Thoughts on the Hiring of Joe Philbin

The press conference is this afternoon sometime and I am sure we will have tons of news to go over from it, so let me take a few moments to give my thoughts on the hire since people have been emailing and tweeting me asking me what I think about the hiring of Joe Philbin. First off, I like it so lets get that out of the way. And I am not going to get into where his mind-set is with his son dying because I have no idea and to speculate on it would be pointless. I am going to talk about this from a football stand point. I like the hire because Philbin is bringing a proven "philosophy" and  "system" (the West Coast Offense) to Miami. A proven offensive philosophy that works in this league is something Miami hasn't had probably since the Shula years in all honesty. Jimmy and Wannstedt were just run the ball and play defense coaches, that style went out in the 90's and they were far behind the curve. Can you tell me what Nick Saban's football "philosophy" was? He really doesn't have one, he coaches through fear and delegation. If he hires a coordinator that runs a "pro set" offense, then Saban goes with that. The next year Saban could hire a "spread offense" coordinator and go with that. Saban isn't married to one style. Cam Cameron, I have no clue what he was doing in Miami and I watch the Ravens now and I still wonder how he keeps a job. And of course Sparano was a Parcells clone of run, establish the run, and establish the run some more, and then celebrate made field goals. What Philbin brings to the table is an offensive system that has a proven track record in this league. It is run in Green Bay, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Houston, Philadelphia...pretty much most of the successful teams in the league these days run this offense. The Dolphins have an identity now.

The Dolphins were not going to get that with Mike McCoy, Mike Zimmer, Todd Bowles, and hell even with Jeff Fisher they weren't getting that. The Miami Dolphins have a proven football system in place on offense now and its up to Ireland and the scouting department to fill the system with players that will succeed in it. Rome wasn't built in a day but this is a giant first step in the right direction.


  1. I appreciate your viewpoint but the Dolphins hired Philbin as a head coach, not as an offensive coordinator nor a pure installer of an offensive system. This means that he is ultimately in charge of the defense, special teams, player evaluations, etc. Philbin must also show he can make game time adjustments as well as long-term modifications that fit Dolphin personnel. The Packers have had success for a number of years and Philbin may not have encountered the myriad problems that Miami has faced for over a decade. Mike McCoy, for example did a brilliant job adapting the Bronco offense to a very unorthodox QB. Philbin may end up relying on his coordinators more than other head coaches do. Again, I wish him the best.

  2. The direction and vision MUST come from the head coach. So, YES they did hire Philbin to install his offense. To think otherwise is foolish.


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