Assistant Coaches

Expect the news to come fast and furious this week out of Miami as Joe Philbin tries to talk to and hire as many assistant coaches as possible. Here is what we know thus far.

-With reports that Chip Kelly was about to be hired in Tampa Bay, it would have meant Mike Sherman would have been available to take an assistant coaching position ASAP. With the reports now that Chip is staying at Oregon, Sherman is back in play in Tampa. Regardless if Mike Sherman loses out in Tampa he will be settling for an assistant coaching position. With Philbin's long-time friendship with Sherman I would not be shocked to see Mike Sherman in Miami as an offensive coordinator or taking some sort of coaching position on the offensive side of the ball.

-Philbin yesterday met with Jacksonville offensive line coach Andy Heck.

-Reports out of Green Bay are that Tom Clements might be promoted to offensive coordinator and taking Philibin's old job. That hasn't been confirmed yet and Clements is in play for Miami. Also, keep an eye on Packers WR coach Edgar Bennent as a possible offensive coordinator in Miami.

-There was a report over the weekend that Philbin might consider Cincinnati secondary coach Kevin Coyle for the defensive coordinator position.

-There has been no update on Todd Bowles, but I would guess keeping him might be awkward to say the least. Having him work under the man he lost out to on the head coaching search. I don't see Bowles staying in Miami but stranger things have happened.

-Packers linebacker coach Winston Moss interviewed in Oakland for their head coaching position and from numerous reports the interview went very bad for Moss. Winston could be a defensive coordinator candidate for the Dolphins, something to keep an eye on. Although if Dom Capers gets the head coaching job in Oakland then Moss could stay in Green Bay and be their new defensive coordinator.