Former scout and GM give insight on Matt Flynn

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald in his "SPORTS BUZZ" column today had a variety of opinions from a couple NFL "insiders" on how they feel about Matt Flynn and his future as an NFL starting QB.

Charlie Casserly of CBS--Flynn is “a little like Matt Cassel. Accurate, but not necessarily accurate deep. He doesn’t have a big arm.”

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Matt Williamson (former Browns scout) of ESPN's Scouts Inc--“Flynn worries me, considering what it’s going to cost in terms of the contract. Those guys like Kevin Kolb scare me. They look good in a really small sample size in good offenses.
“In terms of physical skills, there’s a reason Flynn was a seventh-round pick. He’s really cerebral, moves well, does everything well pre-snap. But he’s not overwhelming physically. He will be an average starter who maybe goes to a Pro Bowl once.”
Williamson see Flynn’s ceiling as that of Houston's Matt Schaub. If Flynn becomes another Schaub, he’s worth the investment.
Barry Jackson also that this interesting nugget from people close to Matt Flynn--A close associate of Flynn, 26, said he likes and respects new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, his former offensive coordinator in Green Bay. That would play into his decision if Miami and another team make comparable offers, but probably not if there's a big gap between offers.
One Packers front office official whose opinion I trust said he’s confident Flynn will be a quality starter: “He’s going to be good. He’s got moxie, accuracy, good control of the game.”


  1. "He’s really cerebral, moves well, does everything well pre-snap. But he’s not overwhelming physically." Sounds a lot like Bob Griese. He turned out to be ok.

  2. But Bob Griese only had to throw about 10 times a game. In today's NFL more is expected out of QB's. I'm a Flynn guy but can't compare the old NFL players vs Today's NFL players. Not the same game.

  3. Not really comparing, just saying that quote describes Griese to a tee. I often wonder how some of those guys would fare in todays game. I don't think Griese would be a Hall of Fame QB. Defenders are physically stronger today than back then, I don't think Csonka could bowl over guys like he did. Warfield would be an elite WR. Larry Little and Jim Langer would probably still be very good players. Could you imagine Marino in todays game? He would probably throw for 6000 yards every year lol


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