Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ricky Williams sticks up for Ireland (sort of)

Well, Jeff Ireland has one player who doesn't think he is a total tool. Ricky Williams when asked about Ireland had nice things to say about Ireland the person, but still took some shots at Jeff and the way he acts around players. CLICK HERE to read this article.

Todd McShay: Not much difference between RGIII and Tannehill

Todd McShay of ESPN is higher on Ryan Tannehill than most. So high on him he is saying  there isn't much difference between RGIII and Tannehill. CLICK HERE to read about it.

Mel Kiper on the quarterbacks in the draft

With the Dolphins in the market for a quarterback still it looks like Miami will add someone in the draft. Mel Kiper gives his thoughts on Ryan Tannehill, Brock Osweiler, and Brandon Weeden and their draft prospects  CLICK HERE to listen and watch

Jeff Ireland speaks out on his perception

Jeff Darlington of got a rare in-depth interview with Jeff Ireland and talked to him about the teams offseason thus far and all of the negativity surrounding the Dolphins. Ireland shoots back at some of his detractors and says its unfair to say the organization doesn't have a plan.

Dolphins lose out on another free agent

Outside Linebacker Philip Wheeler of the Colts visited the Dolphins a week ago on a free agent visit and Miami was interested. Wheeler visited the Raiders the middle of this week and signed a contract with Oakland Friday night. With the news of Koa Misi's arrest and who knows where that will lead and if a possible suspension will come down the road; linebacker might become a need position really soon.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Flynn turned down Miami

Jeff Darlington of NFL Network and is reporting Miami only offered Matt Flynn $4 mill per season in contract talks because they were unsure he is a franchise QB. In Seattle Flynn got around $8 mill per year.

Osweiler has good pro day, might go in Round 1 now

Long-time NFL scout Gil Brandt is reporting after a strong Pro Day today that Arizona St quarterback Brock Osweiler might be a 1st round pick now at the QB position. CLICK HERE to read. And CLICK HERE for more.

Koa Misi Arrested

Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi has been arrested in Florida on charges of battery from a bar fight that took place in California several months ago. The AP story says Misi's attorney is saying his client will plead not guilty to the charge.

Watch EVERY Throw from Ryan Tannehill's Pro Day

CLICK HERE to watch every throw from Ryan Tannehill's Pro Day (03/29/2012)

Dolphins set up pre-draft visits

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting the Miami Dolphins have set up pre-draft visits with UNC DE Quinton Coples, Mississippi OT Bobby Massie, West Virginia LB Bruce Irvin, OG Brandon Brooks of Miami of Ohio, OG Desmond Wynn of Rutgers, and CB Trumaine Johnson of Montana. The Dolphins brass did have dinner with QB Ryan Tannehill on Wednesday night prior to his Pro Day.

Mike Mayock: Tannehill is a Franchise Quarterback

CLICK HERE to watch video of Mike Mayock talk about Ryan Tannehill's Pro Day yesterday and what he thinks of the young QB.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ireland to attend Osweiler's Pro Day on Friday

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting that Jeff Ireland will attend the pro day of Arizona St quarterback Brock Osweiler on Friday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ireland to attend Tannehill Pro Day

Armando Salguero is reporting that Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland will personally attend Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill's pro day tomorrow afternoon.

Tannehill's stock is rising very fast. Even though the Cleveland Browns said they are happy with Colt McCoy as their quarterback just earlier this week, they have already scheduled a visit for Tannehill to come to Ohio for a visit. There was also a report today from Josh Alper of that said Jeff Fisher looks at the Browns as a potential trade partner and has stated such. It would allow the Rams to move up and take Justin Blackmon most likely and allow the Browns to slide down two spots and still get Ryan Tannehill. There was also a report the Browns contacted the Rams about Sam Bradford and trading for him, the Ram said they weren't interested. Point being, it is clear as day the Cleveland Browns are in the market for a quarterback. If Miami falls in love or wants Ryan Tannehill they won't get him at pick #8.

Tannehill is coming from a pro offense and can do the one thing many NFL quarterbacks, even some elite NFL quarterbacks, can't do; he can make the 18-20 yard "OUT" throw outside the numbers. That is the most difficult throw for any NFL quarterback.

And for those of you worried about him having a "2nd round grade"....STOP! If you didn't listen to Charley Casserly's AUDIO below, listen to it! As he stated, in recent years only 2 (yes 2) quarterbacks drafted in round 2 have made a Pro Bowl; Drew Brees and Andy Dalton. That is because quarterbacks with 2nd round grades go in Round 1 and quarterbacks with 3rd and 4th round grades go in Round 2! The position is too important to not "get your guy" once you target him. Settling on a QB isn't an option and doesn't work. Facts back that up.

And for those of you who say, screw it just take Brandon Weeden in Round 2. Folks, if Miami misses on Tannehill the world will know they will look at Weeden and odds are someone will jump Miami to get him. And in all honesty someone might take Weeden late in Round 1 regardless. So, if you are going to trade back into Round 1 by giving up future picks then you might as well trade UP in round 1 and get the guy you want. Not the guy you are "settling for."

I don't know if Ryan Tannehill is the future for the Dolphins. But if you aren't taking him because he is "raw" and needs work, remember Joe Philbin helped make Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn who they are. He can work with quarterbacks. That is NOT a reason not to take him if the Fins feel he can be "the guy" a year from now and moving forward!

If the Dolphins like Tannehill and feel his connection with Mike Sherman is a plus and feel he has an NFL arm and feel he is the real deal, stop screwing around and move heaven and earth to get him!

Charley Casserly on Tannehill and the Fins QB situation

Charley Casserly spoke about Ryan Tannehill and his views on him as a player coming into the league as well as the Dolphins current quarterback situation. CLICK HERE to listen.

Dolphins Draft order

The NFL released the official draft order, here is where Miami will pick

1st — 8th
2nd — 10th (42nd)
3rd — 9th (72nd), 10th (73rd)
4th — 8th (103rd)
5th — 10th (145th)
6th — 27th (196th)
7th — 8th (215th)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joe Philbin Speaks at the Owners Meetings

New Head Coach Joe Philbin met with the media at the owners meetings today. We have some video of what he said

CLICK HERE for Part 1

CLICK HERE for Part 2

CLICK HERE for Philbin's interview with Jesse Agler

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fins and Jake Scott still talking

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins and free agent offensive linemen Jake Scott are still talking about a possible contract. Both sides have mutual interest.

Stephen Ross Speaks!

Miami Dolphins Owner Mr. Stephen Ross spoke with Jesse Agler of The Finsiders today about this offseason thus far and his view of where the franchise is headed. CLICK HERE to listen

Dolphins awarded no compensatory picks this year

The Miami Dolphins will have 8 picks in next month's draft. They were awarded no compensatory picks by the league this year it was announced today.

Mock Drafts

With the Draft now one month away its time to start looking over some of the numerous mock drafts out there and see what the "experts" are thinking. So, here are a few.

1) Don Banks of CNN/SI  CLICK HERE

2) Walter Football  CLICK HERE



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dolphins hosted two free agents on Saturday

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Dolphins hosted linebacker Philip Wheeler and Offensive Guard Jake Scott on Saturday.

