Could Tressel be a darkhorse option?

After the Ohio State Scandal involving selling football memorabilia in exchange for tattoos, the Buckeyes were sentenced with some pretty harsh sanctions, which in my opinion, came two years too late.

One of those sanctions carried onto former Head Coach, Jim Tressel, current gameday consultant for the Indianapolis Colts. Tressel, who resigned after the scandal broke, was sanctioned with a 5-year "show-cause" which essentially prohibits him from taking a coaching position in the NCAA for the next five years, meaning he won't be eligible until he's in his 60's.

With that being said, is Tressel a viable candidate for the Dolphins? Reports are saying that he would be a good choice for Miami. As a Penn Stater, hiring Tressel is the equivalent to hiring the Devil, but to be fair, he did lead the Buckeyes to 6 B1G Championship Titles, a National Title, and an overall record of 94-22 since he began coaching in 2001.

Do I think this is a possibility? No, but with the year I have been having as both a Dolphins and Nittany Lions fan, anything is possible- I mean, the new Penn State head coach is responsible for the Patriots' offense. Evil is everywhere.

Besides, it's too hot in Miami to wear an orange sweater-vest.