Jay Glazer: Fisher using Fins to get leverage with Rams

Jay Glazer on 660 WFAN in NYC with Mike Francesa said today that he believes Jeff Fisher is only using the Dolphins as leverage to get the best deal possible out of the Rams. That the Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, is very hands off and will never bother Fisher, while on the other hand Stephen Ross is very hands on in a lot of ways. Glazer says the only way Fisher picks Miami is if he just doesn't want to live in Missouri. And if Miami doesn't get Fisher, he feels Ross might throw his hands up and stop interviewing people and tell his guys to pick the best candidate out of the guys that they have already interviewed just so they can get a guy and move on from this process.   CLICK HERE to listen to the Glazer report.

In other news, Adam Schefter of ESPN went on a St.Louis radio station today and said he thinks Fisher will pick the Dolphins because of the overwhelming financial package Ross has put together. And Schefter is reporting that was told by Fisher that he will make his decision next week.