Head Coaches With All The Power

It just doesn't work. The head coach in the NFL is a full time job as it is without adding the responsibilities of GM to it. Couple of good examples: Jimmy Johnson. Won two Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys. Came to Miami and was given all the power and could never reproduce his accomplishments with the Dolphins.

Mike Holmgren. Holmgren was 75-37 in the regular season and 9-5 in the post season with two Super Bowl appearances and a Super Bowl victory from 1992-1998 with the Green Bay Packers. He went to the Seattle Seahawks in 1999 and was given all the power. He won the AFC West title in his first season, then nothing else up to 2002, when he was stripped of his GM title and had that power taken away. Two years later he led the Seahawks to their best season ever. A 13-3 record and the Seahawks first (and only) appearance in the Super Bowl.

Two very good, Super Bowl winning head coaches who won nothing with all the power. So how would Jeff Fisher be any different? Maybe someone could explain it to me.


  1. Your column makes no sense. Fisher didn't want all the power in Miami. He just wanted a voice and a partnership with Ireland. Ross didn't want to even give Fisher a say in personnel decisions. Which is stupid, he's the head coach. He needs a voice in the process. No respectable head coach will not at least have a partnership with a GM. He needs a say in matters.

    You might want to read up on why he didn't come here before writing columns. Fisher doesn't have all the power in St.Louis either. THAT ISN'T THE ISSUE! Jeff didn't want almighty power, he just wanted a say in things. A voice.

    And by the way, read up on Holmgren what you wrote is 100% wrong. He wasn't "Stripped" of power, he had all the power and gave it up! Nobody forced him too. He hand picked his GM. At least get the facts write.

  2. "Mike Holmgren resigned from the Green Bay Packers after the 1998 season to accept an eight year head coach contract offered by the Seattle Seahawks. Originally, Holmgren was the Executive Vice President/General Manager and Head Coach of the Seahawks. Following the 2002 season, Holmgren was terminated as Seahawks General Manager."

    Sounds like he was stripped of his power to me.

  3. oh wait, wikipedia says it so it must be true! lol lol Not how it happened. He gave up GM powers, so he "fired" himself because he was the one with all the power. The ONLY one with more power was the owner. You think if the Owner stripped him of his GM powers he would have stayed as coach? HELLO!!!!!!! That's not how it went.

    Doesn't change the fact what you wrote about Fisher makes no sense. Fisher didn't ask or want for all power. And he made sure he doesn't have it in St.Louis. So what's the point of your article?

  4. Ok, Fisher didn't want all the power. I must not know how to read a fucking newspaper then. In the Palm Beach Post, Ben Volin writes, "Dolphins owner Stephen Ross didn't want to give Jeff Fisher more power than General Manager Jeff Ireland, and that might have cost Ross his top choice for the club's vacant head-coaching job."

    In the Miami Herald it says, "Ross, ultimately, would not give Fisher veto power over Ireland’s decisions, according to a source."

    More power than General Manager Jeff Ireland, veto power over Ireland’s decisions...maybe I'm just fucking stupid. I figured that all meant he had final say, which is pretty much all the power.

    Ireland runs the scouting department. When the hell is the head coach going to have time to scout college players during the NFL season? When is the head coach going to have time to scout potential free agents for the next season other than the guy across the field on Sunday afternoon?

    Don Shula was one of the greatest coaches of all time but SUCKED at picking players. Once Joe Robbie gave him that power it was all down hill from there. Sure he lucked out a few times, but more often than not it was a swing and a miss. After he drafted Marino, he went 6 YEARS without selecting an impact player with his first or second pick.

    And Bill Parcells...tell me where he won when he could "shop for the groceries"?

    All these great coaches that won championships without final say, but didn't win shit when they did. So how is Jeff Fisher better than them? Why don't you explain that instead of telling me I don't know what I'm talking about or some stupid shit like that.

  5. You must not know then. You don't understand what Fisher wanted. ESPN reported Fisher would hire Ireland tomorrow if he could he likes him that much. Fisher didn't want final say, he wanted to be able to have a voice in matters and have final say on "some" matters. Not all. Like maybe let Jeff run the draft but Fisher control the 53 man roster. SHARE the duties. Fisher didn't want ALL the power and control, he wanted SOME of the control. By the way the Rams are hiring a GM to do exactly that in St.Louis with Fisher. Work with him, not let Fisher run the whole damn show.

    But believe what you want and live in the fantasy bubble

  6. So veto power doesn't mean final say, huh? And now you are quoting somthing from ESPN after you told me the other day that we should only believe what the local papers say? lol

  7. correct, its not veto power. He didn't want veto power. He wanted a partner. He wanted to control the roster, not be scouting and drafting. And the local papers are reporting the same. go to the herald and sun sentinel, christ ken this isn't tough to follow.


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