Don't expect any GB assistants in Miami

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that no Dolphins fans should expect to see many if any Green Bay Packers assistant coaches joining Joe Philbin in Miami. An unwritten rule in Green Bay is that once someone leaves the Packers for bigger and better things they are instructed to leave Green Bay assistants alone. Green Bay views itself more as "family" than a "franchise" and this type of staff raiding is looked down upon. Now, that doesn't mean a lower level assistant in Green Bay (say an assistant WR coach or an assistant linebacker coach, someone who aids the actual position coach) couldn't be had if it meant they were getting what would be perceived as a "big" step up in the coaching ranks. Or if a tight ends coach were offered an offensive coordinator position, something like that might be allowed.  But the idea of Tom Clements, Winston Moss, Mike Trgovac joining Philbin in Miami most likely won't happen. And according to sources Philbin is aware that Green Bay staff members are "off limits" but he might make a play for a couple of those lower level guys if he feels he has a spot for them.


  1. Should Philbin really care if he's part of the Packer family any more? Maybe he wants to have the option to return should he fail as Dolphin head coach.


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