Jeff Fisher impressed by Stephen Ross

Mike Silver of YAHOO Sports is reporting that Jeff Fisher came away from Tuesday's interview with Stephen Ross very impressed. And Fisher feels he could easily work with Carl Peterson if he were to sign with Miami.  According to Silver the five-start treatment Ross gave Fisher has given Miami the upper hand currently in the Fisher Sweepstakes. Also, Silver reports that Fisher was impressed with the talent base the Dolphins have and the fact the Dolphins have an unsettled quarterback situation isn't a deal-breaker as it was once thought to be.  Fisher is interviewing with the Rams Wednesday and Thursday.

In other news the Rams have begun a GM search which seems to be odd if they are seriously considering Fisher as they would let Fisher hand-pick his GM and use that as a chip to lure him. Rumor going around is the Rams might realize they can't outbid Ross for Fisher and compete financially in that kind of sweepstakes and they are ready to move on.