Alex Smith Update

I write this because I have too but lets be honest we all know how this will end. Alex Smith is still deciding between SF and Miami. SIRIUS NFL RADIO reporting SF still has that 3 year $24 mill offer on the table. No word on what Miami's offer is.

Question becomes is Smith trying to get an equal or better deal out of Miami so he can leave and stick it to the 49ers? Or is he using Miami to get a few more bucks out of SF?

Either way if any Dolphins fan is "optimistic" about the team landing Alex Smith god bless ya. I for one, like the millions of other Fin Fans, have been beaten down and fully expect Smith to land in SF.

Once again, not that Alex Smith is some great savior of the franchise, but it would be nice to just sign someone for once and bring a little hope and optimism to the franchise. Smith coming off a career year maybe has turned the corner. Some QB's took off later in their careers, ie Rich Gannon. Start Smith for 2-3 years and draft a guy to groom, hell even take Tannehill at #8 overall and groom him for down the road. At least you have a plan and blueprint and something to build off of. A foundation, something. Anything!

But I don't expect that and while Miami has been missing on every QB in the world, every other quality player at WR , DE, and RT have signed for bargain basement prices around the league. So, not only have they not filled the void at QB they have yet to fill the void anywhere else.