A look at who's left

With the Dolphins coaching search continuing this week the candidate pool is shrinking and you can make a case that the long-list of names has been reduced to a short list. Here are some quick thoughts on the names being mentioned in connections with the Dolphins job.

Mike Zimmer--I like what Mike Zimmer brings to the table and if I were in charge he would be on the top of my list right now. Mike Zimmer is a football coach through and through who has been around the block a time or two and paid his dues. He has been in the NFL since 1994 with Dallas, Atlanta, and Cincinnati. He was so well liked he survived 4 different coaching regimes in Dallas and was even adaptable enough to switch his defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4 when asked by Parcells. In 2009 Zimmer turned the Bengals defense around and had them the 4th ranked defense in the league. In 2011 they were ranked 7th in defense. And in 2009 when Zimmer's wife died, Mike Zimmer showed up and coached that same week. This guy is a football lifer. Players speak highly of him and many players have credited Zimmer for improving their play. If Zimmer can find a strong and respected offensive coordinator to run that side of the ball, he would be a strong candidate for head coach.

Mike McCoy--A bright young football mind who has been the Broncos offensive coordinator since 2009. The drawback with McCoy is that he is only 39 years old and very young. And I think many around the league have become shy with these young guys after the Josh McDaniels debacle in Denver. Where a young guy got a head coaching job and blew up an organization with terrible decisions and arrogance. McCoy is a great offensive mind which can't be ignored though.

Joe Philbin--The sad story of Philbin's son's death has changed everything. I am pretty sure if that event didn't happen that the Fins would be announcing Philbin as their new head coach this week in the wake of the Fisher to St.Louis news. Philbin doesn't call plays, hasn't developed a young QB, and is more of an o-line coach (ala Sparano), but the one thing he does do is give the franchise the inside track on Matt Flynn and bring a highly respected coach to this franchise. Philbin is liked by all and has been in Green Bay since 2003. Nine years with the same organization in this league says a lot about a man. Another guy who has paid his dues and is respected by many. The million dollar question is where is Philbin's head at right now with his son's death.

Pete Carmichael Jr--Name being mentioned as a possible interview candidate this week. While the numbers from New Orleans don't lie, I am not as high on Carmichael as others. He hasn't called the plays the entire time in New Orleans, really just the 2nd half of this season has been it. He has already turned the Dolphins down twice for the offensive coordinator positions (Cam and Sparano offered it to him). And to me this guy reminds me a lot of Cam Cameron. Good play caller, knows his football, but can he stand up in front of a room of 53 men and lead them. Not so sure.


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