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1) The news story around the Dolphins that is getting little play and that has been on the back burner with all of the Fisher talk is the Rams asking permission to speak to Brain Gaine about their open GM job. This is a huge story that people are overlooking right now. Brian Gaine is Jeff Ireland's right hand man and the Dolphins Director of Player Personnel, to lose him now in this time of uncertainty without a head coach would hurt. Because if Gaine leaves for the Rams, or if another team looking for a GM (Raiders, Colts, Bears) grab him, Gaine isn't going to leave alone. He might raid the Dolphins scouting staff and bring many of them with him to his new home. With the combine less than a month away and the draft only some 11 weeks away, that is not a lot of time to fill the open positions, get on the same page with Ireland and the new head coach, and have a cohesive offseason.If we have learned anything in the past decade, scouting matters in this league. A teams scouting department is important. The loss of Brian Gaine (and potentially a handful of Dolphins scouts) is the last thing the Fins need right now while the franchise is in a state of flux.

2) Joe Philbin can't come alone if Miami selects him to be the head coach, Matt Flynn better come as well. Offensive Coordinators who don't actually call the plays for the offense always scare me when you promote them to head coach. I mean if you are a coordinator who isn't calling the plays, what the hell do you actually do during the game? Give motivational speeches and try and pump the guys up during change of possessions? Not to mention but if you haven't seen a picture of Joe Philbin Google his name and take a look at him, he makes Cam Cameron look like a bad-ass. Philbin looks like he should be doing my taxes in a month not leading my football team. I know....I know, never judge a book by his cover, but first impressions do count. The point is, if Miami selects Philbin, it must also be known that the Fins will break the bank for Matt Flynn. Philbin-Flynn must be a package deal....MUST! Otherwise, there are much more qualified candidates than Philbin and candidates who are better fits in Miami than Philbin. The only way you sign Philbin is with the understanding he is bringing a "potential" franchise QB with him.

See Alex, mustache! 
3) Finally let me close with some thoughts on Jeff Fisher. First off to Alex Marvez, you couldn't be more wrong. Saying Jeff Fisher is Tony Sparano just with a mustache. Newsflash: TONY SPARANO HAS A MUSTACHE! With that technicality out of the way, the bigger issue Marvez was making is totally off base. Jeff Fisher is a professional NFL head coach. I don't care how wacky Bud Adams is, to be an NFL head coach for 17 (Yes, 17) years with the same team in this league says a lot. This isn't Cam Cameron an offensive coordinator in over his head, or Nick Saban a college coach, or Tony (hey I'm buddies with Parcells and he got me this job) Sparano, a position coach promoted to head coach. This man is a professional NFL head coach. There is no on the job training or learning curve here. Fisher was the man in charge of the NFL's competition committee, he is respected by everyone in this league. By signing Jeff Fisher the rest of the NFL won't look at the Dolphins as a joke of a franchise and a laughingstock as they do now, they will be catapulted into a level of "Respectability" overnight. Image matters in this league, it always has. If you are perceived as a laughingstock then you get treated like one by other teams, free agents, rookies coming into the league, the media, fans...etc. Hiring Jeff Fisher isn't as much about his X's and O's ability and his philosophy on a 4-3 defense vs a 3-4 or his smash mouth run offense vs a wide open passing attack, that is all  mickey mouse stuff compared to the overall picture.  It's about making the Dolphins respectable again which they haven't been in over a decade and Jeff Fisher does that for Miami.


  1. You're getting carried away about Matt Flynn being a potential "franchise" QB. Similar situation as Scott Mitchell, Matt Cassel, A.J. Feeley, Kevin Kolb, Gary Hogeboom, etc. QBs who looked great for brief periods and/or in practice but are/were mediocre at best as full-time starters. If I going to "break the bank" on a QB, it will be a proven commodity or perhaps a "can't miss" such as Andrew Luck. Philbin might turn out to be a great coach, we don't know. But Flynn should be a separate issue.

