Random Dolphins News and Notes

-Former Miami Dolphins VP Bill Parcells did not make the Hall of Fame. Six new members were voted in and Bill wasn't one of them. With that said Bill might be making an appearance at next years ceremony though as Curtis Martin did make it in and it is expected he will ask Bill Parcells to induct him. Also, one year Dolphins wide receiver Cris Carter didn't get in as well.

-Last seasons Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is the new offensive coordinator in Kansas City.

-And in the categeory of "Jesus works in Mysterious Ways" Tim Tebow might have job security for a while with the Broncos. According to the Denver Post the Broncos have Chad Henne on their short list of quarterbacks they want to sign this offseason to back-up Tim Tebow. Let's be honest with Henne as your back-up, Tebow has that starters job locked up for a long time! Looks like Jesus might come through for Timmy once again!