Miami Herald: Dolphins Coaching Possibilites

Per Barry Jackson and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald here are the options the Dolphins have right now. And they are saying the thought process inside the organization is to go low-profile on the head coaching front at this point in time. (which is code for "cheap" and "will let Ireland tell him what to do.") 

Names Already Interviewed
Dave Toub
Mike Zimmer
Joe Philbin

Have publicly expressed interest in
Mike Sherman

Guys they want to interview but are involved with playoff teams still playing
Perry Fewell
Chuck Pagano
Pete Carmichael
Kevin Gilbride
Mike McCoy

Per Jackson and Armando; Carl Peterson is very high on Jim Haslett and pushing him but the Dolphins brass aren't interested at this point in time. And they also have zero interest in Brad Childress, Wade Phillips,Gregg Williams, and Marty Schotteneimer. And according to the article the Dolphins have already had internal discussions about Kevin Gilbride. Which tells me if his name has been kicked around, that if/when the Giants lose he might get a phone call.