Ireland And His Respect Factor

The Miami Dolphins are currently searching for a Head Coach. The major issue for the Dolphins is not the fact we’re looking for a Coach but the person in charge of the search. Our Front Office has shown the lack of Respect for their previous Coaches. I know that the NFL is a business but there is always a Respect factor involved. If an employer has a history of disrespecting their employees they will not get the prominent coaches they seek. The argument against this principle is the fact that Sparano will make 2.5 million for the next two years and don’t get me wrong those are 2.5 million reasons too say forget respect. However the quality coaching candidates we need to hire in order to get our franchise back on track will never say forget respect.

One of my idols and one of the University of Miami greatest players Ray Lewis once said “The secret too Respect is too never Disrespect” and Jeff Ireland has violated this rule like the punk he is projecting himself too be. The whole NFL has witnessed his total ineptitude when it comes too interacting with people and the fact he totally stabbed Tony Sparano in the back with pinpoint precision is very telling especially since he considers himself a friend and ally too Sparano. I really don’t expect the Dolphins too be a contender or a playoff team while Ireland is currently our General Manager. I really hope I am wrong about his totally lack of a human emotion.

I realize if Jeff Ireland does succeed in obtaining a quality coach and does draft or sign a franchise quarterback, all will be forgiven. I believe Ireland is smart enough too realize that winning hides a multitude of sins and I also believe that if we start winning with Ireland as the General Manager the fan base will either totally forgive or forget how big of jerk this guy has shown us he can be; but can you really blame them?

No matter how big of a jerk this guy is I must admit if he can get the job done I will be okay with him as our General Manager but I will never forgive nor forget the fact he is a jerk unless he shows improvement as a human being. Nevertheless, he can still be a jerk as long as he restore the Dolphins too the prominence that Dolphin fans once enjoyed or in my case “wants” to enjoy.