Dolphins to revamp stadium; make it like the Orange Bowl

Changes are Coming!
With the Floirda/Miami Marlins or whatever they are called now no longer using Sun-Life Stadium the Dolphins brass have big plans to revamp Sun-Life Stadium and they want to make it like the Orange Bowl and some major renovations and even new construction is coming. Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting that Dolphins CEO Mike Dee has some big ideas on how to make the stadium more friendly for fans, less friendly to opponents, and to get Miami back in the Super Bowl site rotation.

The long and short of it is this. The Dolphins have the biggest upper deck in the entire NFL. By 8,000+ seats over the next closest team (Washington.) The idea as of now is to tarp off some of the upper deck seats and change the official capacity of the stadium, meaning less tickets need to be sold to prevent local blackouts. (With that said, if Miami signs Peyton Manning throw it out the window the Dolphins will sell out every game for years.)

Next the Dolphins have the biggest gap between the first row and the sidelines/team benches. It's near 80 feet. The Dolphins want it to be closer to 18 ft. And they do that by adding 3,500 seats to the lower bowl inside the 20 yard lines. Currently the Dolphins have the fewest number of seats out of any stadium that competes and bids on Super Bowls, that will no longer work anymore. Also, for Miami to get another Super Bowl they must (yes must) add a canopy or roof of some sort. The idea is to build a canopy that covers and protects the fans from rain but the field will be in the open air.