Quick Fisher Thoughts

I don't know how this Jeff Fisher thing will play out and I have no clue who to believe anymore. Half the reports say one thing while the other half say another. And most of these "insiders" have backed off their original reports and have threw their hands up in the air on this. Everyone is waiting to hear where Fisher will go. With that said here are some quick thoughts on what we know...

1) Jeff Fisher wanting total control and being made Executive Vice President of either team is not surprise, especially in Miami. In Miami you have a GM and an Owner who went behind the back of their last coach and tried to fire him in a way that has never happened in the NFL before. Do you think there are trust issues among candidates and the Dolphins? Oh hell yeah there is! Fisher has been around the league too long and has too much of a reputation to be put through type of circus so he is protecting himself which I find no problem with.

2) Jeff Fisher having "final say" in free agent/drafting matters is also no surprise either. I mean if you are going to pay the guy in the ballpark of $8 million a year, obviously you like what he brings to the table and think highly of him. He should have a voice and the final say when its $8 million he is being paid.

3) People who question giving one guy "total power" simply don't get it. First off, the Dolphins haven't won anything in close to 40 years so what is there to lose? Second, many guys in recent history didn't have total power (ie Sparano and Cameron) and they lost as well. Let's be honest, the Dolphins have had 1 (yes 1) successful head coach in their history and he started during a time where the NFL looked nothing like the NFL today. So to rip on Ross for giving Fisher total power is silly. It's all about finding the right guy, you get the right guy and you will win in this league. What his official job duties on his business card are is secondary at the end of the day.

4) And some fans need to stop the crying about Miami coming off like begging for Fisher or the Fins are waiting around too long. Bottom line, everyone wants the next Shula. Well back in 1970 Joe Robbie spotted Shula as a talent and did what he had to do to get his man at all costs. Fast Forward to today, Ross has eyeballed Fisher as his man and is doing what he needs to do at all costs to get Fisher. If they feel Fisher is the guy, then I have no problem with Ross and the Dolphins going on this ride trying to get him.

Maybe the Fins don't get Fisher, but you cannot fault the effort by Ross and the organization. They get an A+ in that regard