Some Random Thoughts

First of all, with today being Super Bowl Sunday, I want to give you my prediction. The Giants beat the NFC number 1 and 2 seeds on the road. They are on a roll and have luck on their side. They also have a good pass rush that can put pressure on Tom Brady, which is a MUST if you want to beat New England. Eli Manning is proving to be an elite QB and could have a field day against New England's secondary.
New York Giants 35  New England 27

Bill Parcells was not voted into the Hall of Fame. What a shame.

On to Eli's brother, and we all know who that is. Rumors and hearsay are swirling like a tornado. Peyton's camp says he's cleared to play, the Colt's say he isn't. There is an interesting video on FOX Sports in which Dr. Mark Adickes of the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute talks about Manning's injury. In the video (he is on the phone with FOX) Dr. Adickes says it could take up to 1000 days for Manning to completely heel from his type of injury. Dolphin fans have seen what a neck injury can do to a QB. In 1999, Dan Marino sustained a neck injury and missed 7 games. When he returned, it was obvious he was not the same. Five interceptions on Thanksgiving Day at Dallas pretty much showed that. As we all know, that was Marino's final season. I'm NOT saying it is the same injury, just trying to give something to compare to.

I am in no way, shape or form saying don't pursue Manning if/when he is released, just use due diligence when deciding whether to sign him. And if you do sign him, make sure to have a contingency plan in case the injury resurfaces or he does not recover enough to play. Contingency plan meaning keep Matt Moore and draft one of the second tier QB's to develop. Not having an experienced back up behind Manning could lead to disaster if he is injured again.

How would you like to be Brandon Marshall's QB? He'll spend his offseason trying to replace you! I guess all those drops are on Henne and Moore. What I'm wondering is if Manning, Flynn or RGIII are throwing him passes next year that are slipping through his arms, will he go on a QB hunt in 2013? The guy is not a team player, he is a ME player. I would love nothing more than to see Miami replace him.