Press Conference Re-Cap

An interesting Press Conference to say the least. Hope you all watched it here on Anyway, here is a brief re-cap for those of you who missed it.

-Ross took a shot at Jeff Fisher within the first 90 seconds to two minutes of the press conference. Referencing that they interviewed 6 people and 5 of them wanted the job.

-Ross began quoting old Al Davis catch phrases when he started referencing a "Commitment to Excellence"

-Mr.Stephen Ross is not a very good public speaker, but hey that is stressful for most people. Even billionaires.

-Joe Philbin said he would like for his offensive coordinator to call the plays on offense

-Jeff Ireland came out strong and said Joe Philbin has 100% final say on who is assistant coaches are. A clear shot at Mike McCoy and McCoy saying he didn't get the job because he wouldn't accept Todd Bowles being forced on him and his defensive coordinator. Ireland came out strong and made it crystal clear that Philbin has final say on his coaches

-Philbin said he won't take the Packers playbook and just bring it to Miami. (which left me asking, why not? It obviously works when its run correctly)

-Philbin came off very organized, in control, and like someone who is ready for the job. Didn't have the deer in the headlights look or the aww shucks I am just happy to have a job.

-Philbin said he has been a "football coach" on some level for 10,061 days preparing for this opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL

-Philbin said he expects this to be his final job in life being he is 50 years old.

-Philbin said he hadn't thought about the Dolphins job between his family tragedy and the Packers game. His son Tim asked him about it a week ago and told him he should go after it because his son Mike, who had just passed away, would have wanted that.

In other news the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Tom Clements will likely be the next offensive coordinator in Green Bay. Clements was rumored to follow Philbin to Miami and call the plays for the Dolphins. Leaving Philbin to now look for another offensive coordinator. Two popular names being mentioned are Mike Sherman the recently fired Texas A&M coach who is a long-time friend with Philbin and someone Philbin mentioned in the press conference today. And Edgar Bennett the Green Bay Packers Wide Receivers coach. And Armando Salguero is reporting that Joe Philbin will not be in attendance at the Senior Bowl next week as he will stay in Miami to address in-house work like trying to fill out his coaching staff.