Scott, if signed, would step in and make an immediate impact at the right guard position. He would instantly upgrade the o-line and probably take the Dolphins out of the market for an offensive linemen early in next month's draft. Wheeler would bring some depth to this linebacker group. Analyzing the next phase of the Fins QB Search

Marc Sessler of broke down the Miami Dolphins next phase in its search to address the quarterback position moving forward. It's a solid read and breaks down do they make a play for Tannehill or Weeden or do the Dolphins do nothing. CLICK HERE to read.

An Open-Letter To Adam Schein

Dear Adam,

I read the over the top article you wrote for Fox Sports earlier this week about the Miami Dolphins being in Hell and staying there for a while. While you made some valid points, the over the top nature, unprofessional name-calling (like calling Stephen Ross a jock-sniffer,) and just twisting of facts killed any credibility you had on this subject and damaged what was a pretty good reputation you had built up for yourself over the past few years.

Where to start in response to this column, let me first start off by saying I am a fan of your work. I began listening in the old 620 WHEN days when you went by the name "PRIMETIME" and followed you when you were doing fill-in work at WFAN in the largest media market in the world. Hell your interview with George DeLeone after the Rutgers loss back in the day is still the most entertaining and yet uncomfortable bit of radio I have ever heard in my life. It was "Radio Gold."  In recent years I have followed you as you have exploded on the scene at Sirius NFL Radio and on SNY. I am a fan of the work you do, but this column you wrote is garbage. Utter and total garbage, so lets break it down point by point.

Peyton Manning-This is a classic case where no matter what the Dolphins did they couldn't win with someone who has your mindset. Let's look at the facts, Peyton Manning didn't want to meet with the Miami Dolphins. Stephen Ross, doing everything in his power to improve the team, calls in Dan Marino to place a phone call to Manning to try and at the very least get a meeting so they can at least take their best swing and hope for the best. Manning agrees to take the meeting. Now, going into this meeting the Dolphins brass knows they are behind the 8-ball and the odds of landing Peyton are slim. All they can do is put on their best face, say here is what we will pay you, here is what we (Philbin, Ireland, Ross..etc) are all about and we hope you give us a chance. The fact they found a way to get a meeting with Peyton was a miracle as Peyton wouldn't even talk to teams like Seattle and Kansas City. If Miami just took Peyton's "NO" and didn't pursue him you and people like you Adam would have been killing Miami and Ross for not doing everything in their power to land him and improve the franchise. When they do everything in their power to land him, you kill them for not landing him. It's a no-win situation with people like you on this subject. They can't put a gun to Peyton Manning's head and force him to sign with Miami.

Matt Flynn-What was the line you used, let me quote it exactly...."Pete Carroll put on his recruiting charm and made him feel comfortable." Hell Adam, even you can't believe that line of bullshit! And that is Grade-A bullshit right there. There was no charm involved, the Seahawks were willing to write a check for a few dollars and pennies more than Miami was and that is why Flynn picked Seattle. If Miami offered more money, guess what Flynn is in Miami and heaping praise on Ireland, Ross, and everything to do with Miami. It has nothing to do with "charm" or "Pete Carroll and his recruiting" ability, that's nonsense. WHERE WAS PETE CARROLL'S CHARM AND RECRUITING ABILITY WHEN HE COULDN'T GET PEYTON MANNING TO EVEN SIT DOWN WITH HIM FOR AN MEETING? Do you realize how foolish you sound Adam?

This other notion that Flynn picked Seattle over Miami even with his old coach Joe Philbin in Miami just because he wanted nothing to do with the Dolphins. Hey Adam, that works both ways! Doesn't it say something that Philbin picked Matt Moore over Matt Flynn? What, only Flynn's perspective counts? Joe Philbin's side of this means nothing? That Joe Philbin wasn't ready to break the bank and attach his coaching career to a guy he has worked with every day for 4 years doesn't tell you something? And you say Miami wanted him badly? Obviously not if they didn't offer him more money and were more than willing to let him walk. That is just an incorrect statement you made that you are trying to pass off as fact. Teams bring in free agents all the time they are interested in, try to work out deal but when the money gets too rich for their blood they are willing to let that person walk. Happens all the time and has since free agency has started in every sport and that is the case with Matt Flynn and the Dolphins.

The other silly statement you made that Matt Flynn "oozes leadership." In college, yes he did obviously. This isn't college anymore and in the NFL the past 4 years he has been wearing a baseball cap and a holding a clipboard (minus the 2 times he actually started a game). You speak of this leadership like its a given with no facts to back it up. Just because a back-up QB had a good game or two doesn't mean he "oozes leadership" and is worth paying decent money too and handing them the starting quarterback position of a franchise. Want examples of that blowing up in teams face; Scott Mitchell and Kevin Kolb! And let's also be honest, if Miami broke the bank for Flynn and paid him serious money to come to South Florida and then Flynn for lack of a better word sucked, you would be killing Miami for paying that much for an unproven back-up. Once again, damned if you do, damned if you don't in eyes of Adam Schein.

Tim Tebow-Here is where you come off as a total and complete hypocrite on every level. You wrote, once again I quote..."I'm still scared Stephen Ross will force his people to trade for Tim Tebow. He is not a fit for their system, but he will sell tickets and sell jerseys." Not only was Ross not interested in Tebow as he stated publicly Friday night, but the Jets go and sign Tebow and you praise the move on SIRIUS NFL Radio. Praised it so much they keep replaying the sound-bite over and over again as a bumper in and out of breaks. Tim Tebow isn't a fit for any system, so by that logic the Jets trading for him is foolish. Second, the Jets owner did force his football people to trade for Tebow (just like he did with Farve) because he is starving for attention being the 2nd team in a town the Giants own, because he wants to sell more PSL's, and because yes he wants to sell a ton of Tebow jerseys; so where is the outrage against Woody Johnson? Third you like to call the Dolphins a circus and such, how do the Jets come off who try to land Peyton Manning and fail, they give Mark Sanchez a raise and more guaranteed money, then sign Drew Stanton to be the back-up, only to then trade for Tim Tebow, and then go and trade Drew Stanton. If that ain't Circus level actions right there then I don't know what the hell is! If the Miami Dolphins are a circus franchise which is clueless as you say, hell they are only following the Jets lead as Woody and Rex are paving the road in that direction. You can't have it both ways call Miami a circus cause its owner forces its football people to do things (which is a lie he never has) and then praise the Jets for doing the one thing that you would have killed Miami for doing. You say Ross paid Sparano last year to "pacify him" after the Harbugh debacle, which is 100% right. And the Jets just paid Mark Sanchez and did the exact same thing, once again where is the outrage against Woody Johnson? You are a hypocrite Adam!

I have gone on for a while here, so here are three quick points that I will touch on without getting too in-depth.

-Calling Stephen Ross a "jock-sniffer" is just classless. I mean Dr. Roosevelt "Rick" Wright from the Newhouse School would even slap you upside the head for that one. I have never heard Bob Costas, Al Michaels, or any other respected sports journalist voice use such a term. I don't agree with everything Ross has done since taking over Miami but calling him a "jock-sniffer" is just wrong. It reflects more poorly on you than Mr. Ross. In fact you should publicly apologize for that remark in all honesty.

-Killing the Dolphins because they haven't signed more free agents is also silly. Let's see some of the elite teams in the NFL would be Green Bay, Pittsburgh, NY Giants have they been huge players in Free Agency this year or in previous years? NO! Why you ask, because they build through the draft. Something Philbin wants to do in Miami. To kill Miami and Ireland for not overpaying for free agents because they are beginning to follow a proven successful approach that the elite teams in the league do makes little sense. Rome wasn't built in a day, give the Dolphins some credit for following a blue-print that will result with success. Might take a year or two or three, but its the right path.

