QB market to clear up in next 48 hours

Manning-Flynn. Flynn-Manning. The Quarterback market around the NFL will be crystal clear in the next 48 hours or so. Here is where we stand currently.

Peyton Manning probably has to make a decision on Thursday or Friday to keep his leverage in contract talks. If not Arizona is out because they have to pay Kevin Kolb a roster bonus and need to know by Friday what they are doing. Cutting him or keeping him. if Peyton decides he is going to Arizona then Kolb is on the market for any team left without a QB.

Denver has done nothing in free agency except lose out on Paul Soliai. They are in wait and see mode and still the frontrunner. Oh by the way, with Henne in Jacksonville, if Denver signs Peyton where will Tebow land?

Seattle was somewhat hot for Henne. He is now gone and they have Matt Flynn in Seattle today and he will be at their headquarters. Will they let him leave without a deal? My gut feeling is no but we will see.

The Titans, if they land Peyton then Matt Hasselbeck is probably released. And question is do they trade Jake Locker. I mean you take a guy Top 10 and have him ride the bench most of last year and the next 3-4 years behind Manning? Makes little sense to pay a guy that much money NOT to play. I think both will be moved.

The Dolphins? I have no clue what they are thinking or will do. I believe if they haven't signed Flynn yet, they don't want him or want him to reduce his price. And if they strike out on Manning they will follow what the Cincinnati Bengals did last year on offense. Get rid of Terrell Owners, Chad Ochocinco, and Carson Palmer. (Miami gets rid of Brandon Marshall.) Draft a bunch of young guys (AJ Green and Andy Dalton) to go along with their young tight end Gresham and have them take their lumps and grow together for the future. Total rebuilding job for Miami. Most likely around Ryan Tannehill. And if it takes trading up to #3 to get Tannehill, then so be it.