OK, we have seen all of these mock drafts for months now and on the eve of the draft we at will put out our one and only MOCK DRAFT. Mike Mayock got a 1 hour TV special tonight to present his, well NFL Network didn't come calling for ours but we will get over it. And unlike others I predict trades in my mock draft since trades really happen in drafts. So for entertainment purposes only, here we go...

1) Indy-QB-Andrew Luck 

2) Washington-QB-RGIII-Not giving a long explanation for either pick. We know these are done deals

3) Tampa Bay (via Minny)-RB- Trent Richardson-They want Trent Richardson, and they will trade up 2 spots to get ahead of the Browns to get the man they want

4) Cleveland-WR-Justin Blackmon-The Browns could trade up for Richardson but I think Tampa wants him so badly they will offer a better deal. Browns need help everywhere on offense and are happy with Blackmon.

5) Minnesota (via TB)-OT-Matt Kalil-Vikings trade down and get the guy they wanted all along with extra picks. To quote Charlie Sheen. WINNING!

6) St.Louis-CB-Morris Claiborne-This is the worst possible situation for the Rams played out. No Kalil or Blackmon, but they still get an elite player.

7) Buffalo (via Jax)-QB -Ryan Tannehill-First major trade of the draft. Bills revamped their defense in free agency and they re-signed Stevie Johnson. While they have needs on the offensive line and at wide receiver, you don't pass on a franchise QB if you can grab him at a low cost. Moving up 3 spots with a team that is dying to trade down won't cost them much at all. Fitzpatrick was bad down the stretch last year and his mega deal he signed has a nice out clause coming up. The Bills can take Tannehill, hurt a division rival  in Miami by blocking them from taking him, and let Tannehill sit and learn while Fitzpatrick plays a year or two more. Bills were very active in free agency and will be very active here as well.

8) Miami-WR-Michael Floyd-Brandon Marshall is gone and someone needs to replace all of that production. Floyd is an easy pick since Tannehill is already off the board. Floyd won't be the next Ted Ginn for Miami. If ends up the leagues next Dwayne Bowe the Fins will take that and be more than happy in the long-run.

9) Carolina-DT-Fletcher Cox-Carolina needs front 7 help and this kid is a beast.

10) Jacksonville (via Buffalo)-OLB-Melvin Ingram-Jags need help at WR and Pass Rush, the WR's are gone but maybe the best pass rusher of the draft is still on the board. They traded down and still got the man they wanted all along. Once again, WINNING!

11) Kansas City-OT-Riley Reiff-KC needs O-line, O-line, and more O-line help.  Easy pick for them

12) Seattle-DE-Quinton Coples-Pete Carroll won't be scared off by all the negatives around Coples he will pull the trigger here and hopes he gets the "elite" skill Coples has but is too lazy to show in every game.

13) Arizona-G-David DeCastro-Kolb or Skelton both are getting killed taking too many hits. They need to protect whoever the starter is.

14) Dallas-S-Mark Barron- He may be the 7th best football  player in this draft and the Cowboys need secondary help. Jerry Jones will be doing back-flips if he can get his man at 14.

15)Philadelphia- CB-Stephon Gilmore-Philly just traded Asante Samuel and Cromartie is in the final year of his deal. They need to re-stock the CB position.

16) Cincinnati (via Jets)-LB-Luke Kuechly- A top and a hot prospect drops. And with 2 first round picks the Bengals can wheel and deal a bit having a surplus of picks so they move up to get a talented linebacker. With the Jets having Floyd off the board and feeling they can get a guy they like later on in this round they are more than happy to trade down.

17-Chicago (via Cincy)-DE-Chandler Jones-This league has become about passing the ball and stopping the pass, so DE/OLB is a must. A guy likes Jones was a 2nd or 3rd round talent in January and has now flown up the draft boards. Bears addressed WR in the trade to get Marshall. With the fear that SD wants a pass rusher they leap-frog them to get Jones. Cincy just gave up picks to move up to get Kuechly, they trade DOWN here and get the picks they just gave up back. Cincy just played this very smart.

