Adam Schefter: Peyton Manning willing to play for NO guaranteed money

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported a bombshell this morning. Adam is reporting sources have told him Peyton Manning, once released by Indianapolis, is willing structure his contract with any new team in a way that he receives little or no guaranteed money up front. Manning is willing to earn every penny he makes based on performance.

One example would be Peyton takes little or even no guaranteed money up front but if he is the starting QB Week 1 he gets a big roster bonus on that day. And after the season a roster bonus based on how many games he started. And this is a formula Peyton is willing to use over the length of the contract. Meaning every year Peyton is playing for his money and little to nothing is given to him up front in any year.


  1. Well if that is true, it will change everything. But it could be rumor just like everything else concerning Manning these days.


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