Dolphins current salary cap situation

Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel is reporting the Dolphins will have roughly $14 million in salary cap to play with this offseason. Omar said...

"Jeff Ireland critics aren't going to like to hear this, BUT it appears the Dolphins GM's thrifty ways in 2011 will pay off in 2012. The Dolphins were $9 million under the salary cap in 2011 and NFL teams can carry that figure over to what the 2012 cap will be. That means if the salary cap is $123 million the Dolphins are working with a budget of $131 million. So....Since the Dolphins have a cap figure of $116.636 million they should have $14.364 million to work with right now."


  1. Very nice. 14 million along with some cuts should get us some de, lb, qb, s, cb, wr help


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