Details on Jeff Ireland and his role

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported this morning the snag over Jeff Fisher to Miami was the wording of Jeff Ireland's contract. That for Miami to give Fisher even some control and power would mean they would have violated Jeff Ireland's contract.  Ireland has in his contract specific language that he has total control and final say over the 53 man Dolphins roster and to give Fisher some or partial control, like he was requesting, would have meant having to re-work Ireland's deal or letting Ireland go and paying him the remainder of his deal and finding a new GM. Neither of which Stephen Ross was interested in doing. So, if you are asking if Mr. Stephen Ross picked Jeff Ireland over Jeff Fisher, the answer is, Yes!

Schefter did report though that Jeff Fisher thinks very highly of Jeff Ireland and if given the opportunity to bring him into the fold in St.Louis he would. Fisher beleives Ireland is a bright football mind in this league.