Jeff Fisher Update

Mike Silver of YAHOO Sports is reporting this Saturday afternoon that Fisher to the Rams is not a done deal yet. It is still up in the air and very much a 50-50 deal right now with no clear favorite. That Fisher was impressed by both owners and feels he can win in either place.

Something to keep in mind that Silver isn't saying is that the Rams are interviewing not 1 but 2 ex-Titans front office people for their vacant GM position. Meaning the talks with Fisher are moving quickly and probably close to being done.

In my opinion IF (big if) Silver's report is accurate this tells me that Fisher is playing both owners against each other to get the best possible financial deal for himself. I mean he knows the pro's and con's of each job. Rams have a franchise QB who walked away with the rookie of the year award last year, has the #2 pick in the current draft, an easier division to compete in, he can hand-pick his GM and has around $30 mill in cap space. In Miami you have a team closer to competing now, you live in a place with no state income tax, you are taking over a better team (not a good or great team but better than the Rams currently), and has an owner with very deep pockets who is willing to spend, spend, spend. So, IF the Silver report is true and Fisher hasn't decided yet, then he is just trying to get himself the most money possible. Or at the very least is using one team to get the most money he can out of the team he really wants to go to (ala Parcells using Atlanta to get more money out of the Dolphins a few years back). And I don't blame him for that, but that's just the reality of the situation and let's call it what it is.

UPDATE: Peter King prior to the Cincy-Houston playoff game on NBC reported Jeff Fisher is duck hunting today in the mid-west and will visit the Rams again on Sunday. Then he will take Monday and Tuesday to make a decision. If the determining factor is $$money$$ then Fisher will go to Miami because Ross will not be outbid.


  1. To heck with Fisher. I'd rather have a coach who sincerely wants to be here than one who utilizes the Dolphins to extract more money. Huizenga begging Saban to take the job was humiliating for this franchise. Parcells waging a bidding war between Atlanta and Miami was also disgraceful (and look how well the loser, Atlanta has done since then). Ross wants a "young Shula"? Well, Shula really wanted to be here and never left south Florida.


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