The Search For A Head Coach

Jeff Fisher IS coming to Miami next season....As head coach of the St Louis Rams. Ok, so he didn't accept the head coaching job with the Dolphins. Honestly, I'm not that upset about it. He had 6 winning seasons in 17 years with the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans. He took them to a Super Bowl in 1999 and lost. So what makes him so great that he left 2 franchises hanging for a week and a half and will get paid millions a year? In the 11 years that followed that Super Bowl appearance, his teams were 2-5 in the post season. His last 2 seasons in Tennessee were a Dolphin like 8-8 and 6-10.

There is no doubt that Fisher is a good coach, and I applaud Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for doing everything in his power to bring Fisher to Miami. But Fisher has made his decision to go elsewhere, so it's time to move on and find the right guy. As I wrote earlier, it's not the end of the world. Somewhere out there is a young, deserving hungry guy who will bring as much to the table as Fisher. A big name doesn't always equal lots of wins. In fact it really hasn't up to this point in time.

Jimmy Johnson came to Miami with NCAA Championship rings, Super Bowl rings and lots of wins to his resume. What did that get us in Miami? Well, we got a good defense out of it! I'm not trying to argue the point against bringing in retreads, I'm sure my buddy Mike will have something to say about that, just saying the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Hopefully the Dolphins won't let this disappoint them to the point where they'll hire anybody. They just need to take their time and see if they can find a bright, fresh new face, one that will make sure Fisher sees what he missed when he comes to town with the Rams next season.