Man Cave Contest Winner: Victor Allen (Jupiter, FL)

After much debate we have come to a conclusion on who is the winner of the Man Cave contest. The judges (myself and the 2 other people who happened to be in the room with me at the time) had a spirited debate on how should the winner be picked. Most prized items and best displayed Dolphins memorabilia/items in the room dedicated to the Dolphins where you watch the games or the best pure "man cave" that has some Dolphins stuff in it. We decided to go with the room solely dedicated to the Fins  and  in a close 2-1 vote the winner was Victor Allen of Jupiter, FL. Congrats to all who emailed  and participated. We were going to put up the pictures of everyone who tried to win, but we got so many it would just clog up our entire site putting up every picture. Victor we will be in touch to get you your prize!

VICTOR ALLEN's Dolphins Man Cave