Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin

The Dolphins choice of former Green Bay OC Joe Philbin surprised me a little. I thought for sure McCoy was going to be the guy. I really didn't think Todd Bowles had much of a chance, but, as has been reported, the Dolphins are said to want to retain him as defensive coordinator. Good move there. I think Bowles has a bright future in coaching in this league. With the hiring of Philbin, I would also suspect the Dolphins are going to pursue QB Matt Flynn. I'll have some thoughts on that later on in the weekend, but now I want to say something about Philbin.

As most of you are aware, Philbin's 21 year old son passed away a few weeks ago. I can relate as I lost a daughter in an accident in our home back in 1993. People might wonder how can he work having that so fresh on his mind? Shouldn't he be grieving? How can he uproot his family at a time like this? Well, different people grieve in different ways. I took a week off from work and then I was right back at it. Just because you move on, doesn't mean you forget. You never forget. You still have a family that depends on you and you have to do what's best for them. I'm sure Philbin consulted with his family before making this decision and they completely support him.

Being an NFL head coach is a prestigious position and the opportunity doesn't come very often. It's also a position that takes a lot of your time and keeps you very busy. That's another thing that can help you get by at a time like this. Sitting around thinking about it does not help. In the end, I don't think this tragedy is going to have a negative effect on Philbin when it comes to coaching. In fact, it may make him a stronger person. I wish him the best and not just because he is now the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, but because we now have something in common.