  2. Or he could be the next Matt Schaub, Brett Favre, or Steve Young. Back-ups who went elsewhere and became superstars. That's why I said "POTENTIAL"

  3. Mike, you really make me laugh some times. You say Matt Flynn is a potential "franchise" QB, yet Matt Moore is nothing but a back up. So Flynn had a great game with the best offense in the league around him. Now he's a potential franchise QB.
    Put Matt Moore in the same position and I would bet you would get the same results. I would laugh my ass off if the Dolphins paid Flynn a bundle and Moore beat him out.

  4. Matt Moore FAILED in Carolina and was average to below average in Miami. Flynn hasn't failed yet.

    Plus the word "POTENTIAL"....look up the meaning. Flynn still might fail!

    P.S...if the Fins pay Flynn a bundle. He is the starter and has the job handed to him! And odds are Moore is let go.

  5. He was below average? He was the 12th rated passer in the NFL. How is that below average? If Brandon Marshall had caught half the balls he dropped, he Moore would have been rated even higher. It doesn't matter. If Philbin comes in and brings his boy Flynn, it's going to be a very similar situation as when Wannstedt brough in Fiedler after Marino retired in 2000. Even though Huard clearly outplayed Fiedler in the preseason, Fiedler was Wannstedt's boy and that was that.

  6. Tell me the team that was over .500 Moore beat? Oh wait, you can't. He didn't. He beat the bottom feeders of the league Washington, Buffalo TWICE, KC, Oakland...against REAL competition Moore shrunk and failed. In Carolina with Steve Smith, Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart....Moore with lots of help FAILED! Matt Moore sucks! Deal with it!

    Vs the Giants he choked in the 4th quarter, a total of 1 first down and 4 whole yards with a couple turnovers with him leading the offense. Way to blow the game there! Vs Philly he was a turnover machine before he got hurt....again (just like his Carolina days, always hurt). Vs the Pats in the 2nd half he was beyond awful.Worst QB performance in a half many have ever seen. He blew a 17 pt lead by himself with bad fumbles and horrible INT's. The man can't play!

    And knock Fiedler all ya want, Miami was winning 9 to 10 games with him and in the playoffs every year. What we wouldn't have for those days now!

  7. Tell you the team that was over .500 Moore beat? Sure, no problem. Kansas City was 4-3, Buffalo was 5-4 the first time they met, Oakland was 7-4 and the Jets were 8-7.
    Against the Giants, wasn't it the defense that gave up 10 points in the 4th quarter? I missed the NE game, so I really can't comment. I know you tend to exaggerate things sometimes. Wasn't he with out Jake Long and Reggie Bush in that game?
    As for Fiedler, I'm not knocking him, but Huard was clearly the better QB in early 2000. And they weren't in the playoffs every year, just the first two.

  8. They all ended the year UNDER .500 that's the point. Jees Ken, you sound like a total loser defending a losing team and a losing QB. The reason the defense gave up 10pts vs the Giants was cause Moore couldn't keep the offense on the field. 4 whole yards the entire quarter ken! 3 and out and turnover city. He gave the game away. The Pats game Bush played, Long started...and Miami was up 17-0 at the half. With 5 min to go in the 3rd quarter the game was tied or Miami was losing, can't remember. Moore had 2 turnovers in that time and handed the Pats the game. He was BEYOND awful! Go to ESPN.com or NFL.com and look at the play by play of the 2nd half. Tells the story, don't take my word for it. 4 or 5 simple mouse clicks and you can see for yourself.

    And get over Huard vs Fiedler, it was 12 years ago, neither of them are here and Wannstedt is gone. MOVE ON!! What does that have to do with today? Jees. Who cares!

  9. You DID NOT say a team that ended the season under .500.
    And I just made a comparison between Philbin/Flynn and Wannstedt/Fiedler. You're the one who started with how they were in the playoffs every year. I'm over it, maybe you're not!

  10. Because it is implied to most with a friggin brain that it's how you end. And not 1 team MIami beat was over .500

    And YOU brought up the stupid comparison Fiedler/Wanny/Wanny's name calling this situation similar to that, not me! Still crying 12 years later how Huard got screwed somehow..lol. Lay off the vodka Ken, you can't even remember what you are saying now.


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