Big Picture why this Fisher news is Awful for the Dolphins Franchise

The news Miami got today about Jeff Fisher is bad on many levels and goes much beyond the surface of just losing out on a head coach. Jeff Fisher isn't Bill Walsh or Vince Lombardi, so losing out on him as a head coach is the small picture issue. The big picture issue the Dolphins have right now is an issue of respect and perception. In the last calender year the Dolphins have reached out to Jim Harbaugh, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, and Jeff Fisher and have been turned down by all. Heck, the Fins even were on the verge of making Fisher the highest paid coach in all of professional sports (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA...etc) and paying him $8 million a season, and he still said no.

Money makes the world go round and in the sports world that isn't just the truth its damn near gospel! Money rules all in professional sports. So, when Mr. Stephen Ross is throwing around huge amounts of money at people offering to make them the top coach in all of the coaching world financially and they still say no, then there are deeper issues at hand here.

While I give Mr. Stephen Ross all the credit in the world for trying to hit the home run and opening up the bank account and not letting money be an issue, lets bottom line this, NOBODY WANTS TO WORK FOR THE MIAMI DOLPHINS! The brand is so damaged that not even huge amounts of money will get people to work in South Florida for this organization. What Oakland, Cincinnati, and Detroit have been in recent decades...Miami is right now!

What Mr. Ross and Jeff Ireland did last year to Sparano they will never live down. Check that, they won't live it down anytime soon at least. NFL Head Coaches are a brother-hood, in fact a very tight brother-hood. And when you cross one (Sparano) you damn near crossed them all and you lost all of their respect. To the point where no amount of money you offer them will convince them to work with and for you.

Now, the Dolphins are stuck with a terrible head coaching pool at this point. They will be stuck with having to hire a Dave Toub, Mike Zimmer, or someone along those lines as a head coach. Someone with no experience in the same vein of Cam Cameron or Tony Sparano. On the job training and someone probably in way over their head. And those "types" are just happy to get a head coaching job period so they will put up with the damaged brand of the Miami Dolphins right now and put up with the antics of Ross/Ireland. I know that's not what Dolphins fans want to hear, but its reality at this point in time.

How can Stephen Ross fix the Dolphins damaged brand. Easy, stay quiet and pick someone to run the team. This notion of Carl Peterson and Jeff Ireland in dueling coaching interviews is a joke. Either hire Peterson or don't, but make a decision. The buck has to stop with someone when it comes to football matters. I don't even care who at this point, but 1 man needs to be steering the ship.  Then after that Mr. Stephen Ross, stay quiet and go into hiding. Go raise millions for Mitt Romney, go run the real estate operation, sit in the owners box for games. But no interviews, no stupid quotes, and just shut up and don't talk to the press. No more Chad Henne is the next Marino talk. Just don't talk about stuff you know nothing about, which is obviously football! Do that for 3-5 years and maybe this franchise won't be viewed as a total joke and laughingstock by everyone around the league.