Ireland In A No Win Situation

Several reports this week state that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is pushing GM Jeff Ireland to draft Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill. Both Ross and Ireland have gone public to refute the reports but the damage has been done. If Tannehill is the guy Ireland wants and he drafts him with the 8th pick, he will end up looking like Ross's puppet in the general public's eye.

Ireland went on a broadcast with PFT's Mike Florio, who first published this rumor to deny Ross is pressuring him to select Tannehill. Ireland said that Ross "is very engaged but he's also very supportive of leaving the decision in the draft up to me and coach Philbin, our scouts and football staff."Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald also reported that his sources within the Dolphins organization deny the report. Peter King of Sports Illustrated also published a report saying Ross was pushing for Tannehill, but now says it's not a lock for the Dolphins to select him at number 8.  

In my opinion, I would like to see the Dolphins select a player that is going to have an impact right away, possibly one of the top DE/DT's. A pass rusher on defense is just as important these days as the QB on offense and the Dolphins need to replace Jason Taylor. Fletcher Cox, Melvin Ingram or possibly trade down a little and get Nick Perry or Quinton Coples would be fine in my book.


  1. A pass rusher will NEVER be as important as a QB. I seriously wonder what games some of you people watch on Sunday's!

  2. Mike, I have known you for over 10 years and one thing that has not changed about you is your uncanny ability to change people's words around. Please quote my post where I said a pass rusher was as important as a QB? I believe my words were a pass rusher is as important ON DEFENSE as a QB is ON OFFENSE.


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