What about Joe Philbin?

If the Dolphins don't land Fisher the question becomes, who's next? Joe Philbin was thought to be the "next in line" so to speak but there has been a monkey wrench thrown into that. Obviously with the sad story of the death of Phiblin's son you first have to wonder if Philbin still is looking at up-rooting his family and his life to take a high pressure job at this point in time. And would an NFL team want to invest in Philbin at this point in time as well? Something else to consider is, the Oakland Raiders today fired head coach Hue Jackson. With Al Davis no longer in the picture the Raiders decisions are being made by new GM and ex-Packers front office employee Reggie McKenzie. Having Packers ties means the Raiders might also be in the running for Joe Philbin. So, it was believed and taken for granted that if Miami wanted Philbin he was there to be had and just a phone call away, now the Fins might have waited too long and have serious competition for him and the competition has the inside track due to old Packers roots.

The coaching carousel around the league is slowing down though. It looks like Marty Schottenimer will take the Tampa Bay job. Kansas City filled their opening with Romeo. Fisher will decide between St.Louis and Miami. Which leaves the loser of that race, Jacksonville, and the Raiders as the only openings out there at this time.  And lets be honest, the quality of candidates out there right now after Fisher is weak at best.


  1. Dave Wannstedt is available. I mean seriously. If they are considering Mike Mularkey, why stop there with the ridiculous. Hey, Wannstedt wasn't a bad coach, just a horrible personnel guy.


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