Why Stephen Ross doesn't like Brian Billick

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has the dirt on why the Dolphins aren't considering Brian Billick as a head coach and its an interesting story to say the least. Let's just say Mr. Stephen Ross is no fan of Billick. Here is an excerpt from Armando's latest column (and I suggest you click the link to read the entire thing)

Billick had the misfortune of coaching the only team to lose to the otherwise-winless Dolphins. That loss came after Billick ordered a field goal with eight seconds left in regulation to send the game into overtime. He did this rather than try a fourth-and-goal play from the one-foot line that might have delivered Baltimore a victory after a long and dramatic last-minute drive.
The Ravens, decimated in the secondary, lost in overtime on a 64-yard pass to Greg Camarillo.
The next day, true story, Huizenga and Ross spoke and the seller informed the buyer that the team’s price had just gone up $40 million because, well, the victory made the Dolphins more valuable.
Ross balked and broke off negotiations until the sides returned to the bargaining table months later.
So Billick failed in using conservative strategy on the road against a winless team in a game to which his prospective future employer was paying close attention. And that questionable strategy cost Ross millions.
Amazingly, Billick met with Ross the following year while doing research for a book he was writing. Before shaking Billick’s hand, Ross told him, “You owe me $40 million!”
The meeting went downhill from there.
Billick, apparently unaware Ross was only half-kidding, used the quote as the title for his book’s first chapter. Billick recently told The Miami Herald he thinks Ross to be “very impressive” based on that 2008 meeting.
Ross, judging the failed strategy, the poor meeting and other data, is said to not share the sentiment. That’s why Billick isn’t getting the Dolphins’ job.

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  1. This still doesn't explain why the other teams who are also looking for a head coach aren't interested either.


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