-As I write this its only March 24th for christ sakes. This team doesn't have to play a game till September. The same team that won 6 of its last 9 games to end the season. There is still the draft, there are still some quality free agents out there who can be had at bargain prices, and there will be roster cuts and such after the draft and throughout training camp.No team currently is a finished product entering 2012 and you speak as if this team is hopeless. Granted I don't see the playoffs or a Lombardi trophy in the next calender year for Miami, but it isn't as bad as you sure as hell make it seem.

In Closing, let me just say this to you Adam. I am a fan of the work you do and have been for many years. I certainly am not defending Jeff Ireland or Stephen Ross, they have made their blunders and they must do much better. Much Much better!  If Ross fired Ireland tomorrow I wouldn't shed a tear, but it isn't as bad as you make it seem.Yes the Dolphins missed on Fisher and Manning, but at least they made an effort. If they didn't even try, then I would have serious concerns. Did Ross handle the Harbaugh thing wrong, of course he did. But ask yourself, was Ross right in spotting a bright up and coming coach in Harbaugh? Whatever Ross saw in him he was 100% right about as Harbaugh is the real deal. That gives me some peace of mind as well as a Dolphins fan.

The Dolphins may be closer to NFL Hell than NFL Heaven, but it damn sure isn't as bad as you make it out to be. And the over the top and unprofessional nature of your article reflects more poorly on YOU than it does them!


Michael Oliva

Peter King Not a Fan of the David Gararrd signing

Peter King is not a fan of the David Gararrd signing. CLICK HERE to listen.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stephen Ross Calls a Fan at home

Dolphins owner Mr. Stephen Ross has spoken on the Miami Dolphins offseason thus far and answered a lot of questions. Where and when did he do this? Well, remember that very small protest that took place outside Dolphins headquarters this past week? It got the attention of Mr. Ross and he took the time to place a phone call to one of the protesters and a 20 year season ticket holder by the name of Jason Lawrence. CLICK HERE to read what Izzy Gould of the Sun Sentinel wrote about this topic.

Ross made three interesting points worth noting...

-If Brandon Marshall wasn't traded they were going to flat out cut him
-If Miami wanted Matt Flynn they would have signed him and offered more money
-Tim Tebow was not a good fit for Miami's offense and wasn't seriously considered

Another interesting tidbit Ross let out is that Peyton Manning wrote Mr.Ross a letter explaining why he didn't select the Miami Dolphins as his next team. Hell I will buy 10 season tickets if Ross just lets me read that letter!

Now, let me say this, Mr. Ross if you are reading this or if someone prints this and shoves it in front of your face. Making that phone call was a good first step, but its not enough. The PR nightmare you are in cannot be gotten out of one phone call at a time to each fan. Please, take my advice and at the very least consider doing HBO Hard Knocks this year. I mapped out below in my latest column why this one move could change the image of this franchise for years to come. It would be a win-win all around, only good things can come of it! You need to not only sell the South Florida fanbase on the Dolphins but the rest of the players around the league on the Dolphins as a place where they will want to come play football.

Linebacker Philip Wheeler is visiting Miami

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network is reporting former Colts linebacker Philip Wheeler is visiting with the Dolphins on Saturday. Wheeler was a 3rd round pick out of the 2008 draft by Indy

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why The Miami Dolphins Need to be on HBO HARD KNOCKS this year

Let's be honest here, the Miami Dolphins have a major image problem. No matter how unfair and over the top it may be at times, perception is reality and right now the perception is the Miami Dolphins are one of the laughingstocks of the National Football League.

While many members of the national media did pile on and go way over the top in their reactions this week to Miami not signing Matt Flynn, the fact of the matter is the Dolphins have a image problem not just in South Florida but across the country. The easy fix is just win more games and offer top free agents more money and guess what, all of a sudden people will like this franchise again. But this problem goes much deeper than that and "hoping" for wins to turn around the culture is a risky proposition. There is one thing the Dolphins can do which will clear some things up and help speed up the PR nightmare they are currently in. That thing is to be on this upcoming season of HBO's HARD KNOCKS!

Normally I would be dead set against something like this, especially with a rookie NFL head coach who is just getting his feet wet in his new position. But drastic times call for drastic measures. This franchise needs a huge platform to sell themselves and their brand. They need to let players around the league as well as people across the country see who they really are. They need to put themselves in a positive light. These second and third hand stories of partial truth's are killing Ross and Ireland. Changing the Dolphins image (as well as Ross's and Ireland's) isn't going to happen by signing a big-named free agent like Peyton Manning or if Drew Brees hits the market in a year or two. Those "quality" of players refuse to come to Miami because the brand is so damaged they want nothing to do with it. They view the situation as "toxic."

By the Dolphins doing HBO Hard Knocks here is what they can accomplish.

-Let the country meet Joe Philbin. The biggest asset the Dolphins have on their payroll is their head coach. I mean this guy, from everyone who talks about him and from all reports, is liked by all. Yet, most people across the country couldn't pick him out of a police lineup if he was standing next to the Harlem Globetrotters.   He looks like an accountant. And the story he has to tell is amazing! His English teacher is Mike Sherman. The same Mike Sherman who also gives him his first big break in coaching. And the same Mike Sherman who Philbin then hires to be his offensive coordinator when he gets his "dream job." Then you go into how Philbin gets this job in the wake of his son Michael tragically dying. You don't want to "exploit" the death but its a story worth telling that pulls on the heart strings.

-Jeff Ireland's "image" needs an EXTREME MAKEOVER! And that is understating it in many ways. From his Dez Bryant debacle, to backstabbing his friend Tony Sparano, to reports he low-ball's people on contracts and sends insulting offers, to Matt Flynn taking a cheap shot at him in the press without mentioning his name, to ex-players like Joey Porter and Channing Crowder who just destroy him every chance they get in the media, and to cutting a team and fan favorite like Yermiah Bell one week into free agency screwing him over. Jeff Ireland comes off as someone who is anti-player, yet if you talk to people close to him and even reporters who cover him daily they say he is the nicest guy in the world and misunderstood in some ways. Look I am not here to tell you Ireland is perfect nor am I defending him, but something is getting lost in translation here. The only way to fix it is for Jeff to go directly to the people. How does he do that, let HBO Hard Knocks show the world Jeff Ireland. Let the cameras do the work. Let the cameras show Jeff interacting with players and others in the organization. Let the cameras show he isn't footballs version of the anti-christ. Let the cameras show Jeff Ireland in a positive light for once. And its easy to do, because the Dolphins control the environment of which HBO is shooting this footage! Hell show him helping old lady's cross the street, show him buying the team ice cream after practice, show him buying a box of girl scout cookies, anything to fix his image.

-The Dolphins need to re-establish the brand. You have children and teenagers who when you mention the Miami Dolphins the only thing they think of is Ted Ginn, 1-15 season, Chad Henne throwing interceptions, Wildcat, crazy owner who hires celebrities. That isn't the Dolphins brand. It has been recently but that needs to be repaired. Over 5 or 6 weeks of HBO Hard Knocks they can put Dan Marino on a practice field talking with Matt Moore. You can get Don Shula in a motorized wheelchair talking to the team or sitting in on a coaches meeting. You can bring in some members of the 1972 squad to remind the world and teach the young fans what this franchise is all about. The Dolphins need to use HBO Hard Knocks to re-shape, remind, and teach new fans what the Miami Dolphins franchise is all about. Sell the history. Sell the team!

