2012 Dolphins Schedule Breakdown

The 2012 Miami Dolphins schedule has been released, lets look deeper into it. CLICK HERE to view it.

-Only one home game starts at 4:15pm. It happens to be the home opener but after that Miami will have its "home-field advantage" back with the heat. Including Week 3 vs the Jets. Thank you Mr. Stephen Ross

-Miami only has 2 cross country trips this year (at San Fran and at Arizona). The San Fran game works out nice though as the 2 games before them are at home. The 2 games after them are at home. In that  5 week stretch Miami has 1 road game and its that cross country trip. Very nice to have that long trip sandwiched like that.

-Only 1 cold weather game for the Fins. Week 17 at New England. And trying to be objective, that game will probably be meaningless for the Dolphins anyway ( I don't see them as a playoff team this year)

-After Miami's BYE week in Week 7 is the NY Jets. Miami gets 2 weeks to prepare for a Division Rival.

-From Week 11 on Miami has one of the most difficult schedules in the league. Minus Jacksonville in Week 15 every one of those teams is playoff caliber (yes Buffalo is playoff caliber this year folks)

-We get a West Coast team at Home (Oakland) and the game is at 4:15pm. You want those west coast teams to play at 1pm as the time difference hurts them. With a late game, Miami loses that edge.

-Seattle is the ONLY team that has a BYE week before playing us. They will have 2 weeks to prepare for Miami


  1. Is it me or do the Dolphins always seem to end the season at New England?


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