Matt Flynn vs Peyton Manning

With the offseason now officially upon us the Dolphins are in the market for a quarterback and they are not afraid to make it known to anyone and everyone who is listening. The leaks and rumors from the front office have not been subtle about this issue. We have seen and heard Brandon Marshall throw Matt Moore under the bus on multiple occasions within the past couple weeks. Not to mention every TV, Radio, and NFL "insider" is reporting the Dolphins will do something. The names, we know them, Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn with the outside chance of Robert Griffin III. I am not going to focus too much on RG III here because I feel that has almost no chance of happening, but lets take a deep look at Flynn vs Manning and weigh some factors.

Experience: The obvious edge goes with Peyton Manning here. On one hand you have Matt Flynn who has a whopping 2 starts in his career. On the other you have a guy who has 2 starts in a Super Bowl. Not to mention Peyton is the greatest regular season quarterback that has ever played the game. And no, that isn't overstating it, the numbers don't lie! While I, along with many others, feel Flynn is ready to have his own team and be that franchise quarterback, when you put him side by side with Manning there is no comparison. Flynn will have a small learning curve and some bumps in the road, while with Peyton he has seen it all and done it all.

Brighter Future: The edge here would have to go to Matt Flynn. Peyton Manning has played his best football and coming off an injury he might never return to that level he was at ever again. Now, Kurt Warner at age 37 had some great years with the Arizona Cardinals, so in no way am I saying Peyton can't be great from here on out. But when you put him side by side with the younger Flynn, you would have to say Flynn's ceiling is higher as of today and there is more untapped potential there. Manning might be very good to great for a two to three year window, but he will be on the "downside" of his career, no two ways about it. Peyton has already peaked as a player.

Best Fit for Miami: I will have to say this is a PUSH.  Flynn is familiar with Joe Philbin and the offensive style Philbin will wants to play so they will all be on the same page from day one. With that said, this is Peyton Manning we are talking about. Manning makes any offense better by just being on the field. Manning is a fit on any team. Period.

Risk vs Reward: Matt Flynn is going to demand somewhere in the neighborhood of $21-24 million guaranteed over 4 years. Similar to what Kevin Kolb got. Oh, and guaranteed money is all that matters, don't get caught up in the other big number that means nothing Like the $60 or $70 mill, that is a phony number that is meaningless. The guaranteed money is all that matters salary cap wise. So, essentially Flynn will be an $8 mill a year guy which is middle of the road for an NFL starting QB. Not paid like an elite level guy but not paid like a Jason Campbell or Rex Grossman scrub level either. So with Flynn there is some risk, but not a huge risk financially. That really isn't a killer investment in a QB, its decent don't get me wrong, but not a back breaker if things go bad and he stinks the place up. On the other hand Peyton Manning has said (according to sources) he is willing to play for little or no guaranteed money. If that is the case, then Peyton Manning is NO RISK and ALL REWARD! If he can't play anymore or just loses it, you cut him and take no salary cap hit. If he is great, you just got the best deal in the history of the NFL!  Granted if Peyton reaches his bonuses and incentives you will be paying him upward of $15 mill a year, but honestly if he reaches those incentives you will be more than happy to pay him that and write that check with a smile.

So at the end of the day where does that leave us? Honestly I am not sure. While you can make a case for the Dolphins going after either guy, I think right now I personally am slightly leaning towards Peyton Manning. The Dolphins don't need Peyton Manning to be 100% or what he once was, it would be nice, but its not mandatory. If Peyton is 80% of what he once was they can win a ring with him.There is no doubt in my mind about that. Combine that with the fact he seems to be willing to work his contract where there is little to no risk being taken on by the team and I see it as a no lose situation.  With that said, if the Fins played it safe and went with Flynn...I wouldn't be upset!


  1. And what happens if Manning picks Miami to sign his incentive laden contract with and then can't play? It's back to Matt Moore who the Dolphins will win at least 7 or 8 games with taking them out of the running once again for a top rookie QB in the 2013 draft. Manning is now what Dan Marino was in 1999. One of the greatest of all time who's career was ended by a neck injury.
    Do you remember that year? Remember when Marino came back? He was never the same and his injury was nowhere near as serious as Manning's.
    Manning, like Marino is a fierce competitor and is not ready to retire on terms other than his own. I'm just worried that everyone will see what Manning was and expect that instead of what Manning is, a shell of his former self.


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