-Last but not least, Stephen Ross, much like Ireland, needs to talk to the public directly. Like him or not, this man is a billionaire business mogul who isn't a fool. When it comes to football he has been a fool thus far, but he is far from an idiot. He has made his mistakes, and many of them and has admitted such, but he needs to show the world who he is when he isn't the owner of the Miami Dolphins. Re-brand himself as an owner. Show the world he is just the rich guy who writes the checks and stays in the background, which for the most part he has done. That the celebrity owner thing gets blown way out of proportion. Explain the thought process behind it and what they (the celebrities) "really do," which is as we all know, nothing!  Every sentence written about Ross these days has the word "WHIFF" or "LOSER" in it. Lost out on Harbaugh and Fisher. He whiffed on Manning and Flynn. He needs to face the camera, admit his mistakes, tell people his "mission statement" for this franchise for lack of a better word and let the world get to know him. Doing it with a couple beat reporters in Miami isn't going to cut it anymore. This is a national problem that needs to now be addressed on a national stage.

Bottom line is this, HBO HARD KNOCKS is a show I enjoy but always thought of as a show for "other teams" and not the Dolphins. Now, in the Dolphins current state it is a show they need to be on badly. The Dolphins can re-brand themselves and shape their image by winning more games, but that might take years to do and could be a slow and painful process. The short-cut to this is to go on HBO Hard Knocks and be an open book. Dispel  misconceptions and untruth's. Let not just fans but other players around the league get to see who the Miami Dolphins coaches, front office, GM, and Owner really are.

The Miami Dolphins need Hard Knocks more than Hard Knocks needs the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins should be on the phone to HBO ASAP.

Ireland Speaks on Dolphins offseason thus far

Jeff Ireland on Tuesday spoke with the Palm Beach Post about some of the happenings with the Dolphins since the beginning of free agency that has drawn so much criticism. CLICK HERE to read the article. Some highlights are....

On Matt Flynn: I believe in value. What we try to do is we try to be aggressive in looking at ways to improve the team, but we’re not going to be reckless and give up far more than we think we’re giving up in return. That goes with any position, not just quarterback.”

On Moore and Garrard: “Our vision for (Garrard) is that he will compete with Matt, and whoever else might be on the roster for the starting quarterback position.”

“It’s going to be a competition. I told Matt that we need to play better at the quarterback position. He knows that. Every quarterback I’ve brought in here, they know, they have to play better, and it’s going to be a competition. Matt knows, David knows, whoever else we have, Pat Devlin knows, there’s going to be competition to be the starting quarterback.”

“But if you’re asking me right now what my feelings would be about the quarterback position as it stands today, I would feel pretty good about it.”

Dolphins Fans Setting Themselves Up Again

Miami Dolphins fans are setting themselves up for disappointment yet again. When Ireland pinched pennies and wouldn't give Matt Flynn a few more bucks and then signed David Gararrd everyone assumed that it means Miami will be taking Ryan Tannehill with the #8 pick. I mean Mike Sherman used to be his coach, it just makes too much sense. To quote Lee Corso, not so fast my friends.

The story that got no attention on Wednesday was that DE Mark Anderson (who had double digit sacks last season) who made his first free agent visit this offseason in Miami signed with Buffalo. Meaning the Dolphins won't find a pass rusher this offseason in free agency. It's a position they must address in the draft, much like WR, to even field a viable team next season.

All of a sudden drafting Ryan Tannehill at #8 begins to look like a "luxury" pick. Taking someone who will be 3rd on your depth chart and who won't play much if at all in 2012. When you have huge holes to fill at DE and WR a pick like that cannot be made. Not to mention we have seen over and over and over and over again Jeff Ireland doesn't budge off his "value" chart. If he doesn't view Tannehill as a Top 10 pick lets be honest there is no chance Miami will take him #8.

Not to mention you have to look ahead and next offseason Cameron Wake and Jake Long are free agents. They can't franchise tag both of them and odds are because Long is younger and was the organizations #1 overall pick he would get that tag. And after Mario Williams just got $50 million guaranteed its safe to say the Dolphins would have to break the bank for Wake to stay and odds are that isn't happening. The current problem is they have nobody to play opposite Wake the long-term problem is they don't have any viable pass rusher beyond this year under contract. And we all know getting free agents to sign with Miami is a minor miracle. Meaning, you guessed they have to address this area via the draft. When the Fins draft Ingram or Coples at #8 and you are ready to throw your remote control through the flat-screen TV yelling how the Dolphins offense sucks how can you pick another defensive player, just remember...I told you so.

You have been warned Dolphins fans. Save yourself the time of YouTubing old Texas A&M games and getting all excited from highlights you see out of Tannehill. And I will be honest, after reading more on him and watching more tape on him I have done a 180. I have been saying he has bust written all over. Doing some research and watching film, I think in time he can be an "elite"......yes, an "elite" NFL QB. He has a rocket of an arm, is an outstanding athlete, has the perfect size and build, and is a true leader on the field. A leader of men which is a trait that is tough to find these days. Even the whole 19 starts in college thing is misleading as this kid has played QB in high school and was a highly sought after recruit who volunteered to play WR after being buried on the depth chart behind a current NFL QB at A&M. So he isn't as "RAW" as some think.

But with that said, I am perfectly confident in saying Miami will not draft him. They will draft a DE or a WR at #8 where the "value" is. Taking someone who is worthy of going #8 in Ireland's eyes. So prepare yourself Dolphins fans the next kick in the nuts is coming and its about one month off!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jesse Agler spoke with New Miami Dolphins OLB/DE Jamaal Westerman about why he decided to leave the Jets and sign with the Dolphins. CLICK HERE to listen

In Defense of Ireland.....

Normally, I avoid gossip, rumor-mongering, and excessive emotionalism. But now I feel forced to address the wildness and vitriol emanating from my fellow Dolphin fans. A bit of perspective, if you will.

The current state of the Dolphins began approximately fifteen years ago, towards the end of Don Shula's tenure as coach, as Dan Marino's skill level began to badly deteriorate. All the true management culprits that participated in the team's downward spiral are now gone, with the sole exception of Jeff Ireland. The false Messiahs (Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban), the incompetents (Cam Cameron, Dave Waanstedt) and the "over-the-hills" (Don Shula, Bill Parcells) disappeared a long time ago. Ireland critics need to be aware of the pent-up emotion misdirected at him. Ireland is taking the brunt for fifteen years of terrible Dolphins decisions. It's terribly unfair.

What was the tragedy over the past few weeks during the free-agency period? Ireland wisely refused to overpay. He learned his lesson after bad experiences with Gibril Wilson, Karlos Dansby (a solid linebacker but certainly not worth his exorbitant salary), Ernest Wilford, and Brandon Marshall. Is this a crime? Not wanting to add to already-excessive dead cap space? I think not. Ireland did make a few lower-level free agent signings that should provide depth with little effect on the salary cap structure. I share his belief that football teams are built from the ground up via the draft. The core reason for the decline of this football team are, without a doubt, horrific drafts since the mid-1990s. Ireland is known as "Superscout" in NFL circles and I am confident in his ability to find good players in the draft. If not, he will lose my support rapidly. His first draft without Parcells was an excellent one.

