What will the SPIN be

Well now we are down to three. Philbin and Bowles will have their 2nd interviews today and McCoy on Thursday. Each guy has their pros and cons, but in all honesty looking for the pros with Todd Bowles you gotta look hard cause honestly I don't see many. What I want to do here is give a little insight about each guy and their potential drawbacks and then I tell you what you can expect to hear IF they get hired and the "SPIN" the Dolphins will put on the hire.

Mike McCoy
Reality: He learned at the feet of Dan Henning and we know how popular Henning is among Dolphins fans. McCoy's offense in Denver was god awful at the start of this year before Jesus and Tebow started working magic. He is very young and being so young you must be careful he isn't Josh McDaniels 2.0.

Dolphins SPIN if McCoy is hired: "Mike McCoy is one of the hottest coaching properties around the league who was coveted by many organizations this offseason. We here in Miami are lucky to have him and feel he is the next young Don Shula, which is what we were looking for from the outset of this coaching search. His ability to adapt to a unique situation this past season with Tim Tebow also is a big plus as making changes on the fly is all part of being a head coach."

Todd Bowles
Reality: This man has interviewed for everything under the sun the past two years and landed no head coaching or even a coordinator position. He has never been a coordinator and I can't count those final 3 pointless games of this year as "meaningful head coaching experience." His claim to fame is he almost got the Lions job a couple years back. Yeah, and I almost won the lottery, but I didn't. Todd is a Parcells guy and we just had a guy from the Parcells coaching tree who failed miserably. It would be a total "status quo" hire and a guy to hold down the job until the next "big name" coach is on the open market for Ross to chase and throw his millions at and give helicopter rides to.

Dolphins SPIN if Bowles is hired: "Todd Bowles is a bright young coach who has earned the right to be a head coach in this league. We feel the familiarity of having Todd be our next head coach is a major positive as we try and build off of the second half of this past season. The current players  respect and like Todd Bowles. Todd's vision is in line with Jeff Ireland's as both have worked together for many years which we view has a major plus. Numerous teams were interested in Todd and we feel lucky to retain him and make him our next head coach."

Joe Philbin
Reality: The man's son just passed away and you have to wonder where his head is at. Philbin has said his head is clear and he is ready to move on, but is he being totally honest. He has never called plays and is known more as an o-line guru; wait, didn't we just have that in Tony Sparano?! Philbin has never developed a quarterback before either. Armando Salguero wrote a column stating you don't hire Philbin because he might bring Tom Clements with him and he might be able to lure Matt Flynn to Miami, you hire Philbin because you want Joe Philbin. To that I say Bull$hit. The fact he might bring Clements and Flynn might be the only reason you hire this guy in all honesty.

Dolphins SPIN if Philbin is hired: "Joe Philbin is one of the most respected coaches in the NFL. He has helped architect one of the most prolific offenses in the league up in Green Bay with Mike McCarthy. We feel this is the type of knowledge and style of football needed right now to turn the Miami Dolphins around and to bring back exciting football to the Miami Dolphins fans."


  1. I wonder if there aren't other "secret" candidates whose names are being hidden for now.

  2. I wonder if there aren't other "secret" candidates whose names are being hidden for now.

  3. There was a WEAK Rumor that Les Miles interviewed last weekend but kept it hush hush to not upset the LSU recruiting class. But that was very very weak of a rumor. Couldn't confirm it on any level for even our site to run it under the rumor heading, that's how weak it was.

    But I think its Philbin or McCoy to be honest with ya.


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