Dolphins need to be proactive

Listening to Dan Marino on WQAM yesterday morning with Joe Rose he said something that I totally disagree with. Dan said the Dolphins have showed patience thus far so don't rush and have more patience in looking for the coach even if it takes another 2-3 weeks. Well, of course Miami shouldn't rush and make a silly hire just for the sake of making a hire, but time is of the essence here. The Senior Bowl is next week and you would like your head coach in place at the very least if not your offensive and defensive coordinators hired as well.

Another point Dan didn't consider is the PR battle Miami is in. The Dolphins are in the business of trying to sell some tickets for next year, something they didn't do at all this past year. The Dolphins losing to the St.Louis Rams (YES, the Rams) in the Jeff Fisher sweepstakes wasn't a shining moment for this organization. Shows they are already on their "plan B" in this coaching search.  Now we have reports that Tampa Bay and Miami are interviewing essentially the same group of people for their head coaching positions. If Miami targets a guy and loses him to an in-state rival because that person decides he would rather coach in Tampa over Miami, you will have a fan base revolt and a lot of orange empty seats next year as Miami moves down the list to "plan C."

I would expect and hope the Dolphins can wrap up this coaching search by this Friday at the latest. I think if this drags into next week it really starts looking like this group can't make a decision and has no clue what they are looking for.