What of the QB situation? Many fans, especially the same ones who cried over Kyle Orton last year, have little to support their collective whining. Matt Flynn? Totally unproven. Seattle signed him to a huge contract with a $10 million guarantee. Good luck to them. Putting all their eggs in one basket. If Flynn fails, the Seahawk salary cap will take many years to recover. Joe Philbin, the NFL coach who probably knows Flynn best, refused to take such a chance. Peyton Manning? 36 years old and history of four neck surgeries. One sack hit away from retirement (or worse). The Broncos can keep him. Matt Moore is a solid NFL QB. David Garrard is an excellent backup (recall that the Bears and Colts fired their respective GMs because they didn't have competent backup QBs last season). I'll take my chances with the Moore/Garrard combination for the present time. If the Dolphins can draft Ryan Tannehill in the upcoming NFL draft, so much the better for the future. Next year, 2013, will see a college class loaded with talented young QBs. One additional year without the QB of our dreams (or fantasies) won't matter. By the way, franchise QBs don't just fall out of trees. Let's stop the "we have to get a franchise QB" nonsense. It doesn't work that way. Never has.

This is a rebuilding year for the Dolphin offense, make no mistake about it. I am strongly suggesting we give Ireland more time to see how things play out. His trade of Brandon Marshall to the Bears was brilliant, getting two third-round draft choices for an overrated troublemaker. The final chapter to the 2012 season is a very long way from being written.

The last time I saw such NFL fan rebellion was in the late 1970's, when NY Giants fans held up a hugh banner that said "Fifteen Years of Lousy Football. We've Had Enough!!!". How many Super Bowls have the Giants made since then? Hang in there, folks.

Will Allen to the Patriots

Former Miami Dolphins CB Will Allen signed with New England today

New Dolphins QB David Garrard talks about joining the Dolphins

Jessie Agler spoke with new Dolphins quarterback David Garrard about joining the Miami Dolphins. CLICK HERE to listen.

No Refund For You

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting that several hundred Miami Dolphins fans bought season tickets with the thought that Peyton Manning was coming to Miami. Once they realized he wasn't coming many of those fans called the Dolphins and asked for a refund. The Dolphins (as expected) told them no.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is Ryan Tannehill worth a Top 10 Pick

NFL Network breaks down whether Ryan Tannehill is a 1st round pick. CLICK HERE to watch.

Rich Gannon of SIRIUS/XM NFL Radio talks Dolphins

Rich Gannon talks about why the Miami Dolphins are a disaster right now and can't even coach the quarterback position let alone get a quality one. CLICK HERE to listen

Conflicing Reports on Tebow and Miami

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting Miami is one of the 3 teams interested in Tebow. Along with Green Bay, and Jacksonville.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is saying Miami isn't interested in Tebow.

Salguero reports, via “several highly placed club sources,” that the team will not pursue a deal for Tebow. Per Salguero, the team is unwilling to revamp its offense for Tebow and they don’t think he’d fit into the West Coast scheme they want to run next season. 

Matt Barkley sick of Dolphins and Browns talk already

The 2012 NFL Draft hasn't even taken place yet and Dolphins and Browns fans already looking towards the 2013 NFL Draft and Mark Barkley. To say the cities of Miami and Cleveland have "Barkley Boners" is an understatement. It has gotten so bad that Matt Barkley has now had to take to twitter to address the matter. Barkley said @MattBarkley Enough Miami and Cleveland replies tweeps.. Let's talk Trojans!!!! #FightOn

Report: Dolphins organization confused by Ireland

Jeff Darlington of on NFL Network's TOTAL ACCESS is reporting that Miami Dolphins players and front office personnel have been texting him asking what the heck is Jeff Ireland  doing and what is his plan (or lack of a plan.) The entire organization is confused and upset.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dolphins New Logo?

Dolphins sign QB David Garrard

Jay Glazer reporting on Twitter the Dolphins have signed QB David Garrard.

Dolphins to Cut Yeremiah Bell

Mike Florio of is reporting league sources are telling him the Dolphins will cut Safety Yeremiah Bell.

This move will clear up $4.35 mill in cap space according to Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post. Ben Volin also reporting Miami will have now between $8-10 mill in cap space.

Alex Smith Update

I write this because I have too but lets be honest we all know how this will end. Alex Smith is still deciding between SF and Miami. SIRIUS NFL RADIO reporting SF still has that 3 year $24 mill offer on the table. No word on what Miami's offer is.

Question becomes is Smith trying to get an equal or better deal out of Miami so he can leave and stick it to the 49ers? Or is he using Miami to get a few more bucks out of SF?

Either way if any Dolphins fan is "optimistic" about the team landing Alex Smith god bless ya. I for one, like the millions of other Fin Fans, have been beaten down and fully expect Smith to land in SF.

Once again, not that Alex Smith is some great savior of the franchise, but it would be nice to just sign someone for once and bring a little hope and optimism to the franchise. Smith coming off a career year maybe has turned the corner. Some QB's took off later in their careers, ie Rich Gannon. Start Smith for 2-3 years and draft a guy to groom, hell even take Tannehill at #8 overall and groom him for down the road. At least you have a plan and blueprint and something to build off of. A foundation, something. Anything!

But I don't expect that and while Miami has been missing on every QB in the world, every other quality player at WR , DE, and RT have signed for bargain basement prices around the league. So, not only have they not filled the void at QB they have yet to fill the void anywhere else.

Alex Smith doesn't want to sign with Miami if he doesn't have too

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald is reporting that Alex Smith isn't all that crazy about joining the Miami Dolphins and he would prefer to re-sign with San Francisco should they not land Peyton Manning.

Monday Morning Update

-Lost in all the quarterback news this weekend Lex Hillard signed with the Minnesota Vikings

-According to a San Francisco news report, Alex Smith stayed Sunday night in Miami at a local hotel. Means either one of two things. He didn't want to fly cross country twice on the same day. Or, the talks are serious and he stayed in Miami incase a deal is struck and a press conference needs to be had.

UPDATE: Alex Smith flew back to San Francisco early Monday morning. Must have been not wanting to do two cross country flights in one day.

-David Gararrd is scheduled for a visit today with the Dolphins

-Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald goes into how did the Dolphins misjudge their chances with Peyton Manning. And brings up that Manning is tight with Bill Parcells and if Parcells was still in Miami odds are Miami would have been serious players. CLICK HERE to read Barry's column.

-Barry Jackson also reports that with season ticket sales really low, the Fins will reduce stadium capacity next year. This was talked about on the Philbin media tour after he was hired. They will tarp off parts of the upper deck.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark rips the Dolphins on Twitter

It's not just the fans who think the Dolphins are being run by a bunch of fools and no players want to go there. Ryan Clark the safety from the Pittsburgh Steelers who visited with Miami 2 offseasons ago and was set to join the Fins until he actually flew down there and saw how the operation was run with his own eyes and decided to take less money to stay in Pittsburgh had some harsh words to say about the Dolphins and Jeff Ireland on Twitter.

CLICK HERE to read it. CLICK HERE for more. And he had this shot at Jeff Ireland and his "decision making" CLICK HERE To read that.

Jason Cole: Alex Smith wants to stay in California

Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports is reporting the only way Alex Smith will join the Dolphins is if Peyton Manning signs with San Francisco. He goes on to say that Alex Smith wants to stay in California and even if the Fins pay more Smith will take less to stay in SF.

