My Opinion On Tannehill

When it comes to drafting Ryan Tannehill, the opinions on what the Dolphins should do differ from not using their first pick on him at all to trading up to the number 3 slot because Cleveland wants him and will take him with the 4th pick if he is there. And now the rumors are that Philadelphia and Seattle might be interested in moving in front of Miami to pick him. My opinion? If someone wants to use a top 10 pick on Tannehill, go ahead and let them. Trade up to number 3? That is just plain asinine. And if Jeff Ireland even has that thought in his head he should be fired. The guy has 19 games of college experience and wilted against tough competition, but he is worthy of a top 10 pick?

My opinion of Tannehill is that the Dolphins should pass on him in the first round all together. This team has too many holes, too many needs to blow a great pick on a project QB. And if Miami wouldn't get into serious competition for the 2nd pick, it just blows my mind that they would even consider trading up to number 3 to pick Tannehill. The Dolphins need WR help and it's possible Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd could be there when they pick. They need a pass rusher opposite Cameron Wake. Melvin Ingram could be there or the could trade down and possibly pick Quinton Coples who is dropping quickly on draft boards.

There are second round options for the Dolphins at QB such as Brandon Weeden, who would probably need to start right away considering his age. But even if Tannehill is there when their number is called, I hope the Phins say thanks, but no thanks!


  1. Tannhill has MORE college starts than Cam Newton and Mark Sanchez.

    Just sayin. Not liking him is fine, the reason behind it is flawed!

  2. Not saying I don't like him, just not at number 8. Really can't compare him to Newton. Newton is such a physically gifted athlete. Sanchez? Sanchez? Would you draft Sanchez in the 1st round knowing what you know now?

  3. Yes I would take Sanchez in the first round. Take away any anti-Jets bias and be objective. In 3 years he has been too 2 AFC Championship games. His BEST games have been in the playoffs. Not saying he is the second coming of anything but an above average NFL QB. The fact he has a wack-job head coach, OC (Schotenimer), and is forced to play with a loon in Holmes isn't his fault. I don't pin that on him.

    Newton has 1 year of college ball, never took a snap under center (like Weeden), never had to call a play in the huddle (like Weeden)...he was a very inexperienced QB entering the NFL like Tannehill is. And Tannehill is just as good an athlete as Newton, in fact he may be better! Dude played WR and was the teams #1 WR on a BCS level college team.

    1. I think the Jets defense had more to do with getting to the AFC Championship game than Sanchez. His decision making is no better than Henne's.

      As for Newton, the big difference between him and Tannehill was that he had an outstanding year and it was against the SEC, which is probably the toughest competition in college. No comparison. What's Tannehill's claim to fame? Oh, he did beat RGIII last year.

    2. We already have a Mark Sanchez, his name is Matt Moore. Jets had one of the top 2 defense's those years along with a dominant running game, give Moore that and he'll do the same.

      We don't know what Tannehill is going to be, but we know what we need. Dolphin fans just want a first round quarterback, any first quarterback, hell dolphin fans wanted Ryan Mallett and Blaine Gabbert in the first round last year......

    3. Jets offense did nothing, the team got to the AFC Championship game with no QB at all. IT's comical people

      And Newton had a mini NFL team around him. Tannehill had an offense with the most dropped passes in division IA football.

  4. Good post Ken was actually thinking about this throughout most of my vacation and I do agree if we pass I wont be upset just as long as it is not another Ted Ginn moment lol but I will write my post soon about my feelings on Ryan and a mock draft of sorts

  5. The only people i think are worth passing on Tannehill on are Floyd and Ingram, i dont necessarily agree with taking him if he is there at 8 either because there are better QB's of value coming out next year

  6. Hi -my name is Kong, a.k.a. NYC Club Promoter, Blogger and die-hard Fins/Phins Fan...all I gotta say is that Ryan is the best thing since Dan the Man so all ya'll can the most sincere way possible.


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