 12 of those times he has given up a completion and he has been torched for over 165 yards. To sum up, he can't stop anyone!

Miami Dolphins and Sea World team up for Marketing Agreement

Today the Miami Dolphins and Sea World Orlando announced a multi-year marketing agreement. There will be season long sweepstakes for Florida residents with the opportunity to win trips and prizes. It appears Jason Taylor is involved in this joint venture as a spokesperson type as well.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reggie Bush has harsh word for Jets over Revis injury

Reggie Bush pulled no punches today when talking about the Jets losing superstar CB Darrell Revis for the season. He says he has no sympathy for the Jets. Via Ben Volin's twitter Bush said..."What goes around comes around. They talked all week about putting hot sauce and this and that, and they ended up losing their best player"

What did we learn from Sunday's loss?

Sunday's lost to the Jets was painful but after a couple days and after re-watching the game I think we learned a couple things about this team. First and foremost let's get one thing out of the way; Ryan Tannehill is NOT the problem with this offense. I don't care what the stats say and I don't care how his stats match up to the other starting QB's in the league to me its all silly and means nothing. Why? Because Tannehill has zero weapons around him. The Dolphins WR's are marginal at best, with an injured Reggie Bush and him off the field the Dolphins have marginal back-up RB's. Throw in Fassano who is a so-so tight end and Tannehill is handcuffed. And even with all of those handcuffs Tannehill still (yes he still) led a game tying and a game winning drive in overtime (if Carpenter makes the kick.)

Think about this for a second, if Carpenter makes that kick the story of Sunday's game is how Ryan Tannehill led a game winning drive vs a good Jets defense with no Reggie Bush and no WR's that are any good. That is the story if Carpenter makes a kick. Soak that in, Tannehill and the Dolphins would be 2-1 and Tannehill would be the next "big thing" QB for working his magic on a team that has no weapons around him.

Look, Tannehill isn't perfect, he threw a pick-6 and he he has to protect the ball in that situation better. Tannehill will still make his rookie mistakes and that is fine, but fact of the matter is Ryan Tannehill is NOT the problem with this team right now. The Dolphins have no WR's and when they face good defenses like the Jets, Houston, SF, Arizona..etc they are going to struggle as an offensive unit.

Another thing we learned is that this Dolphins defense is better. Through 3 games this switch to a 4-3 defense is better than anyone could have imagined. The secondary is getting interceptions and maybe the "sack" numbers aren't there but this front 4 is getting a lot of pressure on QB's and making QB's uncomfortable. If these replacement refs actually called offensive holding I think Wake could be really causing some more havoc even though he isn't getting sacks per say.

Currently Pro Football Focus has Karlos Dansby ranked as the 2nd best MLB in 2012, Reshad Jones as as the 3rd best safety, Chris Clemons as the 8th best safety, and Randy Starks as the 5th best defensive tackle.

Bottom line is going forward is it's gonna be a rough year. I think we will see more games like we saw on Sunday where the defense plays lights out and the Fins offense struggles. I expect that this week vs Arizona, I expect it vs Cincinnati the following week. I expect it most weeks. But, don't let the stats fool you and don't fall for the negative nancy fans. This all isn't on Tannehill! I don't care what the stats say, use the ole eyeball test. Tannehill is passing with flying colors. Hell Kurt Warner has said that RGIII and Tannehill are the class of the 2012 Rookie QB class (and no he didn't forget Luck.) Trent Dilfer has said that Tannehill has the highest ceiling of any of the rookie QB's and he has liked him the most thus far. Stats never tell the whole story and this is a classic case of it.

Miami might only win 2 or 3 or 4 games this year, but it won't be because Ryan Tannehill is the problem. It's because the front office didn't put anyone around him. Which is a different story for a different day.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reggie Bush injury not serious

The Dolphins got some good news on Monday when they were told Reggie Bush's knee injury wasn't serious. There are conflicting reports out there right now. Some say Bush may miss a few games and there others that say Bush could play this Sunday. Sounds to me is for the next couple weeks Bush's status will be a "game-time decision."

Either way the Dolphins got very lucky as the news could have been much much worse.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fins lose; Bush injury not serious

The Dolphins lost a heart breaker today but did get good news after the game. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that Reggie Bush's injured knee isn't serious and he should be ok. Bush planned on returning to the game after halftime but his knee got stiff on him so the team didn't risk anything.

Dolphins Vs Jets Prediction

The Dolphins will face the Jets today with the winner keeping a share of first place in the AFC East. The Dolphins would love to prove that last week's big win over Oakland was more than a fluke. It won't be easy. It's a home game but there could be just as many Jet fans in attendance today as Dolphin fans. The Jets are going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Ryan Tannehill. They will likely use Darrelle Revis to take Brian Hartline out of the game. They will try to take Reggie Bush out of the game. To make a long story short, the Jets will try to make Tannehill beat them.

On defense, the Phins caught a break with TE Dustin Keller being declared out for this game. They need to keep after Mark Sanchez or he could have a good day. I also expect (as does the rest of the world) that the Jets will unveil some variation of the wildcat with Tim Tebow. They need to be ready for that.

In the end, I think this will be a low scoring, defensive game. The key match up, at least to me is Revis Vs Hartline. Hartline has turned into Tannehill's go to guy, but Revis will neutralize that connection. If Revis had not been cleared to play, it might have been a different story, but....

NY Jets 17  Miami 13