Alex Smith negotiating with Dolphins

Mike Klis of the Denver Post is reporting that Alex Smith is trying to work out a deal with the Dolphins. Smith wants around $8 mill per year. The Dolphins wouldn't guarantee $10 mill over 2 years for Matt Flynn I find it hard to believe they will give $8 mill for 1 year to Alex Smith. But the fan back-lash in the social media world and the "laughing stock of the league" comments on ESPN, SIRIUS NFL RADIO, and other national media outlets might force Miami's hand to stop the bleeding at this point.

If the Dolphins fail to land Alex Smith, their options are very limited. Trade a bunch of picks to move up to take a converted WR with only 19 starts in Ryann Tannehill. Hope Brandon Weeden is on the board in Round 2 when Miami picks. Sign an old, injured, and not very effective in recent years David Gararrd, wait for Manning to pick a team and if its Denver or Tenessee grab Tim Tebow or a very old Matt Hasselbeck, and last but not least complete the job the Dolphins were half way home to doing this past year, tank and grab a can't-miss prospect in Matt Barkley #1 overall in next years draft.

Matt Flynn signs with Seattle

The Dolphins have struck out again, Matt Flynn has signed with Seattle. 3 years, $26 mill and only $10 mill guaranteed according to Peter King and ESPN.

The Dolphins options now are David Garrard, Alex Smith (who Miami probably won't pay) and yes...Tim Tebow should Peyton Manning go to Denver. Get ready South Florida, I have a feeling Tebow-Time is coming to South Beach.

David Garrad to visit Dolphins this week

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network is reporting that quarterback David Garrard will visit the Miami Dolphins this upcoming week. Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting the visit will take place on Monday.

In other quarterback news, Mike Florio is reporting the Denver Broncos wanted to bring Matt Flynn in for a visit and Flynn told them no thanks as he isn't interested in going to Denver.

Smith's Visit a Ploy By Miami AND Smith?

I was surprised to see that Alex Smith was in Miami for a visit. I guess the 49ers sudden interest in Peyton Manning had something to do with that. But when you think about it, it really shouldn't be surprising at all. As Mike said, it could be a ploy by Miami, but it could ALSO be a ploy by Smith. Smith's value will surely increase once Flynn signs. Smith's value could also decrease if Manning signs with Tennessee and Matt Hasselbeck becomes available. Best case scenario for Smith is that Flynn signs quickly and the Manning saga drags on. Even if Smith has no interest in Miami and visa versa, his visit could benefit both.

Alex Smith in Miami to visit with Dolphins

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel and ESPN are reporting quarterback Alex Smith is in Miami to visit with the Dolphins on Sunday. Smith who has been a bust of a #1 overall pick has had a poor NFL career up until last year when under new coach Jim Harbaugh he had success. It was an offense in San Francisco where they asked him to do very little though and not make many difficult throws. Last season he was the poster boy of what a "game-manager" QB is in this league.

If this is a ploy by Miami to get Matt Flynn to accept a contract and the Dolphins really aren't interested in Smith, it could work or it could backfire in an epic way. Because if Miami isn't really interested in Smith, if Flynn decides to go to Seattle and if Tennessee decides to grab Peyton, you now have San Fran without a quarterback and it would put Miami in a bidding war for Matt Flynn if Smith were to take another visit to say Cleveland and sign there.

Jeff Ireland playing a big game of poker here.

pic by Izzy Gould
Here is a picture Izzy Gould of the Sun-Sentinel shot this morning of Alex Smith arriving in the Fort Lauderdale airport.

UPDATE: Jeff Darlington of is reporting that from talking to Dolphins front office people this past week he didn't feel they were in love with Matt Flynn. And Alex Smith being brought in might be "very real" and not a leverage ploy at all. Miami could make a move on Alex Smith and make him their starting quarterback.

INTERESTING TIDBIT: Alex Smith and Reggie Bush played high school football together.

UPDATE #2: Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reporting for the Fins to sign Alex Smith they would have to clear cap space. Also, Seattle is showing interest in Smith as well and he may take a visit there before signing with anyone.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Seattle Times: Flynn will compete with Jackson if he comes to Seattle

Danny O'Neil of The Seattle Times is reporting the Seahawks view Matt Flynn as someone who can come in and compete for the starting quarterback position with Tavaris Jackson. He will not be handed the starting quarterback job.

One would have to think this is a huge deal to Flynn who wants to start and knows in Miami with his old coach he will have the job handed to him. O'Neil of The Seattle Times is reporting that Miami is prepared to make a bigger and better offer than Seattle is.

9pm Update

Eric Winston won't be bringing his talents to South Beach. He signed a deal today with Kansas City.

No word on Matt Flynn still. Omar Kelly is saying the Dolphins and Flynn are still talking contract. Bernie Kosar is tweeting Flynn has decided and its Seattle. (take Kosar's tweet with a grain of salt)

Alvin Flynn, Matt's father, has said he has heard nothing and doesn't believe Bernie Kosar's report according to Brian Biggane of the Palm Beach Post.

Also, Mario Manningham in contract talks with the Rams and it looks like he won't ever take that trip to Miami.

My question at this hour is, if Miami doesn't spend money on Flynn, they have lost out on Winston and looks like Manningham won't even make a visit, who will they spend money on? Or are we done in free agency and on to the draft?

Matt Flynn Update; in Miami meeting with Doctors and Coaches already

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting Matt Flynn is already in Miami and meeting with Dolphins officials and doctors early this Saturday morning/afternoon. His father, Alvin Flynn, is saying that Matt wants to sign with a team soon and end this by the end of the weekend.

UPDATE: Matt Flynn's girlfriend put up this tweet Saturday afternoon, read into it what you want.  Coming down and we will soon put up a DolFlynns Billbord. geaux Dolphins!” I like it!!

Random Thoughts

OK, so Peyton Manning personally phoned the Dolphins and told them thanks, but no thanks. Excuse me if I don't pull out my hankie and cry about it. Seriously. Does ANYONE even have a clue if he will be ready to play come September? A 36 year old QB (he will be 36 next week) with nerve damage in his neck, no matter how good he was, is a disaster waiting to happen. Don't think for one minute opposing defenders are going to say, Hey, this is Peyton Manning the Golden Boy. Lets not hit him too hard. He is going to get hit, and hit just as hard as any other quarterback will get hit. I wish him good luck.

Mike Oliva, my colleague on this blog and I usually don't see eye to eye on quite a few things, but is post Free Agency News and Notes pretty much hits the nail on the head. The Manning ordeal was yet another black eye on this franchise. The Dolphins in no way, shape or form can let Matt Flynn get away. What scares me is that they are going to try to lowball Flynn, lose him to Seattle then make a major reach for Ryan Tannehill. This talk about the Dolphins trading up to the 3rd spot to get Tannehill is asinine. The guy had a second round grade, but now all of a sudden he's worthy of the 3rd pick? A guy with 19 games at QB in college under his belt? Please. If Cleveland wants him so bad, let them blow a high pick, or let Buffalo blow a high pick on him. This team has too many needs to waste draft picks on a guy most experts say will need to sit for 2 years before he is ready. Sign Flynn, keep your picks. Plain and simple.

