Ireland has been forgiven

Jeff Ireland just had a great NFL draft. There is not a pick I disagree with. I wanted Coples over Tannehill, but, the fact Ireland got Olivier Vernon made not getting Coples a great move.

The Dolphins finally got their first round quarterback they’ve been dying for. Notice I didn’t say Tannehill, I said “first round quarterback”, Tannehill fills that need nicely. I personally hope he develops into a franchise quarterback; if he beats out Matt Moore or David Garrard, then start him. If he doesn’t beat them out, then he sits and learns.

The Dolphins drafted Jonathan Martin in the second round. Martin is a great pick, he’s a LT that had a top-20 grade but fell because of the run on pass-rushers and Defensive players in the 1st round. Jonathan Martin is athletic and fits the west-coast-offense. Martin will be Jake Long’s replacement; Long will be EXPENSIVE after this year. I believe Jonathan Martin will be that athletic pulling guard we need, but Martin will only be a guard for one year. I think Martin will play LG and the coaching staff will move Richie to RG, we have Murtha (who I like) to man the RT spot, Pouncey in the middle, and Long at LT. That will be a good offensive line. Good pick.  

The Dolphins drafted Olivier Vernon in the third round. I’m a huge fan of the Hurricanes, but I believe I’m pretty un-bias. Olivier Vernon is a freak of nature, but I’ll admit I never saw him dominant, but that had more to do with scheme. If we use him right, he’s another Cameron Wake. Olivier Vernon will be a pro-bowler.

With their other third round pick, the Dolphins drafted Michael Egnew. Michael Egnew put up some big numbers at Missouri. Egnew is an athletic TE who is also a seam-threat. Michael Egnew will be a good weapon for us; we don’t need to use him in a traditional TE way. Michael Egnew can line up like a WR and do his thing. But what does Michael Egnew signing mean to Anthony Fasano. I like Fasano, so I hope they do a lot of different formations with Egnew, Fasano, and Clay.

The Dolphins drafted Lamar Miller in the fourth round. Lamar Miller was a STEAL!!!! I watched the Canes like I watch the Dolphins, Miller is a first round draft pick that got a raw deal. Lamar Miller has Daniel Thomas vision, between the tackles, and Reggie’s speed. Miller will be the punt-returner this year, and next year he will become one of the best running backs in the league. Lamar Miller is the smaller, quicker, faster version of Arian Foster (yeah, I said it, and I believe it with every fiber of my being). To remain un-bias, I have a man-crush on Lamar Miller, dude is a BEAST!!!! Get his jersey’s now…

The Dolphins draft Josh Kaddu in the fifth round. Josh Kadduis a LB out of Oregon. I have no idea who he is. But some scouting reports say he’s a solid tackler, played DE and had a decent pass-rush, and he was good in pass-coverage. Josh Kaddu makes sense because we need someone to cover the TE’s in our conference alone.

The Dolphins drafted B.J. Cunningham in the sixth round. B.J. Cunningham is a WR from Michigan State. I have no thoughts about B.J. Cunningham, but, I will say this—I wanted Tommy Streeter.  

In the seventh round the Dolphins drafted Kheeston Randall (DT) and Rishard Matthews (WR).

I personally think this was a GREAT draft. Me personally, I forgive Jeff Ireland for every stupid thing he’s done or said. Mainly because he drafted two Canes that will help us bring Miami Dolphins football back to glory.

I will now give Ireland the benefit of the doubt from now on… Who’s with me?


  1. Well someone's UM fan...

  2. If I had to guess, I would say that Joe Philbin had an impact on some of these picks.

  3. B.J. Cunningham , HUGE fan this guy. He will B number 1 WR on Dolphins by seasons end .He can go up and get it . one handed catches . Tommy Streeter would of been nice. But Cunningham is NASTY .

  4. Best draft since getting Marino...


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