18-San Diego-DE-Whitney Mercilus-The next best DE after Jones. Chargers need pass rush help.

19-Cincinnati (via Chicago)-CB-Dre Kirkpatrick-They trade back with Chicago and still get the guy they wanted all along!

20-Tennessee-OLB-Shea McClellin-Titans need pass rusher help and McClellin is the best on the board. Little run on DE's here.

21) NY Jets(via Cincy)-RB-Doug Martin-For all the talk of "GROUND AND POUND" and "WILDCAT" coming out of the Jets these days someone should tell them they don't have a RB! Shone Green stinks and LT is gone.

22-Cleveland-QB-Brandon Weeden-Yes the Browns need a QB and can't afford to wait for Tannehill to "be groomed" and at 28 Weeden is old enough to handle NFL life better. Ex-Minor League baseball player. The "pressure" of being an NFL QB right away won't scare him. Plus the Browns can't afford a team like Miami who lost Tannehill to jump them in Rd 2 and grab Weeden.

23-Detroit-OT-Cordy Glenn-Lions success hinges on Stafford's health. To keep Stafford healthy you must protect him. Easy pick for the Lions.

24) Pittsburgh-OT-Jonathan Martin-The Steelers o-line stinks and Big Ben has taken too many big hits in recent years. They must protect him and Martin does that.

25) Denver-WR-Kendall Wright-You sign Peyton Manning you better give him toys to play with. Period!

26) Houston-WR-Stephen Hill-Andre Johnson gets hurt every year and they have trouble replacing him when he is out. They need another quality WR. Hill is that.

27) New England-S-Harrison Smith-Smart safety out of Notre Dame. Pats need help on defense everywhere, Smith is a "Belichick type" of player.

28) Green Bay-DE-Nick Perry-The Packers couldn't stop anyone last year, Perry is a top 15-20 guy who has slid a bit and the Pack will jump all over that.

29) Baltimore-TE-Colby Fleener-Todd Heap can't play forever and Flacco still needs more weapons

30) San Francisco-WR-Alshon Jeffery-The 49ers know they need help on offense and will bring in another weapon for Alex Smith

31) New England-DT-Dontari Poe-The kid from Memphis I have falling and Belichick will grab him and be smiling from ear to ear

32 NY Giants-DE-Courtney Upshaw-The Giants love pass rushers and they might trade Osi this weekend so they would need to replace him. Even if they keep Osi they love to have depth at rushing the passer.

FIVE Wild Predictions on things that wouldn't shock me in Rd 1
-The Jets trade up to #3 to get Trent Richardson. They mortgage the future and trade the farm to get an elite RB to bring "GROUND AND BOUND" back to the Jets.

-The Patriots with 2 first round picks trade both and get out of Rd 1 totally

-Ryan Tannehill goes in the Top 6. With teams like Miami, KC, Seattle, and Philly in the QB market, someone goes all in on the kid and moves way up to get him

-IF Ryan Tannehill slips past Miami at 8 watch the Browns with 13 total draft picks this weekend put a package together of picks, starting with the 22nd pick in Rd 1 and a couple others to move up into the bottom part of the Top 10 or just after 10 to grab Tannehill.

-A team that thinks its "close" to winning a Super Bowl like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, or Baltimore makes a BIG MOVE and trade up into the Top 15 to get a guy they really like that they think will put them over the top.


  1. Can't wait to see just how WRONG you are. To start with, Tampa Bay wants Claiborne and that will be their pick. And if Miami does pass on Tannehill, they will pick Coples, Ingram or Cox!
    And I just can't get over everyone crying about Brandon Marshall being traded. For every big play he made, he made a bone head play. How many touchdowns and first downs did he cost the team with his many untimely DROPS last season? Kinda makes his production a wash.

  2. settle down slap nuts, just having a little fun with this!


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