Brandon Marshall reached out to Matt Flynn

Jeff Darlington of is reporting that Brandon Marshall has reached out to Matt Flynn about coming to the Miami Dolphins. Marshall did note it is not tampering because its just players talking to players and the team has nothing to do with it. The NFL when reached for contact on this said the same; that it is not tampering in any way. Anyway, here is what Marshall had to say.

"Hey man, listen, I'm out here at the Pro Bowl, and I'm not getting no balls thrown to me!" Marshall joked with on Friday. "I need a quarterback. You've got Big Ben throwing to (Mike) Wallace, you've got Philip (Rivers) throwing to (Antonio) Gates and Vincent (Jackson), you've got Andy (Dalton) throwing to A.J. (Green). I'm the only guy out here, man!" We'd love to have that tandem out here." 
"You've got some guys in the draft, but there's not too many guys out there just walking the streets," Marshall said. "Matt is available. ... We've talked. I reached out to him.  I get it from Ray Lewis. Around this time of year, players talk to players."
"Obviously, Matt (Moore) had a great year," Marshall said. "You don't want to take anything away from Matt, but I think we really bring in somebody who can compete and make the team better.
"We need someone who is going to grab a hold of our offense, hold everyone accountable and be that leader."
Marshall also said he has heard only great things about Joe Philbin but did find the time to throw his past WR coaches under the bus and make a plea that Miami hire DJ McCarthy to be the new WR coach...
 "Unfortunately, the past six years, I've had a different receivers coach. I haven't had any chemistry with any of them to take me to the next level. I'm looking forward to working with a coach who can fine-tune my game and recognize my weaknesses. Coach McCarthy has proven that."


  1. Every time Marshall opens his mouth, the Dolphins are probably one step closer to getting rid of him. The sooner the better. Chicago has shown interest in reuniting Marshall with Jay Cutler. Let's make it happen. And soon before he pulls a "Santonio Holmes".

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  3. You ain't gotta sell me. I am not his biggest fan, he is tough to root for. With that said, what he said here wasn't bad. And if he can help Miami bring in Flynn I will send Brandon a fruit basket!


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