Is Tannehill The Right Pick?

With The 2012 NFL Draft  only a few days away it seems as though every so called expert and mock drafts have the Miami Dolphins selecting Texas A&M Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, but is this really the right choice? As I stated before if he is there and we take him I will not be mad but if not I will not shed any tears over it either.

Here is my take, the Dolphins need starters and impact players right off the bat, and I honestly feel that if you take a quarterback in the first round he is most likely going to start from day one (Rodgers aside lol).

But is Tannehill the right pick for the Franchise or for the fans? Should Miami trade up to draft him as some rumors out there say?

I can tell you this Miami should not trade up for him because I do not think the Browns pass on Trent or Blackmon let alone give up picks in a draft where you need all the picks you can get if you are building through the draft like they say.

Anyway there are a lot of options and scenarios out there for Miami anything is possible but I do know this if we do take Tannehill whether we trade up or with the eight pick Jeff Ireland and co. really need to hit the nail on the head with most of their other picks.


  1. Lots of QB's didn't start from day 1 and many first round QB's. Rivers didn't. Eli didn't. Rodgers didn't. Ponder didn't. Locker didn't. Big Ben didn't.

    I don't get this logic that if you draft a QB in Rd 1 he must start from day 1. What is there to lose by letting him sit whether for 5 games, 10 games or a year? What is the rush? We have waited this long, whats a little more waiting once you take a guy in Rd 1!

  2. I agree with you Will. I would like to see them take one of the DE/DT's because if they don't, Cam Wake is going to have a long year of being double teamed. Those guys could make an impact right away and Tannehill is NOT top 10 material. Before Barkley and Jones announced they were returning for their senior seasons, the guy was considered a second round pick at best.


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