As for Mike's comments on Tim Tebow...I'll add a few of my own. First of all, I agree that would be an indication that Stephen Ross is more interested in selling tickets than improving the Dolphins. And the thing about Tebow is most of his following is in the Gainesville area. Sure, they made the trip for Gator day and to see their beloved Tim Tebow, but that was a one time deal. If your not familiar with Florida's geography, Gainesville is closest to Jacksonville and Tampa, MUCH closer than it is to Miami. The novelty of Tebow will wear off really fast. They won't be driving to Miami every week just to see Tebow. Not to mention that he would have alienated a lot of local Hurricane fans who support the Dolphins.

Fins lose Kendall Langford

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford signed with the St. Louis Rams. 4 years $24 mill with $12 mill guaranteed.

Eric Winston down to 2 teams; KC and Miami

Alex Marvez of FOX Sports is reporting that right tackle Eric Winston is down to 2 teams; KC and Miami. He is also reporting that no deal is on the horizon and this might drag out a bit.

UPDATE:  Winston has scheduled a visit to Detroit on Monday. Obviously Marvez's original report was incorrect or Winston has decided to visit with more teams.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Free Agency news and notes

Just sign him already!
-Jason Wilde of ESPN is reporting Matt Flynn will visit with Miami and won't sign with Seattle today. To me this has gotten silly. With the Jason Cole report that the Dolphins are low-balling Flynn it is just another black-eye for the Dolphins franchise. You either want the guy or you don't. Flynn has told everyone he WANTS to play QB for Miami. How many guys have the Dolphins had who WANT to go there in recent years? Answer: Few if any, probably none! This guy wants to come here to the point he has waited since Tuesday just to get a visit and refused to sign anything with Seattle today. The man isn't asking for Tom Brady or Drew Brees money. Hell, he isn't even asking for Kevin Kolb money! Give the man a fair deal or move on. Don't be half-in/half-out and embarrass the franchise once again.

-SIRIUS NFL Radio reporting that if Peyton Manning goes to Denver, the only logical landing spot for Tebow is Miami. And rumblings they are hearing is "the owner" is interested because he wants to sell tickets and knows Tebow's popularity in the state of Florida. If Stephen Ross signs Tim Tebow and forces him on Joe Philbin, then Joe Philbin should quit tomorrow! He didn't sign up for that crap.  And honestly this website will go away because I will quit this site if Tebow is on the Dolphins. I wouldn't have the energy or patience to go through that and bring you Dolphins News and Opinions when I see the franchise I love committing suicide!

Mark Anderson
-Aaron Wilson of is reporting Dolphins are showing interest in OLB/DE Mark Anderson from New England and have a visit scheduled with him. He probably isn't an every down player but Anderson did have double-digit sacks last year and why more teams aren't interested is a little baffling. He is exactly what Miami needs as well, someone who can rush the passer opposite Cam Wake, especially on 3rd downs.

Fins sign a linebacker

Former Jets’ outside linebacker Jamaal Westerman has just agreed to terms on a deal with Dolphins, 
according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News  

Fins send "low ball" offer to Matt Flynn

The trainwreck that is the Miami Dolphins continue. JASON COLE of Yahoo sports reporting Miami is trying to low-ball Matt Flynn.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dolphins sign Art Hicks

The Miami Dolphins have signed offensive linemen Art Hicks. Hicks got a 1 year deal for $2 mill with incentives. He can play both guard and tackle which make him a viable back-up off the bench and he might even compete for a starting position. Hicks has 71 career starts in 10 years and started 3 games for the Browns last season.

With the re-signing of Murtha and this signing of Hicks the Dolphins will not be signing Eric Winston. Winston said today he wants to be the highest paid right tackle in the NFL.

Dolphins needed Marino's help just to get Peyton interview

Safe to say the TV "experts" were right all along. Miami never had a shot with Peyton Manning. Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Dolphins had to call in Dan Marino and have him make a phone call just for the team to get an interview with Peyton Manning. Peyton never considered Miami as a destination.

From Volin's article...A source close to the situation said Dolphins management had to enlist the help of Dan Marino just to secure a meeting with Manning.

The Dolphins' brass did not deal with Manning directly and was frustrated last week when it could not pin down a meeting with him through his agents at Creative Artists Agency (CAA).
With the clock ticking, the Dolphins asked Marino - their legendary former quarterback and a golfing partner of Manning's - to call him personally to persuade him to meet with the team.

Mario Manningham visiting the Fins this weekend

Mario Manningham will visit the Dolphins either Friday or Saturday. We can't confirm the exact date of the visit. There is a chance it might be at the same time Matt Flynn is visiting. That is if Seattle lets Flynn go without a signing a deal. Flynn's visit with Seattle is Thursday night into Friday morning.

Jason Cole is reporting Manningham is visiting the Rams tonight and the Rams  have "jumped the line" when it comes to visits which might be a sign they will give Manningham what he wants and not let him leave without a deal.

Matt Flynn to visit Dolphins on Friday

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting Matt Flynn will visit the Dolphins on Friday. Flynn is visiting with Seattle today. This might be a ploy by Flynn's agent to get Seattle to panic and offer more money so Flynn doesn't leave and take another visit.

Ryan Tannehill market heating up

The Ryan Tannehill market is RED HOT! The teams that are currently interested are Miami, Buffalo, Seattle, and Cleveland and the list is growing by the day. Jacksonville is now shopping their 7th pick because everyone believes that Miami will lose out on Flynn and Manning and will want Tannehill who has ties to Mike Sherman. The #7 pick might not be high enough, the Browns at 4 are interested in Tannehill so a team might need to move up to #3 to grab him. And with the Bills signing Mario Williams to solve their pass rush problem, reports are they are "ALL IN" on Tannehill and prepared to make a move for him. Let him sit behind Fitzpatrick and be groomed for the future. And Buffalo does not want Miami to get Tannehill in any way, shape, or form.

For a guy with only 19 starts in his life, this is an amazing bidding war that is heating up. Most experts feel Tannehill will need to sit for 2 full years before he is ready to play at a competent level in the NFL because he is so raw and so green.

Steve Slaton to return; Kevin Burnett on Crutches

-The Miami Dolphins re-signed RB Steve Slaton

-LB Kevin Burnett was spotted on crutches today leaving the Dolphins facility with his left leg wrapped up.

-Michael Lombardi of NFL Network reporting the Peyton Manning race is down to Tennessee and Denver. Although everyone he has talked to says Arizona and Miami are alive. Crack reporting there, go against you're own sources!

-Armando Salguero reporting the Dolphins have re-signed DE Ryan Baker, which is a move that says the Fins are ready to lose Kendall Langford.

-SIRIUS NFL Radio reporting that RT Eric Winston wants to be the highest paid right tackle in the NFL. That would all but cross Miami off his list because they don't have enough money to make that a reality.

QB market to clear up in next 48 hours

Manning-Flynn. Flynn-Manning. The Quarterback market around the NFL will be crystal clear in the next 48 hours or so. Here is where we stand currently.

Peyton Manning probably has to make a decision on Thursday or Friday to keep his leverage in contract talks. If not Arizona is out because they have to pay Kevin Kolb a roster bonus and need to know by Friday what they are doing. Cutting him or keeping him. if Peyton decides he is going to Arizona then Kolb is on the market for any team left without a QB.

Denver has done nothing in free agency except lose out on Paul Soliai. They are in wait and see mode and still the frontrunner. Oh by the way, with Henne in Jacksonville, if Denver signs Peyton where will Tebow land?

