The Coaching Search: My Opinion

I hope the Dolphins are able to persuade Jeff Fisher to take the head coach position in Miami. He is the best available option. But what if Fisher lands somewhere else? Fisher is meeting with the St Louis Rams this week and there is a report at CBS Sports that says the job Fisher really covets is the Chicago Bears head coaching job.

So what if Fisher lands somewhere else? Where do the Dolphins turn? Well, here is my opinion and some won't like it. If the Dolphins don't land Fisher, they should offer the job to current interim head coach Todd Bowles. The Dolphins were 2-1 in the final three games under his watch, with the one loss being a close game at New England. They knocked the Jets off while they were still alive for a playoff spot. 2-1, all against the AFC East. Not too bad.

Bowles, who has interviewed in the past for head coaching positions is reportedly being considered for the St Louis Rams job according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The players respect Bowles and played hard for him, much like they did for Tony Sparano.


  1. The Bears job isn't going to be open. Owner said Lovie is staying.

    Bowles is the token "ROONEY RULE" interview for all teams. Sorry, its true! Like Leslie Frazier was for so many years past. Nobody considers him a legit NFL Head coach. The ONLY reason Miami made him interim head coach is so they could interview him the day after the season and not have to worry about the Rooney Rule going forward.

    Playing hard for Sparano = 3 losing seasons in 3 years. Playing hard for Bowles will equal the same. Players play HARD for their CONTRACTS and $$$. I don't want a nice guy the players like, I want a head coach with a brain who knows how to coach.

    This isn't a feel good Disney movie where good guys finish first, this is the NFL!

  2. I could have almost predicted to the word what you were going to say. Fact is, Bill Parcells said he would make a good head coach someday.

  3. And Parcells was wrong about everything else in Miami. Not shocking he would be wrong about this as well

  4. And how do you know? If you're so knowledgeable about coaching talent, why aren't you an NFL GM??

  5. oh please ken that is silly. If that the case shut down every radio show every website and every TV show. NOBODY should talk about the NFL ever then because they aren't "NFL GM's"....what a pussy cop-out response.

    All I know is everything Parcells touched in Miami turned to shit. So if he thinks Bowles can coach, odds are he can't. And if he is so god damn good how come he can't get a coordinators job at the least and is just a stinkin position coach? I know why, the guy is a TOKEN INTERVIEW for teams to meet the Rooney Rule. If he was any good he would already be a head coach or at least,.....AT LEAST a defensive coordinator with all the friggin interviews he has had around the league!!!


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