Former Dolphins Think the Dolphins are no longer a Marquee Franchise

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald talked to some former players about the Dolphins Organization in the wake of Jeff Fisher taking the Rams job over the Dolphins, and well the response wasn't very good.

Manny Fernandez--“They’ll be hard-pressed to find a solid coach that won’t want that power. This is very discouraging.”

“It’s over for them being a marquee franchise,” Manny Fernandez, a standout on the Dolphins’ glory teams of the early 1970s, said Friday night. “The only thing marquee about them is South Beach. How many mistakes have they made? How many bad decisions? It just goes on and on. And it’s ridiculous not to give a coach final say over the personnel he’s responsible for winning with.”

Nick Buoniconti--“We’re viewed as an ordinary franchise,” Hall of Famer and former Dolphins linebacker Nick Buoniconti said. “We have lost whatever luster we garnered during the great years and the [Dan] Marino years. There has been nothing for anybody to hang their hat on.”

And some media folk have some strong opinions as well. Rich Gannon had this to say... “If a quarterback plan isn’t in place, it wouldn’t matter if Vince Lombardi was coaching.”

Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin “isn’t a quarterback guy — he’s more of an offensive line guy. He’s not the play-caller,” Gannon said. “[Cincinnati offensive coordinator] Jay Gruden is outstanding, but he’s not leaving. [Carolina offensive coordinator] Rob Chudzinski is probably the next guy who’s left.” (and the Dolphins right now have no interest in talking to Chudzinski.)

When Peter King was asked if the Dolphins are still a marquee franchise his response was..“I guess they are,” King said. “But at some point, you have to win consistently to maintain that mantle, and they’re just not winning.”


  1. It seems like everywhere I look, I see people and articles saying Fisher wanted final say or veto power. Without throwing a fit and saying I don't know what I'm talking about, can you show me one article that states Fisher want equal power or and equal partnership with Ireland???

  2. Schefter reported Fisher wanted 50/50 with Jeff and when there was a standstill or a disagreement, Fisher wanted Ross to be the tiebreaking vote. it's everywhere. Go on the twitter accounts of Mort, Schefter, King, PFT, Florio....all of them.

    I really don't know where you get your info from. Fisher doesn't have total power in St.Louis, he didn't demand or want it

  3. Just the Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post mostly. I guess the local media doesn't know much, do they?,0,1678583.column

  4. That's a column posing a "hypothetical" of "should he have given him power" if even if the answer was they did that Fisher would have accepted it. And Hyde admits he doesn't even know what St.Louis gave Fisher. It's one guy throwing questions out in to the open without answers.

    Ken I don't know what to tell ya, you can believe what you want but its just flat wrong. It just is.

    Fisher will have a GM in St.Louis. Fisher might have the tiebreaking vote in St.Louis, but that ISN'T WHAT HE WANTED IN MIAMI!!! He wanted 50/50 responsibility with a voice in who is on his roster and in those rare circumstance of a standstill for Ross to be the deciding vote. But believe what you want


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