Seattle was somewhat hot for Henne. He is now gone and they have Matt Flynn in Seattle today and he will be at their headquarters. Will they let him leave without a deal? My gut feeling is no but we will see.

The Titans, if they land Peyton then Matt Hasselbeck is probably released. And question is do they trade Jake Locker. I mean you take a guy Top 10 and have him ride the bench most of last year and the next 3-4 years behind Manning? Makes little sense to pay a guy that much money NOT to play. I think both will be moved.

The Dolphins? I have no clue what they are thinking or will do. I believe if they haven't signed Flynn yet, they don't want him or want him to reduce his price. And if they strike out on Manning they will follow what the Cincinnati Bengals did last year on offense. Get rid of Terrell Owners, Chad Ochocinco, and Carson Palmer. (Miami gets rid of Brandon Marshall.) Draft a bunch of young guys (AJ Green and Andy Dalton) to go along with their young tight end Gresham and have them take their lumps and grow together for the future. Total rebuilding job for Miami. Most likely around Ryan Tannehill. And if it takes trading up to #3 to get Tannehill, then so be it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miami signs Richard Marshall DB from Arizona

The Miami Dolphins have signed Arizona Cardinals DB Richard Marshall to a 3-year deal. Marshall will replace Will Allen as the Dolphins nickle CB. He can also play safety as well. It was a 3 year deal for $16 million with $6 mill guaranteed.

Henne signs with Jacksonville

Former Dolphins QB Chad Henne signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. With this news the ripple effect is horrible for Miami. Henne was set to visit with Seattle and Seattle was interested in him. With Henne off the board and with Matt Flynn flying to Seattle it looks like Seattle will now put all its focus, money, and effort into signing Flynn with his visit tomorrow.  Miami will most likely be stuck with Matt Moore in 2012. Unless Peyton Manning loses his mind and signs his name to a piece of paper Stephen Ross puts in front of him.

Michael Lombardi on NFL Network tonight said the Cleveland Browns like Ryan Tannehill a lot and will take him at 4th overall if need be. Lombardi said Miami is also high on Tannehill and might trade up to #3 to draft him.

Complete UFA Class for Miami

Here is a complete list of the Dolphins’ 2012 Unrestricted Free Agent class, courtesy of the wonderful staff over at The Finsiders.

Ikaika Alama-Francis, LB: Unsigned

Will Allen, CB: Unsigned

Vernon Carey, OL: Unsigned

Marc Colombo, OT: Unsigned

Chad Henne, QB: signed 2-year contract with Jacksonville Jaguars

Kendall Langford, DL: Unsigned

JP Losman, QB: Unsigned

Marvin Mitchell, LB: Unsigned

Steve Slaton, RB: Re-signed with Miami

Paul Soliai, NT: Re-signed two-year contract with Miami

Jason Taylor, LB: Unsigned (even though he is retired, he is technically still considered a UFA)

The list will be updated as players are signed #staytuned

Free Agency Update

-No news on Matt Flynn concerning Miami. Flynn is scheduled to fly to Seattle tonight and meet with the Seahawks on Thursday. Once on the grounds sometimes teams refuse to let these players leave without a deal. Would I be shocked if Miami made an offer to Flynn tonight to prevent that visit? Not at all. Time will tell

-The signing of Paul Soliai means Miami has less than $10 mill in cap room.

-Mario Manningham has 3 teams on his radar he wants to visit with. SF, Miami, Buffalo (I did not list them in any special order.) Manningham will visit with San Fran on Thursday.

-The Dolphins visited with offensive linemen Art Hicks of the Browns today.

-No News on Peyton Manning other than he visited with Tennessee today. In my opinion its safe to say with Marshall gone, and with 4 picks in the Top 73 this year that the Dolphins are in full blown "rebuilding mode" and I don't think Peyton see's Miami as a "win now" destination. Now, money still talks at the end of the day, so if the money is higher than anywhere else he could come here. Otherwise, we might be staring at Ryan Tannehill I fear.

Paul Soliai Re-signs with Miami

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post is reporting The Dolphins have re-signed DT Paul Soliai to a 2 year deal worth $12 million. $6 mill guaranteed.

Volin also wonders if this deal takes Miami out of the running for Peyton Manning because of the cap space it used up.

Paul Soliai re-signs with the Dolphins

Free agent NT Paul Soliai has resigned a team-friendly two-year contract with the Miami Dolphins. Sources say free agent DE Kendall Langford is still a possibility to be re-signed by the Phins but is being looked at seriously by the Bengals as well as the Patriots and Falcons. Still no word on the quarterback or wide receiver situation.

Brandon Marshall punches woman, facing 1 year suspension possibly

B ye-Bye Asshole!
NY Post is reporting Brandon Marshall is accused of "slugging" a woman Sunday night outside a NYC Nightclub. Of course he and his agent deny this happened. History isn't on Brandon's side here as he has a history of  abusing women.

Because Marshall has 2 strikes already in the NFL Personal Conduct policy. A 3rd strike could result in a 1 year suspension.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Free Agency News

-The Dolphins are interested in Cowboys WR Laurent Robinson according to multiple reports. Omar Kelly is also reporting this as well.

-The Dolphins are interested in re-signing Steve Slaton according to multiple reports. This coaching staff is higher on Slaton than the past coaching staff.

-Kendall Langford is talking with multiple teams, including New England. He is not expected to return to Miami.

-Arizona CB Richard Marshall is flying to Miami for a visit. He is reporting this on his Twitter page.

2012 NFL Draft

Currently Miami holds 4 of the Top 75 picks in next April's NFL Draft. Including back-to-back picks in Rd 3

Interesting Reggie Wayne Tidbit

Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that former Indianapolis WR and Manning teammate Reggie Wayne will not wait on Manning to sign with a team before making a decision on his future. Wayne, who openly lobbied for Manning to join him in Miami is committed to doing what is in his own best interest.

Miami talking with Matt Flynn

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Dolphins and Browns are talking with Matt Flynn's agent and will be sending him a contract proposal soon.

So Long Brandon

Brandon Marshall got his wish. Back in December I believe it was, Marshall tweeted his desire to reunite with former teammate Jay Cutler. Today the Dolphins sent Marshall to Chicago in exchange for a 3rd round pick in this year's draft and a 3rd next year. I wonder if he's been magically cured of the dropsies?

Of course the first thing a lot of people might think is that Peyton Manning didn't want to play with him or the Dolphins are trying to clear cap space because they need it to sign Manning and his buddies Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday or Dallas Clark. I honestly don't think that is the case. Marshall has been a cancer and has feuded with Chad Henne and Matt Moore. He had some big drops last season that cost the Dolphins dearly. With a new coach and possibly a new QB, it was time to move on and start fresh.

Sure, the Dolphins let him go for less than they gave Denver, but that's usually the way it works in the NFL. The extra picks give the Dolphins a little ammunition to make some moves in the draft. They also pick up about 5 million in cap space. So...Good Bye Brandon. Good bye, good luck and good riddance.

Free Agency NEWS

-Houston cut RT Eric Winston yesterday, he said on SIRIUS NFL Radio he is flying to South Florida tonight and visit with the Dolphins on Wednesday. Winston played college at "THE U"

-Philip Merling and Lydon Murtha signed 1 year deals to stay in Miami.

-Miami has also reached out to Paul Soliai and and want to talk contract with him. (per Armando Salguero)