Reggie Bush might get dragged to court in a Kim K lawsuit

Let's all take a break from the coaching search for a few minutes. In other Dolphins related news it looks like Reggie Bush is going to get dragged into court in the lawsuit between Kim Kardashian and The Gap. Old Navy (who's parent company is The Gap) used a Kim Kardashian look-a-like in a commercial and Kim K. is claiming that by doing that they created confusion in the market place and violated her rights to her name and likeness.

As much as I like to kid about Kim Kardashian, she is totally 100% in the right on this and has a valid point and case. The Gap for some odd reason wants Reggie Bush as a witness for them. Bush has dated Kardashian and he also started dating the look-a-like in the advertisement that The Gap used (Melissa Molinaro) after this add became public. The Gap feels he can give insight on how the advertisement had no effect on Kim K's career and the claims made by Kardashian are false. They figure to prove that Molinaro was a star in her own right, hence she was able to land Reggie Bush as a boyfriend.