Dan Marino not sold on Matt Flynn

Brian Biggane of the Palm Beach Post wrote an outstanding article giving a lot of background information on Matt Flynn, his early years, his father, and how he has gotten to this point in his career ready to take the next step as an NFL starting quarterback. Not everyone though feels Flynn is ready to take that next step. Dan Marino with Joe Rose last week on WQAM  expressed some doubt whether Matt Flynn is ready to be a starter in the NFL. Marino said... "Sometimes there's a reason why guys are backups, you know?" 


  1. Well, in this case he's a backup because he plays on a team that has Aaron Rodgers. When you play on a team with an elite QB it's hard to push for the starting job.

  2. Not to mention Aaron Rodgers was a back-up at one point. As was Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Brett Favre, Matt Schaub, Steve Young, Tony Romo. Lots of guys start on the bench. Marino is lost on this issue. Tough for legendary players to understand why guys aren't great from day 1. Marino falls into that category.

  3. I'm not sold on Matt Flynn either but Marino's logic is difficult to comprehend. I would expect more intelligent comments from him on this issue.


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